Millersville Borough Police Department

  • Agency: Millersville Borough Police Department
  • Address: 100 Municipal Drive, Millersville, 17551 PA
  • Chief: Chief Rochat (Chief of Police)
Phone: 717-872-4645
Fax: 717-872-1895

Millersville Borough Police Department is located at 100 Municipal Drive, Millersville, 17551 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Chief Rochat. The Millersville Borough Police Department phone number is 717-872-4645.

Millersville Borough Police Department News

**UPDATE- Special Thank you to Find Toby in Pa, the owner was contacted within 1/2 hour of this posting. Please remember to update your contact information periodically on the microchip. Help us find our owner! Koshka and his sibling are looking for their owner, Douglas Schwenker. If anyone has contact information for Mr. Schwenker, we can reunite the family. Please call 717-872-4657

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the York City Fire Department and their families.

An officer dispatched to assist motorists in two minor collisions just now noted an abundance of vehicles out on our roadways. Snowfall may be falling at a rate of more than an inch per hour. This will present a challenge for our hard-working street department and Pendot crews. Please keep you and your loved ones safe by avoiding unnecessary travel.

Parents please take a moment to read this article and talk to your children about the dangers of nicotine use.

Press Release On Friday, 02/23/18 at approximately 11:00am, Millersville Borough Police were made aware of Graffiti of a threatening nature that was written on a stall in a boy’s bathroom at Penn Manor High School. A student observed the writing on the stall and took a picture of it with his phone and then reported it to his teacher. The teacher immediately made the school administration and School Resource Officer (SRO) aware of this and both the school administration and MBPD began working diligently together to determine who was responsible. All available officers, including investigators responded to the school to immediately show a strong presence while video footage was being combed through to develop a lead. PMHS has numerous cameras throughout the inside and outside of the building and most importantly did have a camera in the hallway that captures any person that enters and leaves the bathroom in question. As MBPD put a timeline together each student that entered the bathroom was identified and interviews were swiftly conducted. The interviews continued well after school let out for the day into the evening hours however no admissions or additional evidence was gained to make an arrest. Discussions continued between PMHS officials and MBPD throughout the weekend about appropriate action to take moving forward to safeguard the students while moving forward diligently with the investigation. The decision was made to keep the school open for the start of school on Monday, 02/26/18 with a heavy police presence. Additional manpower was brought in to aggressively patrol the school grounds both inside and out while investigators continued their work with the list of students that had been identified as using the bathroom around the time the graffiti was discovered. Before investigators could even resume with interviews on 02/26/18, shortly before 8am, a teacher called the office requesting that police immediately respond to a bathroom located near her classroom. A student in first period class had gone to use a bathroom and this time found a handwritten note on a paper towel in the bathroom that again was threatening in nature and appeared to be furthering the threats made on Friday 02/23/18. Officers that were walking the hallways were only seconds away and immediately met with the reporting teacher and reporting student. The note was immediately secured and investigators were able to compare the handwriting on the note to the handwriting on the bathroom stall which had many similarities and appeared to match. Video footage was again immediately reviewed and at this time due to only a few students having used the bathroom at this early hour quickly focus on one individual that appeared to be responsible. The 17 year old male was immediately removed from the general population and questioned by investigators. Additional evidence was gained quickly and the student was placed under arrest and transported to MBPD where a parent was contacted and requested to come to the MBPD. MBPD met with the parent of the 17 year old male and after explaining the facts gathered to that point the parent worked with police in full cooperation so that police could move forward with additional interviewing. This additional interviewing at the police station resulted in the 17 year old male admitting to both threats. Additional assistance from the parent allowed MBPD to take additional steps to be sure that the threats made were not credible. The student did not have the means to carry out the threats he was making. SRO Hottenstein received approval from the Lancaster County District Attorney’s office to charge the 17 year old male student with 2 counts of felony Terroristic Threats and 2 counts of misdemeanor Disorderly Conduct. Millersville Police Chief John Rochat stated, he and his Department take these threats seriously and they have done their job to bring this individual to justice. There are consequences for one’s actions and they will be held accountable. Against the recommendation of the Investigating Officers and the Police Chief, the supervisor of Lancaster County Juvenile and Probation refused to detain this individual in detention until the court hearing. He released him to his mother, into the community, with not even an ankle bracelet. Detention not only protects the community but allows for mental health evaluations and treatment for the suspect, which is often a common element of school threats. Chief John Rochat said this is appalling. *Edited 3/1/18@ 11:25 am

**UPDATE** Her name is "Bing" (not Bingo) and she has been reunited with her family. Thank you to those that assisted.

We need your help to identify the suspect below. On Friday, January 26th at approximately 9:20PM, he entered the Sheetz at 1790 Millersville Rd and stole a wallet and phone. The male then traveled to the New Danville Pike Turkey Hill and purchased gas with a stolen credit card. Afterwards he went to Walmart on Lincoln Hwy and purchased several items with the same credit card. Anyone with information about his identity is asked to call 717-872-4657. You may remain anonymous. The vehicle is believed to be a 2002-2007 Ford F-250/350 supercab FX4 model. Stock photo added for reference

At this hour the Lancaster County 9-1-1 center is being inundated with calls reporting a strange odor outside. Indications are this is the result of malfunctioning equipment at a paper mill in an adjoining county. We have no information of any hazard to the public at this time.

News Release: Arrests for felony drug delivery resulting in death

This old girl would rather be home with her family for Christmas than here with us at MBPD. She was found taking a leisurely stroll on Millersville Road near Lynne Lane.

To those in uniform serving today and to those who have served in the past, we honor you today and every day. Special thanks to our very own: Sgt. Brian Tatara, Officer Matthew Hammer and Officer JD Shaeffer. All three served in the U.S. Army

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Officers Shaffer, Shaeffer, and Turner enjoyed their time tonight, handing out candy and ensuring the safety of our citizens during another fantastic Halloween night in Millersville. Well over 400 children came to the Penn View development.

At the Millersville Borough council meeting on September 26, 2017, two officers and a community resident received commendations from Mayor Moriarty for their recent actions. In early August, Officer Hammer was on routine patrol and encountered a well-involved house on fire on Blue Ridge Drive. Upon exiting his patrol vehicle he was given information that the homeowner was still inside attempting to control the fire. Hammer, along with neighbor Rusty McCollum, entered the structure and convinced the gentleman to exit to a place of safety. Moments later heavy smoke and fire consumed the entire home. The homeowner avoided serious injury. In a separate incident, Officer Rudisill was on nighttime patrol on West Frederick Street and heard a smoke alarm sounding. Smoke was located coming from the window of a second floor apartment. As Rudisill was preparing to force entry through a locked door, the lone occupant finally awoke. The origin was found to be unattended cooking. Reminder ... October is fire prevention month. Be safe!

This cat was found on Pickwick Place in Millersville Borough this morning. She has no tags or collar. She appears to be a pet and not a feral cat as she is not afraid of people. She is resting comfortably in her temporary home. Please call 872-4657 to claim.

Press Release Millersville Borough Police Department has made an arrest following a week and a half long investigation into a strong armed robbery of a 21 year old male. On 08/05/17 the victim came to the Millersville Borough police station to report that he had been robbed while attending a party in a Millersville University off-campus apartment complex. The victim reported that a male that he did not know, approached him in the living room of the apartment at approximately 2:40am and asked for a ride. When the victim refused to give the suspect a ride, the suspect became irate, pulled a handgun from his waistband and struck him in the back of the head with the handgun. The suspect then demanded that the victim give him his stuff and kicked the victim in the face. The suspect took the victim’s wallet, watch, gold necklace and vehicle keys and fled out the front door of the apartment. There were approximately 8-10 eyewitnesses in the living room at the time the robbery took place. Police, through the course of following up with the victim and witnesses and a known nickname, “Trizzy”, of the suspect were able to positively identify the suspect as Treyon Andre Thomas(19yoa) of Lancaster PA. An arrest warrant was obtained for Thomas on 08/10/17 and Millersville Borough Police worked with Lancaster City Police and Manheim Township Police in attempts to locate Thomas. On 08/16/17 Millersville Borough Police were notified by NYPD that they had Thomas in custody in New York City. NYPD advised that at the time of his arrest he was found to be in possession of a firearm and a controlled substance so he faces additional charges in New York. Thomas is facing charges of Robbery, Aggravated Assault and theft for the incident in Millersville. Investigators are also looking into complaints of indecent contact with females that were in attendance of the party. Thomas additionally has a bench warrant through the Lancaster County Sherriff’s Office for a parole violation stemming from 2016 charges in Manheim Township of Simple Assault and Terroristic Threats involving a gun. Police have not yet been able to identify all of the witnesses that were present at the party and are asking that they come forward to provide additional information that would be helpful.

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This dog was found running in the 1200 block of Hillview Ave. this morning. Please call the police at 872-4657 to claim. This guy has been reunited with his owner. Thanks everyone.

We received this FB message today from a stranded motorist. Thank you very much for the kind words and glad we could help. Great job Sgt. Tatara, Officer Anderson and Officer Rios (Millersville University PD). A HUGE thanks to Millersville police and my wonderful husband for all there assistance this morning at 2:30. I was headed to Turkey Hill to grab some things we NEEDED and my pos car broke down. My car had complete loss of power. Engine light on, battery light on, gas light on, dash lights shut off and the car left me sitting at 2 cousins. Triple A would have taken 40min to get there. Took 35min to answer my call. Sooo Millersville police came after I called them first of course so I wouldn't get hit and arrived 6 min after I called. They sat behind my car with there lights on to make sure we didn't get hit. Then the officer called 3 other officers to help push the car up to Scotts Tune up. My husband behind the wheel steering while car was in neutral and 3 officers pushing the back of the car in there uniforms in hot humid weather the car made it to Scotts. Not only did they save me from a 40min wait for Triple A, they drove me and my kids home. My husband walked to Turkey Hill to get what we needed and was going to walk home. The officer dropped me n the kids off and went back to pick up my husband to bring him home. I appreciate everything they have done tonight to help me and my family. I have much respect for these officers and all other officers, EMS, fire fighters, nurses and everyone else out there to help keep loved ones safe while there missing there loved ones day in and day out. Thank you too all of you! Words can not express how fortunate I am. I love you too babe thanks for all you do and your help tonight. I am a lucky woman.

Good work Officer Turner and to all the other Officers who received the Top Gun Award.

Request For Information The Millersville Borough Police Department is seeking to establish contact with the persons responsible for launching sorties of model rockets in the Freedom Memorial Park in the May 31-June 1 time frame. Though no crime has occurred, there is a need to compensate a neighborhood business for minor damage to their structure. Anyone having information I asked to contact Officer Anderson at (717)872-4657.

Hey everyone!! Come to the Lions Club Pool today for Community Day. Stop by our table and get yourself a stuffed animal and say hi to Officer Reynolds. We also have lollipops and literature to hand out.