Lebanon Police Department

  • Agency: Lebanon Police Department
  • Address: 400 S 8th St, Lebanon , 17042 PA
  • Chief: William L Harvey (Chief of Police)
Phone: 717-272-6611

Lebanon Police Department is located at 400 S 8th St, Lebanon , 17042 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is William L Harvey. The Lebanon Police Department phone number is 717-272-6611.

Lebanon Police Department News

A GIANT thank you to the South Lebanon Elementary School's 'Girls on the Run' team! The girls chose the South Lebanon Police Department as their Community Impact Project and baked some very delicious cookies for us! In addition to baking cookies from start to finish, the girls also recently ran & finished their 1st 5K in chilly temps. on November 11th. The South Lebanon Elementary School's Girls on the Run program is a team comprised youths in 3rd through 5th grades. The program is designed to positively impact the girl's lives by focusing on a life skill curriculum under the guidance of their team leader by helping them increase their self-confidence, develop healthy relationships and incorporate fun physical activity. Their team leader at South Lebanon is Guidance Counselor Jaime Bettleyon. Pictured is the Girls on the Run team and team leaders along with Cpl. Wade Achey and Ptlm. Dave Troxell. A round of applause for SLE Girls on the Run & their positive community spirit!

ROSIE HAS BEEN FOUND and returned to her owner! Thank you to all who shared!

FOUND PROPERTY A reciprocating saw in its case was found and turned into the South Lebanon Township Police Department. Upon proper identification of the saw, the rightful owner may claim it. Please call 717-274-2071

FOUND KEY turned in today. Found in the area of Fonderwhite Road and 5th Avenue. Please call 717-274-0481 to claim.

Recent Vehicle Break-ins – South Lebanon Township residents from Charles Street, Clover Drive, Homestead Drive and Falcon Circle, reported a total of (8) vehicles broken into between Sept 12th and 14th during the overnight hours. A variety of items were taken from the vehicles to include, a purse containing cash, gift cards, credit cards and other personal items, an H & S Performance Tuner, loose change, gift cards and cash. Value of the items stolen is estimated to be in excess of $4,000 and the damage estimate to the vehicles is estimated at $3,000. Residents are reminded to not let purses and other valuable in their cars and make sure your car is secured. Anyone who may have seen anything suspicious or has any information, is asked to contact the South Lebanon Police Department at 717-274-0481.

A lawnmower was turned into the police department today. It looks likes a trusty old pal that would like to be reunited with its owner. If you lost your lawnmower in South Lebanon Township and can accurately describe this lost soul, we will be happy to reunite you so you can joyfully mow your lawn once again! Please contact the police department at 717-274-0481.

Keeping South Lebanon Township Beautiful! South Lebanon Township has several ordinances in place to keep your neighborhood beautiful. Recently it has been called to our attention that there is some confusion over the ordinance regulating signage. SLT Ordinance Number 278, Section 16, does not permit any type of sign to be placed in any roadway right-of-way. This includes yard sale signs & all civic event related signs to include youth sports team advertising, church events, election signs, etc. Any sign placed within the right-of-way will be removed. If you would like to display these types of signs, a general rule of thumb would be to place your sign 10 feet back from the curb or edge of the road, this includes the area in the front of your home. This will put the sign out of the right-of-way. Before placing any sign, make sure that you are the property owner. All commercial and business signs fall under a different subsection of the ordinance and are regulated through Lebanon County Planning Department. If you require more information for Commercial signs please inquire with the police department. Thank you for promoting a positive visual environment in South Lebanon Township!

Cedar Crest Middle School student, Ellie Gerhart, made a surprise visit to the South Lebanon Township Police Department this afternoon. Ellie stopped in to thank the Officers of the department for their service & commitment to the community on this special day. She also brought along some cookies to share! Ellie was representing Cedar Crest Middle School 6th Grade Team Blast. A GIANT thank you to Miss Ellie and her team! Never forget 09/11/2001 🇺🇸️

UPDATE! After some exploration & adventure Gus has found his owners! Thank you to his new friends who took good care of him & to all that shared the post!

LOST DOG! In the area of the Fox Ridge Development. His name is Brisket. Brisket is friendly but skittish. He is a Shiba Inu and is 11 months old and weighs approximately 30 pounds. He is cream colored with a curly tail. He is not wearing a collar. Brisket went missing on Friday and has been recently spotted in the area of the Lebanon VA Medical Center and South Hills Park. Anyone who sees Brisket or might know of his whereabouts is asked to contact Julie at 717-926-3880.

Chief Lesher is celebrating his 40th Anniversary with the South Lebanon Police Department today! To help celebrate he had some special visitors and they brought a delicious treat to share! Thank you Chief for your service and dedication to the community!

UPDATE! The owner of the iPod has been located! Thank you to all who shared this post but a bigger THANK YOU goes out to the person who found the iPod and turned it in to the police department. A young man and his Mom are very grateful to you this morning!

A set of keys were found at the South Hills basketball court and turned into the police department. The owner can claim their keys by calling 717-274-0481 and providing proper identification.

Arrest made in Boose of Cornwall shooting! The news release you have all been waiting for! Through hard work, excellent investigation & the dedication of the Officers, an arrest has been made in the shooting that occurred Monday evening at Boose at Cornwall Aluminum Foundry. Hats off to South Lebanon PD, Lebanon County Detective Bureau and assisting departments!! Job well done!

FOUND PROPERTY – A tool bag & tools were turned in to the South Lebanon Township Police. The bag was observed falling off of a pick-up truck that was traveling on S. 5th Avenue in the late afternoon hours on June 5th. The bag contains various tools that are directly related to somebody’s livelihood. If you know who the tool bag & tools belong to, have them contact the South Lebanon Police at 717-274-0481. Upon proper identification, the tools will be returned.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission will be doing a controlled burn in Penn Township on game land #156. Smoke may be visible at times in the Southern end of Lebanon County. Please share this post to make your friends and neighbors aware!

Fraud Warning - A South Lebanon Township resident recently contacted the South Lebanon Township Police Department to report "ransomware" on their computer. When our Officer arrived at the resident's home, the resident was actively engaged in conversation with a "tech support" agent who had taken control of their computer and who also at one point, activated the webcam on the computer. Our Officer was advised that the agent had deposited a "credit" of $2200 into the resident's PayPal account, then wanted the resident to pay $1900 back in a wire transfer for the over-payment relating to a refund for a prior tech support purchase. Our Officer took control of the phone at which time the subject stated his name was "Jerry" in a heavy Middle Eastern accent. Within moments of our Officer speaking to "Jerry" the screen changed to resident's home screen and "Jerry" stated they had gotten out of the computer. The resident stated the "tech support" person was verbally demanding, at one point cursing & insistent money be paid or an iTunes card be purchased. The resident was advised to disconnect any internet access and have the computer checked professionally for any viruses, malware, etc. Although the resident was not scammed for any money, they were advised to contact the Credit Bureaus as the computer contained personal information. The telephone number provided for "Jerry" the "tech support" operator was 1-855-420-8288. An internet search shows numerous complaints of fraudulent tech support activity utilizing this number. For more information on this type of scam please go to the Federal Trade Commission website: https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0346-tech-support-scams

As we are gearing up for the forecasted snowstorm, we ask that you please remove your vehicles from the roadways to allow the township highway department clear access for plowing. We ask for your patience while the highway workers are out & about. All township roads will be attended to as soon they can be. Should you get behind a plow truck on the roadway, we request that you stay back a minimum of 3 car lengths for your safety. Please keep in mind it is your responsibility to clear the snow from around mailboxes and the mouth of your driveway. Thank you very much for your patience and cooperation!

Reminder! All applications along with supporting documents are due no later than Friday February 17th at 4:00pm. Applications must be turned in at the police department. A link for a downloadable application can be found here. http://www.twp.south-lebanon.pa.us/DocumentCenter/View/40

UPDATE: South Lebanon Township Police Department RE: Job Opening - Police Officer The application for the Police Officer position is now available on line. Please see link at: http://www.twp.south-lebanon.pa.us/

Job Opening - Police Officer Police Officer The South Lebanon Township Police Department will be accepting applications for a full-time police officer. Applications are available at the Police Department located at 1800 S. 5th Ave., Lebanon, PA 17042 during regular business hours (Mon-Fri 7:30am – 4:00pm). Completed applications and supporting documents shall be returned no later than the close of business on Friday, February 17, 2017. Minimum requirements for the police officer position: • United States citizen • Minimum 21 years of age • High School Diploma • PA Municipal Police Academy (Act 120) • Possess a valid Pennsylvania operator’s license • Be able to perform the duties of a Police Officer (list of duties included with application) Testing requirements: • Written and oral examinations • Psychological examination • Polygraph examination • Medical examination and drug screening • Extensive background investigation to include financial history

Miss Maggie stopped by our police department yesterday to deliver a Law Enforcement appreciation basket to our Officers! Thank you Maggie! Your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated!