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  • Address: 340 W Union St, Somerset, 15501 PA
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Somerset Borough Police Department is located at 340 W Union St, Somerset, 15501 PA. The Somerset Borough Police Department phone number is 814-445-4596.

Somerset Borough Police Department News

These two guys were recovered by one of officers after they were seen roaming in the area of W. Patriot and S. Columbia this morning, March 7th, at around 8:30 am. One is intact male Doberman and the other a neutered male Doberman mix. Both were very friendly and are now safely housed at The Humane Society of Somerset County, 814-443-2121. Please share.

As a follow-up to our previous post, we wanted to share Mrs. Mathias' very eloquent and informational letter. The value we place on our relationship with SASD cannot be overstated.

Please be advised that inappropriate comments in response to this post will be deleted. No doubt there will be additional media accounts concerning this matter, but we wanted to provide you with some background. First of all, the threat for which this individual has been charged was not related to the general threat investigated last week. However, in the course of the investigation our detectives learned that a male, 17 year old former Somerset student who had already been placed in an alternative education placement outside of Somerset Area High School due to disciplinary issues had confided to others that he was considering, “…shooting the up the school.” Subsequent investigation led to the filing of the juvenile allegation and the detention of the juvenile yesterday, March 1st. He faces a detention hearing on Monday to determine if extended detention is appropriate. The allegation charges him with a single count of Terroristic Threats; he was charged the previous day with unrelated drug delivery charges and other offenses, but had not been placed in detention as a result of those charges. Secondly, we received incredible support, cooperation and assistance from the Somerset Area School District and the Somerset County Office of the District Attorney. Superintendent Krista Mathias and District Attorney Lisa Lazzari-Strasiser and their respective staffs are to be commended. They literally dropped everything they were doing to devote their full attention to this matter. Thirdly, the process worked… it started with concerned citizens, many of them students, expressed concerns over behavior they observed; they appropriately reported it to school and law enforcement officials. Those officials then engaged in a thorough and diligent investigation and took appropriate action. Finally, prior to the general threat of last week this individual was flying under our radar, even though he was known to us from the matter that led to the charging of those unrelated drug charges. It wasn’t until the detectives were tracking down leads in the general threat of last week that the juvenile’s name and his specific threats surfaced, drawing the investigators’ attention. Had that initial (and eventually unfounded), threat not been treated with appropriate seriousness and diligence, we may never have realized the viable threat represented by the juvenile existed.

We thought we ought to clarify that SPD is not the sponsor of the upcoming Touch a Truck event as the event post on our page might suggest. It is a great event and we will be participating, but we want to be sure that the credit goes to the folks that organize and sponsor it. We're sure that kids of all ages will enjoy the event and we hope to see you at the Maple Ridge/Eagle View parking lots on Saturday, May 5th, starting at 10:00 am.

We wanted to share with that there will be a candlelight service tonight at 8:00 pm, February 27th, on the steps of the Somerset County Courthouse to honor Sgt. Baserman. SPD will be blocking off E. Union Street in front of the Courthouse prior to the service. We offer our sincerest condolences and sympathies to the family, friends and co-workers of Sgt Mark J. Baserman. We've said it before and we'll say it now... the job these men and women do and the risks they face on a daily basis is too often out of sight an out of mind from those of us who do not work on the other side of the fence. Rest in peace, sir.

*UPDATE* Thanks to the diligent efforts of our Facebook followers Halle has been located, taken into custody, and returned to jail. He will now await arraignment on the new charges. *WANTED* Chad Lewis Halle was incarcerated in the Somerset County Jail on various misdemeanor and summary charges. On Monday, February 26th, Halle left the SCJ on work release to go to Aberdeen Boot Company. He was to return to the jail at 5:15PM, but failed to do so. Shortly thereafter the SCJ called to report that Halle did not return. Subsequently felony escape charges have been filed against Halle and a warrant for his arrest has been issued. Halle is known to frequent the Coleman Complex at 800 East Main Street in Somerset Borough and Stairs Restaurant, his previous place of employment. Anyone with any information regarding Halle is encouraged to contact the SPD at 814-445-1525, or by calling 911.

This event is hosted annually in the parking lots of Maple Ridge and Eagle View Elementary Schools. It is geared toward children of all ages who have any interest in various types of trucks and equipment and provides an opportunity for the kids to climb in and on a number of vehicles that are shown off.

*UPDATE: The owner has seen this post and the two will be reunited. Thanks to those who shared.* This handsome guy was found in the 300 block of West Sanner Street on Sunday, February 25th at approximately 6:30PM. He was wearing a collar with no tags and is very friendly. As per our protocol he was transported to the The Humane Society of Somerset County. If anyone would know whose dog this is please contact the Humane Society directly at 814-443-2121. Also, as a reminder, according to 3 PA P.S. section 459-202(a) "The collar or harness shall be furnished by the owner, and, with the tag attached, shall at all times be kept on the dog for which the license is issued."

SOMERSET AREA SCHOOL DISTRICT THREAT INVESTIGATION Before you read this, please be aware that the comments are being disabled… please contact us directly (445-1525) if you have information you wish to share with us. Last week the Pennsylvania State Police investigated a threat related to the Shade School District and took a juvenile into custody. Apparently over the weekend posts began to appear on Snapchat referring to a threat existing and aimed at the North Star School District. The Pennsylvania State Police also investigated that report and determined late last night that the threat was not credible. Then, later in the evening yesterday, posts started to appear on Snapchat, some identical to the ones related to North Star except substituting “Somerset” for “North Star”. At any rate, the posts referred to a threat, but never made the threat. This came to the attention of SPD late last evening and the Somerset Area School District was immediately advised. Since then, SPD has been in close consultation with the Pennsylvania State Police and the SASD administration. We have interviewed many students and further investigated social media posts. At this time, we are confident in concluding that a viable threat does NOT exist against any student, employee or building of SASD. To establish an atmosphere of confidence and security the officer presence was increased at all SASD buildings this morning and Chief Cox addressed assemblies of both the Junior and Senior High student bodies and conveyed the same message to them. Again, please keep in mind that we have yet to find an actual threat being made. What we have discovered is many, many posts stating second-hand information that a threat existed and the great majority of these posts were actually re-posts. SPD continues to investigate every single lead or clue that comes to our attention and will continue to do so, but at this time we believe we have collected enough information to conclude that a viable threat does NOT exist. We also want to thank and commend those that upon seeing these posts contacted either law enforcement or SASD. We have and will continue to take all possible threats seriously until we can confidently conclude otherwise, but we depend in large part on the public to share this type of information with us. Again, we are not going to allow comments on this post, but would be more than happy to speak with you if you have information that may be helpful to the investigation. Thank you.

Reminder... If you need or have a Residential Parking Permit, it is time to renew it. Please stop by at the station to do so. Thank you.

St. Clair Township Police Officer Lloyd Reed... EOW November 28, 2015 Not forgotten. Fidelis ad mortem.

We tend to forget the dangers and risks faced on a daily basis by those protecting us on the other side of the fence. Our best wishes to those injured officers.

Thanks, SCDES.

Earlier this week we posted still photos extracted from video surveillance of a burglary. One of the comments was from a person noting that it would be easier to identify the subject if the camera or photo was of a higher quality. Our response was that we really only expected someone who knew the subject would be able to identify him, not people who were strangers to him. We were counting on enough in the photo to be familiar to someone who believed they knew the subject. With that in mind, we thought we’d share this article from Lancaster (PA) Online which reports the Lancaster Police were able to identify a theft suspect after they provided the public with a detailed description of the suspect and a witnesses drawing of his likeness. We want to emphasize that the likeness was accompanied by a very detailed description. Of course in the Lancaster example, the likeness, in and of itself, would never have been enough to file the charges, but when coupled with other known information, it did help in identifying the suspect. What we rely upon is the ability of the human mind when presented with some data, to fill in blanks and complete the “picture”. Again, when coupled with other known information this can often provide direction to an investigation.

As was posted yesterday, SPD was investigating the burglary of the Subway on Plank Road and requested the assistance of the public in identitying the suspect whose image was captured by video. Amazingly, the post reached over 15,000 people and was shared nearly 400 times. In the meanwhile, Sgt. Rich Appel was working the case and through comparison of the Subway video with video from neighboring establishments was able to develop Trevor Jonathon King, pictured here, as a suspect. Mr. King presented himself at the SPD and gave a confession to Sgt. Appel. At this time he awaiting preliminary arraignment at the Somerset County Jail. Thank you.

UPDATE - 9:55 pm: THANK YOU TO ALL WHO VIEWED, SHARED, REACTED AND COMMENTED. AS OF THIS EVENING, A SUSPECT HAS BEEN ARRESTED AND IS IN CUSTODY. THE CRIMINAL COMPLAINT IS BEING COMPLETED AT THIS TIME. DETAILS WILL BE RELEASED IN THE MORNING. THANKS AGAIN. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are asking for the public's assistance. In the early morning hours of Monday, February 12th, the individual pictured in these photos burglarized the Subway at 275 Plank Road in Somerset. He caused a lot of damage and left with a safe similar to the one pictured below. If you have any information about his identity, please contact us. The best number to call us at is 814-445-1525, or you can message us through Facebook.

Another chapter opens in the heartache felt by Officer Reed's friends and loved ones. Unfortunately, it will not be the last. We hear of another line of duty death, grieve and move on. It is those close to the downed officer who endure and relive the pain, probably on a daily basis. Since Officer Reed fell to a murderer's bullet slightly more than two years ago, over 300 additional officers have died in the line of duty: city cops, rural cops, men, women, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. Real people making the ultimate sacrifice in service to their communities. Imagine the grief and sense of loss felt by those around Officer Reed and then multiply it by 300. Our hearts go out to those who knew and loved Lloyd Reed. Fidelis Mortem.

Our condolences to family, friends and co-workers.

Thanks to those involved for providing us with this resource.

Dave Sube stopped by this morning and on behalf of the kids at St. Peter's School and brought each of the officers a "care package", a thank you note and, wait for it... a dozen donuts. In the photos: Dave is making the presentation to Chief Randy Cox; the array of care packages and thank you cards; one of the cards which each had a personally written note and an insert of the Police Officer's Prayer. Kids, you made our day... Thank you. We also want to give a pat on the back to Principal Jill Harris who most likely had a hand in this. We understand the Fire Department and the Pennsylvania State Police, Somerset and Somerset EMS were also recipients of the kids' kindness.

We're grateful for the always cooperative efforts of the Somerset Area School District, with SASD IT Supervisor Ken Goblinger's efforts being the most recent example. SPD will now have real-time access to the SASD camera system from both the station and the in-car computers. Thank you SASD!