Upper Perk Police District

  • Agency: Upper Perk Police District
  • Address: 88 W. 6th St, Pennsburg, 18073 PA
  • Chief: Michael Devlin (Chief of Police)
Phone: 215-679-8203
Fax: 215.679.3919

Upper Perk Police District is located at 88 W. 6th St, Pennsburg, 18073 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Michael Devlin. The Upper Perk Police District phone number is 215-679-8203.

Upper Perk Police District News

Here comes the heat! Stay cool today.

If you lost a cell phone in Pennsburg over the weekend call UPPD to claim.

Mohawks ribbon cutting for the new practice field.

These bikes were located in Pennsburg. If you are the owner call UPPD to claim.

Today is drug take back day, stop in until 2pm to drop off any expired or unused medication.

This subject attempted to open a car door on Shirley Lane in Pennsburg at 1:30am on April 26, 2018. If anyone can identify this subject please contact Officer James Sands at 215-679-8203.

stop by the station this Saturday from 10am to 2pm

Stop by our station on April 28, 2018 from 10am til 2pm to drop off any old medication.

On March 15th, 2018 Upper Perk Police were informed of a possible child luring that took place on Thursday March 8th, between the hours of 5:00pm and 6:00pm. As a juvenile male was walking south in the 500 block of Seminary Street from the CVS Pharmacy, a male subject with reddish hair approached him in an older model white or gray truck. The male operator asked the juvenile if he needed a ride, to which the juvenile refused and continued walking home. The male left the area in an unknown direction. If anyone has any information or witnessed this interaction, they are asked to contact the Upper Perk Police at 215-679-8203.

There has been a lot of debate and public discussion about UPPD and policing in the Upper Perkiomen Valley in general over the last several years. This debate is clearly not over, but what we ask is that everyone take a step back, clear your hearts and minds, and just breathe for a moment. Between the arguments over the middle school project and how to police the area, it seems like the Upper Perk Valley has never been more divided. All of this energy is good in a way because it means people care about where they live and how their tax dollars are being spent, but we need to hear each other. There are valid points and perspectives on both sides. If we bring all of these valid and rational views and ideas together, and bring our communities together, we would definitely be able to have a cost and operationally effective police department for the Upper Perk Valley in the future. The more ideas and resources at the table- the better. It would be a force multiplier if you will. Or keep it the way it is with each municipality relying on a different police entity for law enforcement services. The political arena sets the budget and the jurisdiction, and your police leaders set the tone operationally, which is guided by citizen input and what is going on in the community at any given time. We do not know if the people will ever be able to come together to make a true regional police department work, but we are willing to share our experiences and statistics if the time comes. For now, we think it’s in everyone’s best interest to take a breath and get back to being one community again in spirit. What we do know for sure is that we lost two (2) veteran police officers, who served our area for 20 years collectively. They served the area with lots of dedication and ethical integrity. They were a major part of our team for many years and they will undoubtedly be missed in more ways than one. Thank you for your service and dedication, Officers.

Education and some fun with the Upper Perk Police, thanks to Project Live and the YMCA! Event is for parents and students grades 5 to 9. RSVP today 😎

Today at approximately 3:00pm, Upper Perk Police were advised that the Upper Perk Ambulance was being dispatched to a location in Pennsburg Borough for an unknown medical emergency. Sergeant Adam responded to the scene and immediately recognized that the patient was suffering from an Opioid overdose. Sergeant Adam administered Naloxone and the patient started to recover. The Upper Perk Ambulance resumed care of the patient while being assisted by the Pennsburg Fire Department. The patient survived! Great job by all involved. We are asking for the Upper Perk Community to pray for this family.

In the process of designing new UPPD badges....

#policeappreciationday2018 Community, we will do anything within the law to serve and protect you! Thank you to all of our law enforcement partners for helping us do that!

Even though the weather has been in the single digits lately, Upper Perk Youth Baseball is still fast approaching! At our last meeting, the Upper Perk Police Officer's Association voted to sponsor two (2) teams this year, one (1) major league team and one (1) minor league team. Our officers will be sure to make a few special visits to cheer you on. Good luck this year, kids!

Public Notice: our detective division has worked with a local banking official and has reason to believe that an illegal credit card skimming device has been installed at a business in the Upper Perk area. The exact location has not been identified as of yet. Criminal enterprise groups commonly install skimming devices at Automated Teller Machines (ATMs), Gas Pumps, etc. Refer to the picture for more details, but in summation, you should physically examine the ATM or gas pump before inserting your card. If something appears to be out of place contact the business point of contact and law enforcement. Additionally, even if you do not suspect that a skimmer is installed at the point of sale (POS) machine (because some of them are really good), always cover your PIN code. We will update you with any future developments. UPPD

Do you know anyone in the Upper Perk area who would have a reason to steal a license plate? Specifically a license plate for a truck that either starts with a Z or Y? If so, send us a message with the details. Thank you, UPPD

After years of service, Sgt. Adam and Cpl. Lavin recently retired from their leadership positions in the Upper Perk Police Officer’s Association (local union). The Officer’s Association recently took a vote and elected the following officers to the open positions. - President Jim McVeigh - Vice-President Harry Fisher - Secretary/Treasurer Matt Boaman Congratulations, boys! We know we are leaving the Officer’s Association in good hands! The Officer’s Association will continue to support and play an active role in our ongoing community outreach. UPPD