Greensburg Police Department

  • Agency: Greensburg Police Department
  • Address: 416 S Main St, Greensburg , 15601 PA
  • Chief: Walter J Lyons (Chief of Police)
Phone: 724-834-3800
Fax: 724-838-4304

Greensburg Police Department is located at 416 S Main St, Greensburg , 15601 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Walter J Lyons. The Greensburg Police Department phone number is 724-834-3800.

Greensburg Police Department News

Officer Regina McAtee with Maximilian Shaffer last night at the Westmoreland Diversity Coalition event at Lakeview. They are standing in front of his poster that he did with the YWCA "Make Our Differences Our Strengths" poster contest. The bottom of the poster says "we can all be friends". Congratulations to Maximilian on winning the contest in the K -3 age bracket! Maximilian is from Fort Allen Elementary. Thanks to the Westmoreland Diversity Coalition for having our officers attend the event and speak with so many children about various safety and good decision making topics!

In other news.... Great investigation by Detective Irvin tracking this case across the country.

Another gun off the streets...

Man Arrested For Selling Heroin from Hospital Room On October 19, detectives arrested Cody Hulse, 25, of Latrobe for selling heroin from a room at Excela Westmoreland Hospital. Hulse admitted to selling heroin and was found in possession of 34 bags of suspected heroin and various items of drug paraphernalia. Hulse was not a patient at the hospital but was visiting his newborn child at the time of his arrest. Detective Sgt John Swank developed information during a proactive drug investigation that led to Hulse's arrest.

*****Heroin Seizure***** On Saturday October 14th, GPD Officers were investigating information that they had received indicating large amounts of heroin that was to be coming into the City at various times. Officers were in the area of the 500 block of Tremont Ave when they observed a suspicious vehicle parked in front of a residence with what was later found to be 5 males sitting inside. The vehicle was registered to a rental company and was not known to the area. As officers walked up to the vehicle to talk to the occupants, they observed drug residue in the vehicle. A subsequent investigation led to the seizure of 455 stamp bags (9 bricks) of heroin. The five males arrested and charged were as follows: Chase Ferguson -20 from Monroeville Kevin Tirell Hall - 20 from Pittsburgh Marvin Posey - 22 from Pittsburgh Mitchell Thompson - 19 Wilkinsburg Artie Ziegler- 20 from Munhall Another 9+ bricks of heroin off of city streets due to excellent, proactive investigations. This is the 3rd major heroin seizure in the city in the last few weeks.

Keep trying to make a difference...

Sometimes it takes cooperation between two agencies to get the intended results. When you have two deaths on you from selling heroin, you need to pay the consequences. Great job by the investigators... #justice

This country is facing a drug epidemic like we've never before seen. We have a group of dedicated officers in this department who give it everything they have, day after day and week after week. These officers and detectives take it personally when someone comes into our city to sell or buy heroin. To some, it may seem like we are fighting a losing battle. We understand that argument, as so far this year we have approximately 400 drug arrests and more coming every day. However, keeping on top of this problem is half that battle. Are the Greensburg Police going to eradicate heroin forever? Of course not. But for every bag our guys take off the street, for every brick of heroin that doesn't get distributed, we are not only removing poison from our streets but making sure that your / our community is not lost in the crime and degradation that heroin brings. This is a continuing battle in which we will not give up. We want to be very clear to anyone involved in the heroin "trade" - our officers will find you. Whether it is 2 minutes after getting the information or two months, you will be found and arrested. The below link is a great example of that.

Thank you to the "Thank a Police Officer Day - AK Valley Team" for the awesome gifts they dropped off to our department. The wooden flag will be proudly displayed in our lobby, and each officer also received a hand-packed bag with personal items in them. We certainly do not expect things like this, but we truly appreciate it as well as the support of these fine people! Thanks again AK Valley Team!

Friends - We were advised today that the truck and trailer are full for the Texas donation drive. Additionally, the money raised is sufficient to cover expenses. Kerry Dieter and Elliott Fejes organized this on their own time and simply asked if we could post the info to our page to reach out to our Facebook friends. We are proud of their efforts to help others in need. They also asked that we extend their gratitude to everybody who donated to the cause. Stay tuned for photos and an update as to what was delivered and how your donations helped people who had their lives turned upside down. Once again, they cannot except any other donations at this time due to space constraints. Thank you all for showing Texas what the Greensburg community is all about!

The City of Greensburg Police will be participating in the Buckle Up PA Child Passenger Safety Week occurring September 17th through September 23rd, 2017. We will be partnering with Buckle Up PA and the PA Traffic Injury Prevention Project in an enforcement mobilization to help reduce child injuries and fatalities. Research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that one child under 13 years of age is involved in a crash every 33 seconds. We would also like to remind parents and grandparents that we have two state certified child car seat technicians who will install or check car seats, to ensure that they are installed properly. Please call (724)834-3800 with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

Friends: As we are all well aware, our friends in Texas and Florida suffered devastating losses in the wake of hurricanes that came through. Two of our officers will be traveling to Texas next week with a trailer full of supplies for the people affected in Texas. This was being planned way before the hurricane hit Florida. Our officers have already collected donations and are continuing to do so until they leave next week. At the request of people who wanted to donate money, they started a GoFundMe page, in which we have attached the link. This is not something that we normally do, but with the generosity of our community wishing to donate money, the officers wanted an easy place for people to donate and a place that the money will be documented for everyone to see. Our officers have contacts that they are working with in Texas who is advising them of what and where things are most needed. All of that is listed in the link. Thanks to not only Officers Kerry Dieter and Elliott Fejes for organizing this, but to all of you who are offering to help those people in need. *****Donations can be dropped off at the police department this Saturday and Sunday between 7AM and 3PM. If you are not able to make it during those times, please send us a message and we will make arrangements. Thank you!*****

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As the below photo recently went viral on social media, along with that came questions as to when and where the photo was actually taken. The real question is this : Does it really matter where or when it was taken? This photo shows the bravery and dedication of this officer who is sworn to protect the rights of all Americans, no matter how egregious the acts of the individuals may be that he was sworn to protect. This photo shows an officer who didn't just raise his hand, recite some "words" and sign on a dotted line. This is an officer that took that oath to heart, so much so that he will put his life on the line to protect and defend others rights -even when those rights are twisted into heinous, hateful intentions. Unfortunately, some of our current officers are able to speak from experience on this topic, as Greensburg was the site of a "rally" years ago. They know how it felt for them at the time, but we cannot even begin to imagine what it felt like for the officer in this photo, with the color of his skin being one of the targets of the hate. Most of you reading this will thankfully never know the feeling of being put in that situation of having to defend something that you do not believe in. That feeling of knowing in your heart that the messages being spewed are against everything you believe in, but also having that duty to protect another's speech, all while keeping everyone safe from violence. We do not know this officer personally, but we stand with him.

Congrats to the Greensburg Fire Department Bloodhound Team for locating this gentleman in a wooded area while assisting another municipality. The continuous training that they put in with their K-9 partners certainly paid off. The City of Greensburg residents are very fortunate to have such a professional and well trained volunteer fire department. The GPD and GVFD share a common mission of dedication to the safety and security of the residents and visitors of the city. By working together, we are able to meet those goals more effectively.

Another illegal gun off the streets...

Thank you for the kind words! If anybody needs help or may have questions on safely installing a car seat, call or stop in and speak to one of our certified technicians.

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Officer Scalzo and K-9 Falco giving a demonstration to the cadets at Westmoreland County Camp Cadet. PSP puts on an outstanding program every year and we are honored to be a part of it.

"Service and Honor"

Excellent investigative work by Detective Sgt Swank - trying to find justice and closure for victims who are not able to defend themselves against egregious acts.

Officers Fejes, Gogets and Fidazzo paying their respects to Trooper Michael Stewart. Trooper Stewart's work of protecting others on this earth is now complete, but he and his sacrifices will not be forgotten. Rest In Peace, Trooper Stewart.

****UPDATE - Shadle and Smith both in police custody**** Greensburg Police have obtained an arrest warrant for David Smith charging him with indecent assault, corruption of minors, and endangering the welfare of children related to the ongoing investigation of Rebecca Shadle. Greensburg Police have also obtained an arrest warrant for Scott Shadle, the husband of Rebecca Shadle, for promoting prostitution related to the investigation. If you have information on his whereabouts, contact Greensburg Police at 724-834-3800.