Hellertown Police Department

  • Agency: Hellertown Police Department
  • Address: 685 Main St, Hellertown, 18055 PA
  • Chief: Robert Shupp (Chief of Police)
Phone: 610-330-2200
Fax: 610-838-9532

Hellertown Police Department is located at 685 Main St, Hellertown, 18055 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Robert Shupp. The Hellertown Police Department phone number is 610-330-2200.

Hellertown Police Department News

Open invite to join us in reaching our goal for a charitable cause, we hope to see a lot of beards around Hellertown this November!

We had a great time at St. Theresa's school on 9/28/2017. The students were all very polite and well behaved. Thank you for the hospitality and appreciation, looking forward to future visits.

*Scam Alert* Hellertown received a report of two suspicious individuals claiming to be BB&T Bank employees going door to door asking residents for their bank account information. BB&T has confirmed that the individuals are NOT employees of the bank. Furthermore this is not a practice for ANY banking institution and account information should always be kept well guarded.

*TRAFFIC ADVISORY* 1500 Block of Rt. 412 in Hellertown will have traffic delays due to a motor vehicle collision resulting in a downed utility pole. Verizon and PPL have stated that repairs may take up to 12 hours to complete. We strongly recommend you avoid this area as increased traffic congestion is expected. If you live in the nearby area and do not have power, restoration efforts by PPL are currently underway.

A warm thank you to the Home Sewing Center Crafting Angels for the special keychains they crafted for the Officers of the Hellertown Police Department!

HPD was surprised to have been visited by Lehigh Valley Rocks. We have hidden one of our rocks in another location in the borough. Visit www.facebook.com/lehighvalleyrocks to see our photo tag of the new location! If you can find it, hide it somewhere new and add your photo clue.

Join us at the 16th Annual Hellertown-Lower Saucon Community Day!!!

IRS and Federal Government Agencies will never call you and threaten you with any kind of Warrant in order to obtain alleged monies owed. This is a popular scam currently trending, please be suspicious and consult with your local law enforcement agency in the event you receive a suspicious call.

With daytime temperatures in the 90's please consider the safety of your domestic animals, dogs in particular. Please limit outdoor exposure to 30 minutes and ensure access to an adequate amount of water. Do not leave your animals in vehicles unattended or without A/C. Animal neglect/abuse is a criminal offense.

Officer James F. DeLeone, Sr. #207 E.O.W. 7/8/2016 "You touched the hearts of many, you served the citizens of Hellertown with pride and honor. You are missed greatly, Jimmy, rest well."

Please contact the Northampton County 911 Center at 610-759-2200 if seen.

A program known as Project Lifesaver, has been brought to our attention. The Hellertown Police Department is actively gathering information from the residents of Hellertown Borough regarding who may take an interest in participating as subscribers for this service. Project Lifesaver would issue a monitoring bracelet that would provide real-time location data accessible to loved ones in the event that a vulnerable family member with cognitive conditions should go missing. The location data may also be utilized by Police in locating the missing individual. The one-time initiation fee would be $350.00 with an annual fee of $12.00 to continue service. Interested residents are encouraged to reply with Facebook Messenger to this post or call the Hellertown Police Department at 610-838-7040. Please see the link below for comprehensive program information. http://www.projectlifesaver.org/

Incidents of fraudulent activity in the region involving credit card skimmers and stolen credit card information have been on the rise. Please see the attached link of an article by PC Magazine on how to recognize compromized credit card reading devices and how to best protect oneself. http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2469560,00.asp

If you are suspicious about a call received from the Hellertown Borough Authority or the Hellertown Police Department, you may always terminate the call and call the respective department directly in order to confirm authenticity. Please be skeptical upon receiving phone calls from any "government agency". Hellertown Borough phone numbers may be found on the borough website hellertownborough.org.

Please remain diligent and be alert. Hellertown Police patrol officers are clearly marked and identifiable. If you feel suspicious about the legitamacy police car/officer that is attempting to stop your vehicle, acknowledge that you see them by activating vehicle hazard lighting while proceeding to a nearby area that is well lit and among the general public while complying with the stop. You may call the Northampton County 911 Center at 610-759-2200 for confirmation that the officer stopping you is in fact legitimate.

Here is an adorable pedestrian safety video to share with your children!

The Hellertown Police Department is proud to share with the residents of Hellertown that our borough has made the top 100 list of safest communities in which to reside within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. HPD recognizes the fact that the diligence of our residents in reporting suspicious activities is an invaluable asset in combating crime, ultimately increasing the quality of life and desirability of our community.

***UPDATE ON PEDESTRIAN SAFETY PROGRAM*** On 5/25/2017 the Hellertown Police Department completed it’s first informational crosswalk initiative. The initiative was from 5pm to 9pm and conducted at the intersections of Main Street and Chestnut Street, Thomas Avenue and Linden Avenue. A total of 200 informational pamphlets were handed out with 170 being given to drivers and 30 to pedestrians. We also wrote 8 citations for vehicle violations. This initiative will continue at other intersections so please remember to obey all crosswalk laws.

The Hellertown Police Department will be addressing the issue of pedestrian and crosswalk safety. An increased presence should be expected in cases of crosswalk and speeding violations along Main street to which HPD Officers will be providing violators with informational handouts pertaining to current traffic law with the primary goal of public safety in mind. Pedestrians will also be provided information regarding proper usage of crosswalks if violations are observed. The posted speed limit on Rt. 412/Main st. from Cherry Lane/Kiernan Avenue south until Walnut Street is 30 MPH and will be strictly enforced. See below educational information and video, please stay safe! https://www.nhtsa.gov/road-safety/pedestrian-safety

The Hellertown Police Department remains committed to combating the ongoing heroin/opioid epidemic. http://www.lehighvalleylive.com/bethlehem/index.ssf/2017/04/hellertown_residents_face_hero.html