Forks Township Police Department

  • Agency: Forks Township Police Department
  • Address: 1604 Sullivan Trl, Easton, 18040 PA
  • Chief: Gregory Dorney (Chief of Police)
Phone: 610-252-0785
Fax: 610-252-5285

Forks Township Police Department is located at 1604 Sullivan Trl, Easton, 18040 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Gregory Dorney. The Forks Township Police Department phone number is 610-252-0785.

Forks Township Police Department News

We have been receiving numerous reports of a large fire to the east of Sullivan Trail. There is a private bonfire being held in the 4300 block of East Braden Boulevard and fire units are on scene to monitor the situation. There is no cause for alarm.

The deer are in full rut right now. What does this mating season mean for you? Unfortunately, it means more collisions with vehicles. During the mating season, deer tend to be much more reckless than usual, often charging out into the roadway without notice. We are seeing an increase in these crashes and a collision with a deer can be quite costly. Forks Township has an abundance of deer. Please be careful this time of year on the roadways.

***Owner has been located*** Female black pit bull mix w/white chest found in the area of Arndt Rd near the cemetery. Chain collar with black leash attached.

The Forks Township Police Department is one of 115 police agencies in the Commonwealth that are recognized by the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association as an accredited agency. The accreditation program establishes best practices and procedures and helps reduce agency risk and exposure to lawsuits. This program started in 2001, and the Forks Township Police Department has been an accredited agency since 2005. On September 13, 2017 the department was again subject to evaluation by a team of assessors from outside agencies as part of maintaining accredited status. We are proud to report that the on-site assessment was a success and the department will maintain accredited status for the next three years.

***Owner has been located*** We received a message from staff at the YMCA education center in Sullivan trail. This morning they found a homing pigeon with a broken wing on their property. The band on its leg reads AU 2017 - 21- PRELICH. They are hopeful to reunite it with the owner. You can call them directly at 610-250-7193.

Anyone missing a chocolate labradoodle named Franklin? He was reported running loose in the area of Howe Street. Just reported to our department. We do not have the dog in custody, FYI, but are looking for him.

We are aware of the bear in the township and both township police as well as PA game Commission are keeping tabs on it. It has moved into the north end of the township in a less-densely populated area for the time being.

**Dog has been reunited with owner** Just found in the 1600 block of Mitman Rd. Basset hound, female with multicolored collar. No tags. Please share

Regarding the power outage some may be experiencing, a tree came down through wires on Frost Hollow Rd. Met-Ed is on scene, Frost Hollow is closed between Dayton and Elizabeth.

***DOG REUNITED WITH OWNER*** Just found in the 2000 block of Arndt Rd. Female boxer/lab/terrier mix, blue collar with bone printing.

As many of you may have noticed this weekend from the loud booms and flashes (that weren't related to the thunderstorm), Independence Day is rapidly approaching. It seems appropriate to give folks a friendly reminder of what is legal and what is illegal in Pennsylvania. A safe rule of thumb is if it launches in the air or explodes, it's illegal. Yes, we realize that the legal loophole exists which allows someone from out of state to purchase fireworks in PA, however it is still illegal to deploy them here. Fireworks displays are only allowed by permit only. Last year we had an indecent of a house nearly catching on fire due to a neighbor's mortar. Be considerate of your neighbors and refrain from the illegal stuff this year.

Forks Township has been investigating numerous complaints regarding windows smashed on several vehicles throughout the Township. The initial report was taken on June 17, 2017 on Wagonwheel Drive. Other reports were taken from residents in the Penns Ridge development. Residents are asked to call 911 if they see or hear anything suspicious within their development. Police are asking for anyone to come forward with information and can remain anonymous to Contact, Detective Philomena Kelly at, 610-252-0377 extension 136 or

While we welcome your messages to this page expressing your concerns about things happening in your neighborhood, it's important to know that we aren't always going to be able to answer your complaint in a timely fashion. Unlike Northampton County Communications Center, our Facebook page isn't monitored 24/7. The officer that runs the page does get your messages, but isn't always working, and as such, won't be able to get information to officers who are on-duty. If you need police assistance or need to report something that's happening in your neighborhood, it is best to call the communications center at 610-759-2200 for non-emergency issues.

It's that time of year when the fawns come out and we frequently field questions about how to deal with them. While they appear to be abandoned by their mothers, it is perfectly normal for them to be by themselves.

Currently some folks in the northern end of the township may be experiencing a power outage. It has been reported that there is a traffic accident in Stockertown with a vehicle into a pole with wires down in the roadway. As of now we have no estimate for the return of power.

We've received a number of inquiries regarding the activity in the Independence community this afternoon. In order to assuage your fears and put to rest some of the speculation, here's a brief synopsis of what occurred. Police were dispatched to an address for a report of someone who was shot inside the residence with the actor possibly still on scene. After some phone calls and work by other agencies it was determined to be a false report and officers cleared without incident. At no point was anyone in the neighborhood in danger. Hopefully this clears this up for everyone. We appreciate everyone's concern.

As many of you know, last night we had another assault on the Bushkill Recreation Trail, this time in the section that is in Forks. This is in addition to the assault that occurred on Sunday in Tatamy. Forks and Palmer police will be increasing patrols in the area, and residents are asked to report activity that they find suspicious. Both assaults happened around dusk, so users of the path are advised to be especially vigilant at that time.

Found on Bushkill Drive near Edgewood Avenue. Female chihuahua, no tags.

Update from our public works department.

The Forks Township Police Department is investigating a burglary at 3201 Sullivan Trail, Northampton County Senior Living Center. The burglary occurred on November 6, 2016. Two white male actors were captured on video surveillance. Forks Township Police Department is asking for assistance with Identifying the two male actors. Anyone with information is asked to contact, Detective Philomena Kelly at, or 610-252-0377 extension 136.

Some traffic changes for downtown Easton this weekend.

Follow up to the missing dog post from earlier. It didn't link as intended.