Newport Township Police Department

  • Agency: Newport Township Police Department
  • Address: 1002 Center Street, Wanamie, 18634 PA
  • Chief: Robert Impaglia (Chief of Police)
Phone: 570-735-2001
Fax: (570)735-8211

Newport Township Police Department is located at 1002 Center Street, Wanamie, 18634 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Robert Impaglia. The Newport Township Police Department phone number is 570-735-2001.

Newport Township Police Department News

Congratulations to Thomas Nalbone our newest full time officer. Officer Nalbone is a welcome addition to the department and we look forward to working with him.

On behalf of the Newport Township Police Department and the Newport Township Board of Commissioners, we would like to thank The R Bar for their generous donation for the purchase of new equipment for our department. Thank you Lindsey, Lauren, and Rick, we greatly appreciate your support!

On behalf of the Officers of the Newport Township Police Department, we would like to wish everyone one a safe and happy New Year.

As a reminder to all Township residents. We do have curfew ordinance in town which states that all children and young adults under the age of 18 must be home by 10pm. The only way they can be out of their house past 10pm is with a parent or legal guardian. This ordinance is not aimed at preventing young adults from having a good time, but rather as a means of reducing juvenile violence and crime. The ordinance does come with a fine of up to $300 per violation. Multiple violations can also lead to the parent or legal guardian being cited also. Over the years Newport Township Police Officers have taken multiple children home after 10 pm, and many of those parents did not know their child had snuck out. Please be mindful of the ordinance, and on behalf of the Newport Township Police Department, have a safe summer.

We are pleased to announce an arrest has been made in connection with the theft of fencing from the Newport Cemetery. Scott Wylie of Nanticoke has been charged with theft, criminal trespass and institutional vandalism. His bail has been set at $100,000.

National police week starts today. Please take the time to thank an officer for what they do, and take time to remember the fallen..

R.I.P. to officer Sean Collide. God bless you. You are a true hero!!

Congrats buddy!! You deserve it!

On behalf of the officers of the Newport Township Police Department, we would like to congratulate Jeremy Blank on his promotion to Chief. We look foward to working for you in the years to come.

We would like to wish everyone a safe and happy new year, and remember, if you plan on drinking tonight, please designate a sober driver.

The Newport Twp. Police Department would like to wish every one a safe and Merry Christmas. We would also like to say stay safe to all our brothers and sisters in blue who are working tonight and Christmas, God Bless You all.

Is everyone prepared for the end of the world??

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the children who lost their lives in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting today. May god bless you, along with all the first responding personal at the scene....

The Newport Township Police Department would like to congratulate Jason Poremba on his new career with the City of Philadelphia. It has been an honor and a pleasure working with you the past several years. Good luck and God bless...

The Newport Township Police Department would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving. And remember, if you are going to celebrate tonight, please have a designated driver.

We have finaly received our new 2012 Ford sedan PPV. It's also equipped with our mobile CAD laptop just as our SUV is. We have also received two brand new semi-auto Mossberg shot guns to better equip our officers. The department would like to thank everyone who has helped donate their time and effort to help us along the way. We truely appreciate the support of our community and thank you all.

4th of July is soon approaching. NTPD wants to wish everyone a happy and safe Independence Day. Aerial fireworks will allowed on 4th of July until MIDNIGHT as long as they are used safely and away from structures. Any UNSAFE use will result in legal action. Police will confiscate illegal fireworks and cite person(s) after the allowed time period. Again, please use common sense and enjoy your holiday.

The Newport Township Police Department has ordered (2) new police cruisers to replace out of date and high mileage police cars. A 2012 Ford PPV Interceptor Utility and a 2012 Ford PPV Interceptor sedan. Both are AWD and will be equipped with mobile CAD laptops to assist officers in checking wanted people, run driver license and find addresses using GPS. They should be in service by late June early July

With summer nearing it is ATV season. The police department understands how fun it is to drive ATVs especially during the nice weather. It is important to remember that ATVs should be operated where they were initally intended, the woods. ATVs, side by sides, dirtbikes and dune buggies should NOT be operated on public highways. Not only is it dangerous for all drivers, it's illegal. The police department is willing to work with ATV riders but will not tolerate ATVs failing to stop when signaled by police. Those violators will be jailed and ATVs impounded, no exceptions. If stopped, and it's not a subsequent offense, you will most likely get a warning. DCNR plates are also required on ATVs. Thank you for your cooperation and enjoy your summer

The law enforcement community lost a very special person yesterday. Chief James Cheshinski of the Nanticoke City Police Department passed away due to illness. His tour of duty has ended but his memory will live on in our hearts forever. Rest in peace Chief.

Now that spring is finally here, Newport Township PD will be enforcing public park ordinances (5 of 1990) They included, no littering,no dogs in public parks, no alcoholic beverages in public parks, no open fires in public parks, no parking vehicles on grass. Parks will be open from Dusk til Dawn. Anyone found in the parks after dark or violationg these ordinances will face fines. For more information on this ordinance, visit Everyone have a safe and happy Easter weekend!

Newport Township PD to be enforcing Ordinance 4 of 2007 (Abandoned Vehicle Ordinance) in the next few months. A "spring clean up" so to speak. Make sure vehicle's on or near the your property registered to you are up to date with registration, inspection and are not is deplorable condition. Vehicles tagged abandoned will be required to be fixed or moved from the township limits within 72 hours or owner's will face fines and their vehicle towed at their exspense. For more information on this ordinance, visit