Mansfield Police Department

  • Agency: Mansfield Police Department
  • Address: 19 E Wellsboro St, Mansfield , 16933 PA
  • Chief:
Phone: 570-662-3093
Fax: 570-662-3317

Mansfield Police Department is located at 19 E Wellsboro St, Mansfield , 16933 PA. The Mansfield Police Department phone number is 570-662-3093.

Mansfield Police Department News

Come down to 14 South Main St and return used/unwanted drugs! No questions asked!! 10a-2pm

PLEASE SHARE!! On March 14th, Mansfield Borough Police responded to Warren L. Miller for the report of a white powder substance found in a classroom. To ensure the safety of the students and staff, the substance was assumed to be toxic until determined otherwise. The school district immediately followed all protocols for such an incident. Wellsboro P.D. responded to assist the Borough with field testing of the substance. After numerous inconclusive results, the contaminated item was taken to the Pennsylvania State Police crime lab for additional testing. On March 19th, we were contacted and notified that the substance was NOT hazardous. We understand the concerns of some of the parents, however we want to be clear that the school district went above and beyond to ensure the students were safe!

PSA- PA V.C. ยง 3544. Pedestrians walking along or on highway. (a) Mandatory use of available sidewalk.--Where a sidewalk is provided and its use is practicable, it is unlawful for any pedestrian to walk along and upon an adjacent roadway. (b) Absence of sidewalk.--Where a sidewalk is not available, any pedestrian walking along and upon a highway shall walk only on a shoulder as far as practicable from the edge of the roadway. P.S. it doesn't take much to entertain the night shift officer... :)

PLEASE share and help me find my owner!!! Found wandering on West Wellsboro St. By US15.

Friendly reminder from Officer Kotch that it is 2 hour parking in the business district!

Hopping on the Tioga County bandwagon for Borough alerts! Please avoid on street parking whenever possible. Also, ALL borough roads are NO parking from 3am-6am. Please keep the roads clear so Penndot and the Borough road crews can plow quickly and effectively! I hope everyone is safe and enjoys the snow day. :)

Are you missing a set of brand new crossbars that may have fallen from your vehicle? We have a new in box set that was turned into our office by a kind citizen. Please give us a message or stop into the PD to pickup your item. Please provide a description or receipt as proof of ownership! And no, this isn't a setup or trap. We legit want the large box gone from our office! P.S. bring donuts?

Please be sure to remove all vehicles from the Borough streets. The borough crews will be hard at work trying to clear the streets throughout the night. Any vehicles in the roadway slow them down! Thank you and be safe!

We would like to wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas!!! Thank you all for the kindness and support throughout the year from our community.

Update: As of 10:15 PM, this dog was returned to her owners. Thank you to everyone who shared the post and helped get her home safely. Borough residents, this dog was found on the loose on North Main Street at 4:45pm and is currently at Mansfield PD. If anyone knows the owner please have them call the office ASAP at (570) 662-3093. Thank you.

Awesome turn out for Trunk or Treat! We even had a surprise visitor... Chief Garrison came down to hand out candy with Officer Jones. This year we also handed out over 300 glow bracelets to help make the kids more visible (Donated by officers). Would you like to see that continued next year?? Also a HUGE thanks to Mansfield Wal-Mart for donating the candy this year!

The Borough will have extra patrol Officers on duty for Halloween festivities tonight. PLEASE slow down and watch for pedestrians. Let's keep the kids safe tonight! Officer Jones has volunteered to hand out candy for Trunk or Treat, so be sure to stop and say hi!

Stop down to 14 South Main St in Mansfield to turn in your old, expired, unwanted drugs! Any questions please call 570-662-3093 or message the page and we will reply back as soon as possible.

Please find my owner!!! I was left at the Pump and Pantry on South Main... Borough Office is 570-662-3093 to claim your phone.

A HUGE thank you to the Mansfield Ambulance Association!!!! MANSFIELD Borough Police was able to obtain life saving equipment through a grant provided by Mansfield Ambulance Association. Our patrol vehicles are now equipped with automated AED's and "Officer Down" bags. The bags contain life saving equipment for an Officer to use on themselves or members of the public if faced with severe trauma. THANK YOU again for such a kind and helpful donation!! ( pictured left is Mansfield Ambulance Chief Tim Johnston, pictured right is Borough Officer Jamie Jones)

Tioga County 911: Car 620 (Mansfield borough) 620: Go ahead county Tioga County 911: we have a report of a peacock trying to make entry into the South Main Post Office. 620: Did you just say peacock? Tioga County 911: (holding back laughter) Yes 620, a peacock!

Some residents have been frustrated having to clean up garbage each morning from the resident bear. MAYBE this will make you feel better about it? Momma and her 3 cubs on North Academy Street.

Even the local deer know you should always use the crosswalks to safely cross the road in the business district!

We sadly regret to announce the passing of Retired Chief James Pratt. Please keep James and his family in your thoughts and prayers. We wish to extend our sincerest condolences and thanks to Jim for his service to the Borough. James served as an Officer and Chief from 1/11/70 - 2/1/95. Thanks Jim, we got it from here... (Chief Pratt is pictured to the back right)

SHARE THIS WITH EVERY PERSON POSSIBLE, OUR LIVES DEPEND ON IT: Please people, let us get home safely!!! As most of you know a NY State Trooper was seriously Injured yesterday from this right in Campbell NY. We are your family, your neighbors, please help keep us safe!!

Be sure to thank and congratulate Barry if you see him! Thanks for a job well done in your service to the Borough.

On Thursday MPD Officers trained and qualified in the use of the Taser X2. Our very own new Borough Manager Crystal Smith was brave enough to take a voluntary full 5 second ride of the Taser. Be sure to give her lots of credit for leading from the front and volunteering for this experience. It's not every day you get to taser one of your superiors! SIDE NOTE: No Borough Managers were harmed in the making of this film, please ignore the 5 seconds of loud screaming due to the high level of fun Crystal was having!

PLEASE SHARE: As most of you are aware, we are anticipating heavy snow over the next few days. The Borough has an ordinance that prohibits parking on the road in the Borough from 3-6am. This is when Penndot and the Borough crews are hard at work clearing the streets. You WILL be ticketed if parked on the road. Also, you may even be towed or at the very least plowed in. Please be courteous and keep the roads clear for the plows!