West Penn Township Police Department

  • Agency: West Penn Township Police Department
  • Address: 27 Municipal Rd, New Ringgold, 17965 PA
  • Chief: Brian Johnson (Chief of Police)
Phone: 570-386-1100
Fax: 570-386-5851

West Penn Township Police Department is located at 27 Municipal Rd, New Ringgold, 17965 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Brian Johnson. The West Penn Township Police Department phone number is 570-386-1100.

West Penn Township Police Department News

Clamtown rd is closed, if it's not an emergency, you should stay home.

I do check FB from time to time, during my working hours. If I am not working any message left there will not be tended to until I return to my next scheduled day. Please call the Station phone #, 570-386-1100, or the Non-emergency County phone #, 570-668-6100, thank you

West Penn Twp. Police is just finishing up the 2017 DARE program at the Tamaqua Middle School , yesterday K-9 Gunner was there greeting the kids . It was a joy to talk to the kids and they asked a lot of good question. I told them we know we can't save everyone in making the right choice but we would like to try. I also told them "The choices they make today will affect their lives in the future". I think the best part of the day was when a young man walked up to me and said Thank you for protecting us, I said you are welcome and thanked him. I like to thank Sgt.Lorah from West Penn for teaching the DARE program and Ofc.Woodward from Walker Twp for stopping by to see the kids during the DARE program. The DARE program is much more then teaching about drugs it's about the impression and the connection we make with them and they make on us. Thank you!!

We are investigating a identity theft case , during the investigation we have learned that this was in fact a scam using somebody's identity: The scam works like this "A person will place an ad on craigslist for an assistant shipper or some title to work from home, the person applying for these jobs are also being scammed they apply like any other job they get hired by a fictitious company , the fictitious company uses somebody stolen identity usually a credit card makes purchases online and then has those items sent to their new employees house (middle person or third person , 4th person) which then The fictitious company sends them a shipping order from UPS or FedEx and then sends that item that was purchased to another persons address" it's almost like a pyramid scheme they keep shipping the items to another person to another person" The particular case we are investigating we tracked it to Philadelphia made contact with Philadelphia police they sent an officer out to the address listed on the purchase order , that officer made contact with that person listed, that person was able to make contact with West Penn Twp. Police after talking to the person in Philadelphia , they stated they have the item picked up by UPS or FedEx then forwards the item to different addresses in Nevada. Investigation is continuing. Please keep check of your credit report and your credit card statements!

We are investigating a hit and run- it happened between Sunday and Monday morning someone hit a mailbox in the 1700 block of West Penn Pk (309) after looking over the damages it was discover that some parts left behind belongs to a 1998-2014 Nissan Pathfinder electric blue with Rt front damage bumper and headlight damage. If u have any information please call . 570-386-1100 or 570-668-6100

Are you leaving the area during the holidays, maybe on vacation or business? Don't forget that West Penn Police does do courtesy checks of homes. Simply stop the police department during normal business hours and fill out form.

On 11/21 at approx 0135hrs a male walked onto Romig's lot and went through several vehicles the person was last seen walking south on SR309 , if u know who the person is in the video , please call 570-386-1100, Thank you .

Accepting applications, For part time Police officer positions. Candidates should be ACT 120 certified, preferably having experience. Applications can be found at the West Penn Township Police Department 5 Municipal Rd New Ringgold PA 17960, on Monday through Thursday from 0900 to 1500hrs. If you have any questions feel free to call the station at (570) 386-1100.

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