Avonmore Borough Police Department

  • Agency: Avonmore Borough Police Department
  • Address: 619 Allegheny Ave, Avonmore, 15618 PA
  • Chief: James L Shaffer (Chief of Police)
Phone: 724-697-4747
Fax: 724-697-4955

Avonmore Borough Police Department is located at 619 Allegheny Ave, Avonmore, 15618 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is James L Shaffer. The Avonmore Borough Police Department phone number is 724-697-4747.

Avonmore Borough Police Department News

Our condolences are with the City of New Kensington Police Department and the family and friends of Officer Brian Shaw.

Prayers for the City of New Kensington Police.

There has been a scam going around. The callers typically target the older population and claim that they are the IRS or that a loved one (typically a grandchild) had been arrested and needs money for an attorney they usually do have the loved ones name. They use random local numbers so it looks as if someone from the area is calling. Again these are scams the IRS will send you a certified letter in the mail if you owe any back taxes.

Rather than telling the borough secretary about concerns with excessive traffic or other police issues. it would be more beneficial to call into the police station or send us a message on here or call 911 if its an emergency. that way we can address the issue and get it resolved faster. Thank you

Our condolences to Pennsylvania State Police and all the Troopers out of the Greensburg Barracks.. R.I.P Trooper Mike Stewart.

If anyone has any concerns or information about anything going on in town, please don't hesitate to send us a direct message or call the station. You can remain anonymous