Alburtis Borough Police Department

  • Agency: Alburtis Borough Police Department
  • Address: 260 Franklin St, Alburtis , 18011 PA
  • Chief: Robert J Palmer, II (Chief of Police)
Phone: (610) 966-4778
Fax: (610) 966-5517

Alburtis Borough Police Department is located at 260 Franklin St, Alburtis , 18011 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Robert J Palmer, II. The Alburtis Borough Police Department phone number is (610) 966-4778.

Alburtis Borough Police Department News

ALBURTIS BOROUGH RESIDENTS due to the impending snow storm. I have declared a SNOW EMERGENCY Beginning at 7:00 p.m. Tuesday, March 6 Please be sure to have all vehicles moved off of all snow emergency streets. Please check on your neighbors especially the elderly. Also please give our maintenance crew respect and courtesy as they keep our roads safe for your travel. Thank you Mayor Kathy Palmer ❄

Received a call from the "Police Officer Support Alliance" asking for support. Once again, if you would like to support your local police, fire, EMS organization, please donate to them directly. Be sure where your money is going and that it is being put to good use.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The individual shown in the sketch below is wanted in connection with the tremendous beating of 53 members of the Minnesota Vikings which occurred in South Philadelphia earlier this evening. This individal was last seen traveling west on I-90 en route to Minnesota to finish the job. If seen, please get out of his way. He just can't be stopped! #FlyEaglesFly

An Apple I-Pad was turned into the police department on Wednesday January 10, 2018. If you lost your I-Pad, please contact our department.

The Alburtis Police Department salutes "Jester", a dedicated Police K-9. Way to go!!

The Alburtis Police Department would like to wish everyone a happy and safe 2018.

Here is some information on Firearms in PA. If you own, plan on owning, or just want information, please check out this website by PA State Police.

Destroy these if found!!

As a reminder: PLEASE LOCK YOUR CAR DOORS!!! Sunday October 29, 2017 into Monday October 30, 2017, at least 12 vehicles were entered overnight in the borough, all the vehicles were left unlocked. Only 2 vehicles reported anything taken. Please lock your car doors to avoid any items being taken.

What is your opinion on doing this to some crosswalks in town?? Let us know if you are for, against, or not sure.

Recently various emergency service "organizations" have been calling to ask for your donation to help support your local police, fire, or EMS department. Please DO NOT donate or commit to donate to these organizations. If you would like to support your local police, fire, or EMS Department, please visit them and personally give them the money. They will be very appreciative and will tell you where the money will be used and will give you a tour if you ask. So please SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL police department, fire department, and ambulance corps

Found this dog in the area of Reservoir Hill Road. If you recognize the dog or if it belongs to you, please call us at 610-437-5252. The dog will be taken to the Sanctuary at Haafsville early Saturday September 8, 2017. Thank you.

Sergeant Jay Ruff retires after 43 years. Enjoy your retirement "Uncle" Jay!!!

If you would like to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, Alburtis Elementary School students are collecting funds to help. If you would like to donate, please see a student (or parent) or drop off your donation in an envelope with your name (address and phone number optional) on it at the Alburtis Police Department and we will see it is delivered to the school. (You can place the envelope in the drop box located at each entrance to borough hall). Thank you for your support!!!!

This male dog was found on 8/15/2017 at 7:30pm in the area of School Street and 5th Street in the Borough of Alburtis. If you know who's dog it is or it is your dog, please call 610-437-5252 to reunite this dog with its owner. This post will not be checked by the police department until Thursday, so please call with information. The dog will be sent to The Sanctuary at Haafsville on Wednesday afternoon. Thank you!!