Derry Borough Police Department

  • Agency: Derry Borough Police Department
  • Address: 116 E 2nd Ave, Derry Borough , 15627 PA
  • Chief: Randolph S Glick (Chief of Police)
Phone: 724-694-8030
Fax: 724-694-9252

Derry Borough Police Department is located at 116 E 2nd Ave, Derry Borough , 15627 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Randolph S Glick. The Derry Borough Police Department phone number is 724-694-8030.

Derry Borough Police Department News

The death happened on west 4th ave in Derry borough

**** COMING SOON TO THE STREETS OF DERRY!**** Well... one of our vehicles has seen it better day!! It was time to replace one of our Crown Vic's with a 2017 Ford Explorer POLICE INTERCEPTOR 4x4. We will now have a reliable vehicle that will also be helpful in navigating the streets during inclement weather! Just another way we are ensuring the continued Safety of our Borough Residents!

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