Milton Police Department

  • Agency: Milton Police Department
  • Address: 1 Filbert St, Milton , 17847 PA
  • Chief: Craig Lutcher (Chief of Police)
Phone: 570-742-8757
Fax: 570-742-2325

Milton Police Department is located at 1 Filbert St, Milton , 17847 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Craig Lutcher. The Milton Police Department phone number is 570-742-8757.

Milton Police Department News

And again, prayers.....


Milton Police Officer DERR, recently received an award for: Northumberland County Juvenile Court Services Officer of the Year! Mrs Morgan of Milton School District also received an award for: The teacher of the year! Congrats to both! Well Done! Milton is proud of their accomplishments. 🏆

HAPPY HALLOWEEN ALL! 🎃 Great night out at Trail of Treats in MILTON State Park! Hope we saw you there. Great costumes & there were plenty of candy & treats to be had! Enjoy the photos. 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃

The National Take Back event has come to an end. It was a great turnout as expected. After this event the Milton Police Department will be forwarding approximately 148.8lbs of assorted prescription, non-prescription and over-the-counter medication to the DEA for disposal. Just remember...even though this event is over we still have our "Blue Box" in the lobby of the police station. You can dispose of your unused meds there at any time the lobby is open. Unfortunately the "Blue Box" will only accept medications in pill form. We cannot accept any medications that are liquids, creams/ointments or inhalers. We also cannot accept any form of sharps or injectors. If you have any questions regarding the "Blue Box" please call the station and one of the officer's on duty will be able to answer your questions. Also don't forget about our Trail of Treats event that starts at 4:30 today in the state park on the island! Stop by and check out the businesses and organizations that will be there. Have fun and be safe!!!

We got just over an hour until the end of our drug take back event. If you got unused meds come on over and drop them off. Also, don't forget about tonight's Trail of Treats event on the Island. Lots to do and numerous businesses and organizations will be there!

Gonna be a busy day today... If you have unused prescription medication come by the PD between 10am and 2pm and drop it off. Then at 4:30pm our Trail of Treats event kicks off at the State Park. So bring the family and have some fun!!!

Please join us tomorrow night on the island, for our 3rd annual Trail of Treats!!

*****BEAR SPOTTED*****BEAR SPOTTED***** A bear has been spotted in the north end of the Borough this evening. It is currently up a tree at the ACF complex on Lincoln Street near 5th Street park. PA Game Commision has been made aware of the situation and MPD is monotoring the bear's movements. We will update when appropriate.

Milton Police Dept. was honored to attend - Community Helpers day at Baugher Elementary School on Tuesday. MPD along with other guest sat on a panel for Q & A with young students. There was a theme of what role community helpers & citizens do to always work toward continuing to improve Milton.

On October 15, 2017, The Milton Police Department took a report of a stolen vehicle which had occurred in the 300 block of Hepburn Street, between the hours of 11:30am and 2:20pm. On October 16, 2017, Officers received information that the victim’s bank card was used at a Maryland gas station which lead to further investigation about the suspect’s whereabouts. At approximately 9:30am Officers from the Norfolk Police Department in Virginia, made contact with the vehicle at another gas station. A male and a female suspect were taken into custody at the scene. The male suspect was out on bond from Fairfax, VA and subsequently incarcerated. The female suspect was wanted on several outstanding warrants out of Fairfax, VA and was also incarcerated. The investigation continues. As a reminder, to prevent vehicle thefts and/or thefts from your vehicle: • Close and lock all windows and doors when you park. • Park in well-lit areas. • Do not leave the area while your vehicle is running. • Do not leave your keys in your vehicle. • Always stow away your valuables.

*****UPDATE....UPDATE...UPDATE***** Burglary Suspect Taken into custody. Through three days of investigation in the case of the Burglary on Park Avenue, enough information was obtained to request a search warrant. In the early hours this morning the search warrant application was approved by District Judge Apfelbaum. Law enforcement agencies from Milton PD, Watsontown PD, Buffalo Valley Regional PD, Union County Sheriff's Office and Point Twp. PD executed a search warrant at 132 Walnut Street in the Borough. During the initial entry two individuals, one male and one female, were detained. During the execution phase of the search warrant property of the burglary victim on Park Avenue was recovered. A large amount of drug paraphernalia was also found. After subsequent investigations enough evidence was found to substantiate felony charges against Gabriel Lee Rearick. This afternoon Rearick was arraigned via video conferencing before District Judge Diehl and bail was set at $125,000.00.. Rearick was placed in Columbia County Prison to await his preliminary hearing. Good work to all that were involved in this investigation.

****PHONE SCAM REMINDER**** As we are sure you have heard about, and a lot of you have already experienced, the various phone scams that our area is experiencing, we would just like to provide some informational tips in the event you receive one, or more, of these type of calls. NEVER PROVIDE ANY INFORMATION. The goal of these scams is to get you to provide either personal or financial information. Many scams attempt to obtain your personal information that way it can be used to open fraudulent accounts in your name. DON'T TRUST THE CALLER ID. Technology is always updating. On scam type calls the phone number you see coming up on your caller id most likely is not the number being used. New scams are using technology that the number displayed on your caller id is your own. Unfortunately...chances are likely that the person(s) responsible for these scams are not even in the United States which obviously hinders any type of local criminal investigation. JUST HANG UP. When you receive suspicious type calls either don't answer the phone and let it go to voicemail or just hang up on the caller/computer. DO YOUR RESEARCH. After receiving a suspicious phone call do some research to educate yourself. You weren't the first person the scammers tried to take advantage of and we are sure you won't be the last. A simple google search on the phone number or any information the "caller" provided to you may result in some good intelligence. With that being said...perform a personal search on yourself and/or your family. Using the various search engines online type your name and see what results come might suprise yourself as to how popular you really are. Some search engines provide a function to allow you to block your information from being viewed or deletes the entry entirely. Scammers use search engines to compile information about you...the less information they have the more control you have. SPREAD THE WORD. Use your social media accounts as a defense against this type of criminal behavior. New scams are developing all the time. Get the word out so your friends and family are made aware. Contact the police and let them know as it may be a scam we have not been made aware of yet. THE MORE INFORMED WE ARE AS A COMMUNITY THE LESS LIKELY SCAMS LIKE THIS WILL SUCCEED. If you have questions regarding scams you are always welcome to speak with an on-duty officer. Enjoy the weekend!!!

****RETAIL THEFT SUSPECT CAUGHT**** At 3:13pm today Officers from the MPD were at the intersection of Mahoning Street and Turbot Avenue when they got dispatched to the Weis Markets for a retail theft that had just occurred. Information provided by dispatch was that store security were chasing the 44 year old male towards the area of Beaver Street. MPD Officers ended up in a short foot pursuit of the suspect as well and the suspect was taken into custody shortly thereafter. General Rule #1 for persons who wish to commit crimes and get away...Do not run towards the Police because it normally does not end well. Good Job Guys!!!

*****PUBLIC ASSISTANCE NEEDED***** The Milton Police Department is asking for the public's assistance in identifying the owner and/or occupants of the vehicle involved in the theft of an estimated $2,000.00 in property from a residence on Park Avenue. The theft occurred between 2pm and 2:30pm on Thursday October 5th. The suspect vehicle is identified in the red circle in the attached pictures. The vehicle was identified as a Ford Ranger black in color. It was determined that there were two suspects in the vehicle at the time of the theft and the vehicle was last seen travelling westbound on Park Avenue toward Turbot Avenue. If you have information regarding this theft you can call the station at 570/742-8757 and provide the information to an on-duty officer, leave a voicemail message with the investigating officer(Officer Engleman) or send us a private message on Facebook. As always we thank you in advance for any information forwarded to us regarding this investigation.

*Milton Police Department sends our deepest condolences, thoughts, and prayers to ALL those affected by the senseless tragedy in Las Vegas.* - - - - -

The Milton Police Department, in a collaberative effort with the Northumberland County District Attorney's Office and the DEA, will be participating in this event which is focused on removing potentially dangerous controlled substances from out nation's medicine cabinets. On Saturday October 28th people can come to the station and drop off their unused or old controlled, non-controlled and over-the-counter medications. No sharps(syringes, injectors, etc.) will be accepted.

As you may know, today marks the first day back to school for the Milton Area School District. As a reminder, please use caution and follow these safety tips while traveling. •Don't block the crosswalk when stopped at a red light or waiting to make a turn, forcing pedestrians to go around you; this could put them in the path of moving traffic •In a school zone when flashers are blinking, stop and yield to pedestrians crossing the crosswalk or intersection •Always stop for a school patrol officer or crossing guard holding up a stop sign •Take extra care to look out for children in school zones, near playgrounds and parks, and in all residential areas •Don't honk or rev your engine to scare a pedestrian, even if you have the right of way •Never pass a vehicle stopped for pedestrians •Always use extreme caution to avoid striking pedestrians wherever they may be, no matter who has the right of way

08/02/17 ***** MEDIA RELEASE ***** On this date, between 1800 and 1815hrs, an unidentified female had made contact with a female resident, who lives on the 300 block of Mahoning Street in the Borough of Milton, posing as a county children and youth caseworker. The female actor refused to identify herself and refused to provide agency identification when asked by the resident. The female actor advised the resident that she was there to take custody of the resident’s young child. When the female resident challenged the demand the female actor attempted to push past the resident. The resident blocked the doorway and pushed the actor back out onto the front porch refusing to allow her access into the residence. The resident threatened to call police and attempted to take a photo of the actor with her cellphone. The actor knocked the cellphone out of the resident’s hand then fled east on Mahoning Street. The actor was described as an average build white female, 35 to 45yoa, 5’6”, 140lbs, blonde shoulder length wavy hair, brown eyes, wearing a red v-neck t-shirt and blue jeans. Milton Police have been in contact with Northumberland County Children and Youth and it was verified that caseworkers always have identification when contact with residents are made. It is requested that anyone having information regarding this incident is to contact Milton Borough Police.

*SUBJECT WAS TAKEN INTO CUSTODY ON 6/17/17* The Milton Police Department is investigating a theft from a residents front porch. If you can identify this individual, please call or send a private message. Thank You!