Berlin Borough Police Department

  • Agency: Berlin Borough Police Department
  • Address: 721 North St, Berlin, 15530 PA
  • Chief: Sgt Chad Salley (Officer in Charge)
Phone: 814-267-4111
Fax: (814)267-5327

Berlin Borough Police Department is located at 721 North St, Berlin, 15530 PA. The Officer in Charge of the department is Sgt Chad Salley. The Berlin Borough Police Department phone number is 814-267-4111.

Berlin Borough Police Department News

If anyone is interested, the American Red Cross is at the Berlin Veteran's Home taking blood donations. Every year, thousands of people rely on blood donations from people like us. Please stop by and donate blood. There is food and drinks available afterwards. They will be there until 5:30pm.

In case you didn't get the memo: Light up night is this Friday, November 17th at 7:00pm. Meet at the lower Diamond (Diamond and Main Streets). This will be followed by a visit by Santa at 7:30pm at the Berlin Community Building. During the light up, the Berlin Ambulance will be holding "Stuff the Truck". Let's see if we can completely fill the ambulance with new toys! Also, the Marines Toys for Tots has a box inside the Borough Building. They are a great charity to donate to and they do so much for communities. Please donate new unwrapped toys. The collection box will be there until December 4th.

It is a good thing to know the actual address of where you or your loved ones live. That way, if you call the 911 center and need emergency personnel or police, they can locate you. If you live in an apartment, know your apartment number and give that information to the dispatcher. Also, your address should be visible from the street. Apartments should be marked on the door as well. If you rent, your landlord should have this done. If you do not know the address, stand outside and give landmarks or a cross street close to you and wait for emergency personnel to arrive. It makes our job easier especially when every second counts. Thank you.

If anyone is interested or not feeling like cooking today. 😀

Trick or Treating in Berlin will be held Thursday, October 26th. The parade will start at the upper diamond (Main and Broadway Streets) at 6pm. It will follow Main to Meadow Street where it will end in the upper parking lot of the Community Building. Door to door will go until 8pm.

Sometimes it's just the little things.

Just a friendly reminder that the school zone on Main Street between 12th Avenue and North Street is 15 mph from 7:45am-8:30am and then again from 3:00pm-3:45pm. Watch your speed. Also, watch for kids crossing streets. They don't always look or cross at crosswalks or corners.

A notice for everyone: Meadow View Nursing Center will be conducting an active shooter drill this afternoon. The Berlin Police Department and other local Departments will be participating. Again, this will just be a drill.

This is why we close roads when they flood. It's for your protection.

This post is a little long but please take the time to read it. The information provided will help you with resources to help protect yourself if you suspect identity theft. As we all know by now, identitity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. If you become a victim of identity theft, you need to act quickly. There are five immediate steps you should take and they are as follows: 1. Call any business where you know fraud took place and ask to speak to their fraud department (if they have one). Let them know that your identity was stolen and ask for your account(s) to be closed or frozen so new charges can't be added. 2. Place an initial fraud alert on your files. Contact one of the three major U.S. credit reporting companies to report yourself as a victim and to place the initial fraud alert. That one must contact the other two. Ask the credit reporting company you contacted for confirmation that this will be done. 3. Order a credit report. By law, you are entitled to a free copy of your credit report once a year from all three companies. You have to contact each individually to order a report. Review your credit report and note any unfamiliar transactions or accounts. You will need this information to give the authorities such as the FTC and the police. 4. File a complaint with the FTC. You can do this online by going to or over the phone by calling 1-877-438-4338. You need to include as much information as possible and follow instructions carefully. If you filed it online, save and print out your completed complaint. This becomes your Identity Theft Affidavit. This will help you create an Identity Theft Report. Make sure you record the day you filed the complaint, complaint reference number and make copies of the affidavit. If you need to update your complaint later, call the number listed above and have your complaint number ready. 5. File a police report. Go to your local police or to the police department where the theft occurred. Bring your FTC Identity Theft Affidavit and any other proof of identity theft, proof of who you are (this can be a drivers license or government issued photo ID). Request a copy of the police report to go with your affidavit. These two together creates a Identity Theft Report. You need this to prove to businesses that you are an identity theft victim and to exercise all your rights. After these steps are completed, there are a few more things to do to limit damage or recover from it: Close your fraudulent accounts, get the proof from them of the fraudulent activity. Get rid of fraudulent charges. Correct credit report errors and consider an extended fraud alert. An extended alert lasts for seven years. You will also be allowed two free credit reports a year. If you choose to place one, send a letter of request and a copy of your Identity Theft Report to each of the three credit reporting companies. Finally, think about a credit freeze, which restricts access to your credit report unless you temporarily lift or remove the freeze (this may cause delays or other issues when you submit requests or applications that involve your credit report). Visit for specific information, sample letters to send and contact links for various situations. The three credit reporting companies are: Equifax - or 1-888-766-0008 Experian - or 1-888-397-3742 TransUnion - or 1-800-680-7289

Let's take a break from all the garbage we have been seeing in the news lately. Here's a feel good story for all of you.

A little something to share for those of you that have kids or maybe those adults that feel like a kid at heart:

Route 219 in Somerset County Reopened Somerset, PA – Motorists are advised that Route 219 in Brothersvalley Township, Somerset County has been reopened. The roadway had been closed and a detour implemented in order to repair the section three miles north of Garrett that shifted due to a landslide. Motorists can check conditions on major roadways by visiting 511PA, which is free and available 24 hours a day, provides traffic delay warnings, weather forecasts, traffic speed information and access to more than 825 traffic cameras. 511PA is also available through a smartphone application for iPhone and Android devices, by calling 5-1-1, or by following regional Twitter alerts accessible on the 511PA website. Follow local PennDOT information on Twitter at

The Berlin Police Department would like the public's help in gaining information regarding a break-in that occurred sometime this week at a residence located within the borough. Sometime between Sunday and Wednesday morning, a person or persons broke into a shop belonging to a resident who works hard for what he has. A planer, table saw, laser level and two nail guns (still in their cases) were stolen. We would like to get this individual's items back and prosecute the individual(s) involved. If anyone has any information, please contact the non-emergency number at 814-445-1525. It would be greatly appreciated.

***WARNING*** DO NOT approach an officer when they are conducting a traffic stop or any other investigation. If you are not part of the stop or investigation, do not try and get involved unless asked by the officer or officers involved. If you do, you can be arrested. For your safety and ours, we request that you let us do our job. We have enough going on around us with the immediate situation and we don't need added distractions. If it's a family member or a friend that is involved, let us finish what we are doing. We understand that you may have concerns regarding their situation but I promise you that they will be able to tell you all about it when we are completed with what we are doing. If you have information at the time that might be helpful to us, call the 911 center and let them know so they can dispatch that information to us. Again, please do not approach the scene of a traffic stop or any other investigation. Thank you.

Berlin Borough Community Events for the Month of May: Clean-up Day - Thursday, May 25th All items for collection must be at the curb by 7:00am. The following items are NOT accepted: TVs, Computers or their components, Refrigerators, Freezers, Paint, Air Conditioners, Dehumidifiers, Tires, Vehicle Batteries, Building's or Demolition waste. Contact the Borough Office at 267-3837 for information on where to dispose of TVs, computers, computer accessories and rechargeable lithium batteries. Memorial Day Parade - Monday, May 29th @ 10:00am The parade will start at the Upper Diamond (Broadway & Main Streets). The parade is sponsored by the Berlin Veteran's Association. Please come out and support the veterans and the auxillary as we remember those who gave their lives for our country.

Shared from the Somerset Borough Police Department page.

*** Scam Alert*** Our department just took a complaint from a resident regarding a possible scam. The resident received a letter in the mail that was supposed to be from Publisher's Clearing House. The letter was official looking complete with names and contact phone numbers. The resident also received a check for a substantial amount of money. The letter did not indicate that any money had to be sent back neither did it state that payment was needed to be sent to receive the amount they "won". I personally contacted PCH on their scam hotline. They said that they DO NOT send checks in the mail. Neither do they place phone calls, emails, faxes, etc. to notify winners. They will personally come to your door. If you receive a check in the mail like this, do not cash it. If you have any doubts about anything you get in the mail or by other means, go online and find the company that is claiming to give you your winnings or whatever they are claiming you won, and speak with them directly.

Here is the annual police report for 2015 (from 1/1/2016 to 12/31/2016): Officers were dispatched for 393 calls. Officers investigated 197 incidents. 194 of these incidents are closed. 3 are still under investigation. 16 Non-Traffic citations were issued. 109 Traffic stops were conducted. 44 Non-Traffic and Criminal arrests were made.

If you haven't been outside yet, the roads are slippery. The snow is falling fast and it's wet and heavy. Use caution and slow down.

As many of you already know, PennDot will not be issuing registration stickers for motor vehicles for 2018. You are not required to remove your old stickers. Those of you who renew your registration online will have to have a printer available to print your registration card when you complete your transaction. PennDot will not send you a new registration card if you do it online. When you print your card, the bar code will be on the printed copy. Here is a link to the PennDot website with further information: