Lititz Borough Police Department

  • Agency: Lititz Borough Police Department
  • Address: 7 South Broad Street, Lititz Borough , 17543 PA
  • Chief: William R Seace (Chief of Police)
Phone: 7176266393

Lititz Borough Police Department is located at 7 South Broad Street, Lititz Borough , 17543 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is William R Seace. The Lititz Borough Police Department phone number is 7176266393.

Lititz Borough Police Department News

The Drugs 101 program originally scheduled for tonight has been cancelled due to the weather and is moving to May 23rd. Hope to see you there!

Chief says if Warwick School District - Lititz, Pennsylvania closes tomorrow due to the snow, than we can too...... so if that happens, please be on your best behavior tomorrow! Don’t be parking in the spot your neighbor shoveled out, don’t be snow blowing the snow back out into the recently plowed street, and don’t be crashing your car on the way to the convenience store for the non-essentials! In other news we have a snow emergency route too, click the link to be informed! *DISCLAIMER* We’re just kidding about being closed tomorrow, we never close, we’re always on duty regardless of weather!

We know, we know.......... it’s not Facebook😂, but check out the good things going on over at our Twitter page!!

Update: 1128 hrs: The road is open. Thanks to the Borough Public Works Department for quick and efficient work! TRAFFIC ALERT: Tree down blocking Owl Hill Road near the entrance to Kissel Hill School. Avoid the area, plan alternate routes and allow extra travel time until the road is clear. Thank you.

Such a great feeling to peel that vest off at the end of the shift! 😂

LBPD Tips for Fire and Ice Weekend Tomorrow kicks off the first leg of Fire and Ice Festival here in downtown Lititz. From 5pm-9pm tomorrow evening there will be several road closures in the Downtown area, including East Main St and Broad St. If you're a local and not fond of traffic congestion, crowds, intrinsically carved blocks of ice transformed into majestic works of art right in front of your eyes, cold weather, food trucks, or general positive comradery, than be sure to hunker down prior to 5pm and avoid the area. If you are a local or visitor to the area and you don’t mind any of the above mentioned than by all means come on down and enjoy yet another event that makes Lititz a unique place. The weather looks like it will cooperate enough tomorrow evening and all day Saturday so that we'll be able to enjoy the masterfully chiseled ice sculptures for the entire duration of the festival, provided of course that we're able to thwart the attempts from the local vandals who make their yearly attempt of sculpture destruction. Seriously though…….there are volunteers with the specific duty to vigorously patrol all hours of the night for the next several nights the downtown area to ensure the ice sculptures remain free from abuse at the hands of a lost soul who just needs a hug. This is not a challenge to would be vandals, and we remind any would be vandals that although water itself is relatively inexpensive, water that is frozen and then carved into a work of art has a very high restitution value!! Getting back to Friday night, the Ice Princess herself, Elsa, and her lil' sis, Anna, will be at the Wilbur Chocolate Store for a meet and greet with all of their fans. Who are Elsa and Anna you ask………if you don’t know who they are consider yourself lucky and just LET IT GO!! If you are aware of who we're referring to than chances are you've seen the movie FROZEN five thousand and one times thanks to the tiny little dictator(s) that lives 10 feet down the hallway from you in your residence. They'll be appearing together from 6pm-8pm. The entire LBPD force will be on hand as a security measure since we expect the scene at 6pm to resemble something of the likes of the big box store with the best deal on Black Friday, except instead of adults stampeding for 75% off an oil-less air fryer, it'll be toddlers dressed as princesses vying for the first warm hug. Sorry, we hear Olaf will not be accompanying them, word is he's sunbathing on a beach somewhere warm! With Friday night and the road closures, we say this with every event, and we'll say it again with this event…. Barricades, Barricades, and more Barricades!! With an event this large in a small town, there are Barricades placed at strategic locations to ensure the safety of all those involved and attending. An immense amount of pre-planning goes into an event like this, moving the barricade is not acceptable and demanding we move the barricade so you may pass through will be met with the same level of care and concern as the care and concern expressed by your tiny little dictator(s) when you tell them it's time to turn FROZEN off and get ready for bed. Come Saturday afternoon from 11am-3pm at Warwick High School it's time for the FIRE part of the Festival…….our bad, we just woke up all the firefighters in the area, no Lititz Fire Company No. 1, there will not be actual fire, you can go back to your nap. FIRE for the purposes of this event is just code for the Chili cook off part of the Festival. Here is where contestants enter their meticulously refined and crafted chili recipe, most of whom are attempting to achieve the highest possible Scoville heat units(SHU) as a challenge to ticket holders and judges for the glory of a ribbon and bragging rights to attest to their Chili Dominance. Good luck to all the contestants and participants, may your taste buds and intestines persevere through the self-induced internal burns. Our recommendation is copious amounts of milk before the Chili touches your soul, it's all about establishing a good base. Then we recommend plenty of milk after imbibing the Chili to ease the post consumption pain. For those attending and participating at any point this weekend we hope you enjoy yourselves and this event. Dress warm!

UPDATE: The dogs have been reunited with their owner. Thank you for sharing. These two female Black Labs found in 100 block Swarthmore Drive. One has purple collar and shock collar. One has a yellow collar. No tags. Please call our office at (717)626-6393 if you know where they belong.

UPDATE: 02/12/2018 1130hrs The LBPD is continuing to investigate the disappearance of Mr. Kunz. We continue to learn more about Mr. Kunz' daily activities and at this point we have not found anything suspicious or anything that suggests foul play. We are extremely thankful for the numerous reports of possible sightings and are continuing to follow up with those leads. We encourage anyone who believes they know his whereabouts to call the Lititz Borough Police Department. UPDATE: 02/11/2018 0800hrs – The LBPD and community continues to search for Mr. Kunz. Search and investigative efforts continued throughout the evening and overnight hours. Area businesses including airports, hospitals, hotels, Amtrak and Red Rose Transit have been contacted and given Mr. Kunz’ information. Numerous possible sighting of Mr. Kunz have been received and we are continuing to follow up on those reports. We have received an outpouring of support from the Lititz and surrounding communities and we ask that the public continues to share Mr. Kunz’ photograph and information. UPDATE: 02/10/2018 1600hrs - We are still actively searching for Mr. Kunz. Information from friends and family indicate that he frequently uses public transportation and is known to visit Lancaster City and Philadelphia. Mr. Kunz is hard of hearing and suffers from poor eyesight. UPDATE: 02/10/2018 0930hrs - Mr. Kunz is missing from Peach Drive in Lititz Borough and is known to frequent area grocery stores. It is believed that Mr. Kunz left his residence on foot wearing the following clothing; a navy blue winter hat with flaps, red LL Bean fleece lined jacket, plaid button up shirt, khaki pants, and black rimmed glasses. A ground search of the area was conducted with the assistance of the Lititz Fire Department which was met with negative results. MISSING PERSON - PLEASE SHARE The LBPD is attempting to locate Walter G. KUNZ Jr., 85, of Lititz Borough. KUNZ, who answers to the name George, was last seen on Thursday February 8 at his home. KUNZ is a white male, 5'9", with brown eyes, white hair and approximately 160lbs. It is possible KUNZ is confused about his whereabouts. Anyone with information about KUNZ or his whereabouts is urged to contact the LBPD at (717)664-1180 or 9-1-1.

When it’s “take your kid to work day” and your 4 year old unknowingly hits the panic button at your desk, a few moments later Officers from the LBPD show up to make sure everyone is okay!! A few days later you bring them cupcakes from Sublime Cupcakes - Lititz, PA for their quick response and patience in the matter!! These might not make it to see the night shift!😂

Please read the attached news release regarding the establishment and posting of snow emergency routes in Lititz Borough. You can also find a route map, letter to affected residents and the ordinance. NOTE: There is currently no snow emergency declaration, this information is for future occurances.

**** IMPORTANT INFORMATION **** We are sending this message with special attention to all Lititz area Philadelphia Eagles fans. We are hereby serving you with this official notice and warning that our one and only Officer who is a Dallas Cowboys fan is one of the officers on duty this evening, we will not divulge his name for safety reasons. We will say though that he is already grumpy having to work on Super Bowl Sunday, which anyone in law enforcement can attest to being one of the most dreaded days of the year to be on duty. In addition to that he is also particularly grumpy that the Philadelphia Eagles are in the Super Bowl, and if the Eagles manage to pull it off, it will be anyone’s guess as to how grumpy he’ll be at the conclusion of the game!! If the Eagles do win..... Officer Grumpy will most likely have zero tolerance for Eagles fans celebratory antics. If the Eagles lose Officer Grumpy will most likely have zero tolerance and sympathy for Eagles fans and during your arrest will proceed to pour salt in the wound by regaling to you about how great some football game was back in January of 1996!! We kindly ask that at the conclusion of the game tonight, whether it’s time to celebrate a franchise first or it’s time to wallow in misery to the broken record tune of “there’s always next year,” please be decent human beings to each other, your neighbors, our town, and your opposing and rival teams fans. Please conduct yourselves appropriately and respectfully so you can avoid finding yourself in the back of a patrol car heading to adult timeout while reminiscing all about the glory of the mid 90’s! ***END NOTE*** Our Officer who is the Dallas Cowboys fan is actually a very nice guy and rarely grumpy, but everyone has their flaws😁!

A truly remarkable program for children ages 11-13 where they receive a firsthand glimpse of law enforcement in a police academy(not the movie) type setting for a week. Register now!

We are just a few weeks away from the always popular Lititz Fire and Ice Festival. Look to us closer to the date as we reveal our "How to Survive the Lititz Fire and Ice Festival" post, you wont be disappointed!

Warwick High School and Middle School Lockdown 1/22/2018 On Monday January 22nd, 2018 at 1105 hours LBPD were dispatched to a medical facility on W. Second Ave. to assist with a 22 year old male who was to be transported to a local hospital for a psychiatric evaluation. Prior to our arrival the male had fled on foot to a nearby field. Family members who were at the medical facility explained to us that the male has a history of schizophrenia and bipolar and had a knife in his possession. They further explained that they believed he was having a schizophrenic issue at the current time and was not of sound mind. The decision was made to place both the Warwick Middle School and High School on lock down temporarily due to the close proximity of the medical office so that we could search the area for the male without putting any students or staff at risk. At no time was there ever a threat made to any students or staff at the school, or the school itself. While we recognize there may be negative feedback to the decision to place the schools on lock down, we also recognize that our responsibility is to keep everyone safe. The male has NOT been found at the time of this post. It is believed through investigation that the male, who is from Lancaster, is out of the area. However, because he has not been located you will notice a heavy Police presence at dismissal time. LOCKDOWN has been lifted.

Sending our thoughts and prayers to neighboring NLCRPD Officer Strathmeyer as he and other members of the PA Army National Guard 28th Infantry Divison leave for a year long deployment today to the Middle East. Officers Strathmeyer’s father in law is retired LBPD Officer Ronald Sandhaus. Godspeed Officer Strathmeyer and all members of the PA Army National Guard 28th Infantry Division.

On Tuesday a teacher from a local elementary school dropped off a plate of brownies and some artwork that her class had created for us in recognition of National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. She asked her students to draw pictures of police officers and how they help the community. After checking out all of the interesting drawings and pictures the students had created, we had an overwhelming desire to share this particular photo. We're going to call this piece "Firefighters need Heroes Too." Now we do realize that fine art is often open to interpretation…….so we'll share our interpretation of this piece! We see a Police Officer, first on scene of course, at a house fire, using brute strength and determination to heave one bucket of water at a time three stories in the air to put out the roof fire and save the day, all with a smile on his face. And often times just as important as what we see in a picture, it's also sometimes what we don’t see. What we don’t see is the Police Officers patrol car, why you ask, because this young artist clearly knows that it has been parked far enough away from the scene to allow the incoming fire emergency vehicles direct and unobstructed access to the scene once they arrive. I'm sure the firefighters at the Lititz Fire Company No. 1 might have a different interpretation of this artwork. #firefightersneedheroestoo