Macungie Police Department

  • Agency: Macungie Police Department
  • Address: 21 Locust St, Macungie , 18062 PA
  • Chief: Edward Harry, Jr (Chief of Police)
Phone: 610-966-2222
Fax: (610) 965-4878

Macungie Police Department is located at 21 Locust St, Macungie , 18062 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Edward Harry, Jr. The Macungie Police Department phone number is 610-966-2222.

Macungie Police Department News

The snow emergency has been lifted A snow emergency has been declared in Macungie Borough starting at 9pm Tuesday evening (March 6) until further notice. Vehicles must be removed from posted snow emergency routes. Visit for a list of roads designated as snow emergency routes.

Members of Macungie Police Department and Out of Our Minds Art Studio are holding our first Painting event of 2018. Children of all ages are invited to the art studio to paint a canvas and meet the police. All materials are provided. Registration is limited to the first 20-25 children. To register please use the comment area on the Facebook page. We will confirm by responding to the comment. We hope to see a full house.

At around noon today, February 10, 2018, Westerville OH Police Officers Anthony Morelli and Eric Joering were killed in the line of duty. Both Officers were responding to a 911 hang up call stemming from a domestic disturbance. The coward who killed these Officers is in custody. The Macungie Police Department is deeply saddened to learn of such news. Our hearts never heal. St Michael please watch over our fallen Brothers. May they provide a blanket of safety for those of us who continue to do the job you they sacrificed life for. Our prayers and sympathy goes out to Officer Morelli's and Officer Joering's families and to the entire Westerville Police Department. Rest well.

Macungie Police Department has received several calls today regarding a scam attempt. All of the residents we contacted said a person indicated an arrest warrant was issued in their name. The reasons for the warrants vary but the residents were all directed to dissolve the warrant by wiring $500 through some money transfer location. These and other types of scams are nothing new to police agencies across the US. Here is one example of this type of scam. The threat of arrest is intended to frighten the resident and create immediate alarm so the resident sends the money as soon as possible through some kind of money transfer location. The callers may give specific time parameters to have the transaction completed. The short time parameters and urgency is designed to keep the victim from checking the validity of the call. The caller will usually be very demanding and will almost never wants to answer your questions. A similar scam we have heard often is the "grandparent scam". Callers tell residents their grandchild was arrested out of state or out of the Country and Attorney fees must be paid before the grandchild is released. Again the details are usually sketchy and information is limited but the scammers ALWAYS KNOW the name of who they called and the name of a grandchild. To avoid becoming a victim residents should ask as many questions as possible. If given a specific County a warrant is alleged to be issued from, call that County courthouse and inquire. If a grandchild was mentioned we would suggest making a call to that grandchild to confirm they are fine. DO NOT SEND MONEY through wire transfer services as a result of these types of calls. Once you realize the call is a scam your money is almost impossible to recover. This is a brief post to quickly outline the recent scams. We will follow up with a more detailed post about protecting yourself and scam identification.

Deputy US Marshall Christopher Hill, 45, lost his life today in Harrisburg after being shot while serving a warrant. Our hearts and condolences go out to his family and those involved. A Harrisburg PD officer was also shot but his body armor saved his life. Additional officers on scene engaged the suspect and terminated the threat. Saint Michael has your back now Deputy Hill. May the cover of his wings shelter you from further harm. Watch over us as we continue the path that led to your ultimate sacrifice. Rest comfortably, Brother.

This is our first post of 2018 and we wanted to start the new year off on a good note. Allen and Tracy were guests at our Christmas Coffee with a Cop. They asked for 2 Jr Police Officer stickers to attach to a gift they got for a family member. Of course we obliged! Allen and Tracy sent us a photo of Brentley on his Chritmas present. Check out the awesome decal behind the front fender. That is a true and official Jr Macungie Police vehicle. Ride on Brentley and be safe patrolling the yard. Don't forget to buckle up.

The Macungie Police Department wishes all our residents, visitors and Facebook friends a Happy New Year eve and a great 2018. Be safe if out on the roads this evening.

Christmas is right around the corner. May you all be safe traveling to and from your destinations. There is a chance of rain or snow later this evening so please be careful, slow down and arrive alive. Travis, Mike, Erin, Todd, Kyle, Richton, Anthony, Joe and Brandon wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS. We look forward to serving our great community in 2018.

The Macungie Christian Community has their crew out bringing some pre-cheer for the Christmas holiday. They stopped to visit our Officers today. Thank you for thinking of us. Merry Christmas to you folks.

Serving while protecting. It's what we do.

Our Christmas version of Coffee with a Cop went very well this morning. The diner was packed, bellies were full and people were jolly. Santa made an appearance and joined Officer Anthony Campanell, Officer Kyle Bernhard, Officer Todd Bernhard and Officer Richton Penn . Officer Penn had to depart early. Once again we found ourselves out of our element but we pulled it off under the watchful eye of the real professionals at Bear Swamp Diner. We saw a lot of familiar faces and some new ones. Of all the faces in the crowd we found 1 common factor.....all smiles and happy. We have attached some photos from the event. We do apologize for missing some photos. The photographer should stick to police work and not waiter or photographer. Check back often as we plan to continue Coffee with a Cop events in 2018. MPD wished all a Merry Christmas.

Macungie Holiday photos with the Grinch. We had a blast greeting all our visitors. Officer Joe David, Officer Kyle Bernhard and Officer Todd Bernhard were handling calls and Grinch detail. Special thanks to Tara Buss and Brandon Gehr for helping us with the Grinch. Some photos are attached.

Tomorrow, Saturday 12/9, is the annual Macungie Holiday event. From 9am -3pm the borough will have guests and visitors out and about on the streets. Please be cautious when traveling through the borough. This is a child oriented event so CHILDREN WILL BE EVERYWHERE. Events are planned at several businesses and locations throughout town. A trolley will assist getting visitors to and from points of interest. Visitors can participate in the scavenger hunt by going to key locations. One of the scavenger hunt stops is Macungie Police Headquarters. We are happy to report our night shift detail located and arrested a person who identified himself as "Grinch". Grinch stated he was planning to go around and steal anything Christmas related. We will not have that! He is currently in a jail cell at HQ awaiting a public hearing. Stop by and have your photo taken with him. Let's try to talk him into the Christmas spirit.

We are cleaning our aprons and joining the staff at Bear Swamp Diner for round two of Coffee With A Cop. Members of our department will be on hand greeting guests, serving coffee and having good general conversation with patrons. We have a connection at the North Pole Police Department who said we should be expecting a special customer. They called us to make sure sleigh parking was permitted. We said YES!. Hope to see you there on the 17th.

The contractors doing the Main St projects have installed new street signs on N Church St. As previously mentioned, traffic on Main St is now PROHIBITED to turn on N Church St from either direction. Lumber St is going to be the best alternative to access Lehigh St. Traffic on N Church St must now make a RIGHT TURN ONLY on to Main St (Rt 100). Left turns are PROHIBITED. Again, Lumber St is going to be the best alternative to access Main St.

THE DOG HAS BEEN REUNITED WITH HIS HUMAN. Found dog. Male Husky type dog, possible a year or so old. No collar, no tags. Found today in the area of Dries Hardware on Brookside Rd, Lower Mac Township. The dog will be held at Perkiomen Vet Hospital, 919 Gravel Pike, Palm PA.

Thanksgiving is coming to an end. We wanted to get a last minute post out thanking the awesome residents we have here. Our call volume was very light but the kindness of those in town was heavy. A few families reached out to us inviting us into their homes for a Thanksgiving meal. Resident Tavillia Cox and her many guests opened their doors and invited Officer T Bernhard to stay for dinner. A take out plate was accepted. Resident Bernie Reinert contacted us and generously provided plates of dinner for our Officers. Officer Bernhard stopped by and met her guests and family. A great group of people! those road signs. This is what makes our residents awesome. The atmosphere in the Boro today was calm but felt comfortable. It is such a pleasure communicating and interacting with great people. May everyone get home safely.

We wish our friends, followers and visitors a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. Today is one of the more heavily traveled holidays. Be cautious and alert to and from your destinations.

APPREHENDED AND IN CUSTODY without incident in the Pittsburgh area.

29 year old Rahmael Sal Holt is wanted in connection with killing on-duty New Kensington Police Officer Brian Shaw on Friday November 17, 2017. If seen call 911 immediately.

New Kensington Police Department, (Allegheny County) the Macungie Police Department and the law enforcement community are deeply saddened to learn of the death of Patrolman Brian Shaw. Officer Shaw was shot and killed after a "routine" traffic stop and brief foot pursuit shortly after 8pm last night. Officer Shaw graduated the police academy in 2014. He has been with New Kensington PD 1 year. A young life taken by a coward who ran after shooting Officer Shaw. That coward is still at large. St Michael now shields you from further evil Officer Shaw. Please watch over us and guide us as we continue to suit up each day and perform the duties you so desired. We thank you for your dedication, your service and the unfortunate ultimate sacrifice you encountered. Our prayers are with the family of Officer Shaw and his extended family, the Kensington Police Department. Rest peacefully brother.

Once again our hearts are heavy. Baltimore Police Department is currently looking for the shooter who gunned down a homicide detective last night. The detective suffered a gunshot wound and lost his life today. We pray for the family of the detective and for the officers of the Baltimore Police Department.

Land of the free because of the brave. Thank you Veterans for your service.