Greensburg Police Department

  • Agency: Greensburg Police Department
  • Address: 416 S Main St, Greensburg , 15601 PA
  • Chief: Walter J Lyons (Chief of Police)
Phone: 724-834-3800
Fax: 724-838-4304

Greensburg Police Department is located at 416 S Main St, Greensburg , 15601 PA. The Chief of Police of the department is Walter J Lyons. The Greensburg Police Department phone number is 724-834-3800.

Greensburg Police Department News

***Update*** Naim Ballard has been taken into custody on the outstanding arrest warrant.

Chief Hutchinson’s private funeral will be held tomorrow at 11 AM. For those that would like to honor Hutch and his many years of dedicated service to our community, you are able to stand along Pittsburgh Street from West Newton Street to Arch Ave, as the procession travels to the private burial. Please also note that a large amount of emergency apparatus will be lined up on Pittsburgh Street and there will certainly be traffic delays. Traffic on Pittsburgh Street, as well as those entering from intersecting roads, will be stopped as the procession travels through. If you plan on attending to honor the procession, parking will not be available on Pittsburgh St. If you are not attending, we ask that you try to avoid the Pittsburgh / Main Street corridors during that time period.

We are asking for the public's assistance in identifying the subject in this photo relative to a retail theft investigation. Any tips will remain strictly confidential.

It’s difficult to find words that have not already been spoken about Hutch and his dedication of his life to helping others. We certainly echo all of those words. His leadership to the men and women of the Greensburg Fire Department certainly goes without saying. However, Hutch also shared a special bond with the Greensburg Police Department. Most of you know that his father was Police Chief in the 1940’s. While that may have started it, the bond between us ran much deeper. He believed that our departments existed for one common goal and the mission that it carried, which was making Greensburg as safe as possible. Just as Hutch mentored countless young firefighters throughout the years, he did the same for young officers. He would remind us that we are public servants to the city that we took an oath to protect. Many conversations and life lessons were learned while waiting for a key holder or utility company to respond for an incident in the middle of the night. When an officer was going to be promoted to a supervisory role, Hutch always had the same words of advice. To remember where you came from and what got you there. To continue to do the right thing, and that the officers under your command are the most important thing. Take care of them so they can do their job at a high level. Stay humble. Hutch was the epitome of a selfless public servant. Whether fighting for his country, fighting fires or fighting for those less fortunate, he did it all. He created a legacy like none other that had come before him, and will doubtfully ever be replicated. Hutch was a man who refused to take credit for any of his accomplishments, but instead was the first one to recognize others. There will certainly never be another Hutch, but this region is a better place because of the giant footprint that he left. We believe that if Hutch would want one thing from any of us, it would be for each of us to leave our own footprint. Service above self, make a difference for others. A community is only as strong as the desire and dedication of its stakeholders. From all of us at GPD, our sincere condolences to the Hutchinson family and the members of the Greensburg Fire Department. Rest peacefully, Hutch. You certainly deserve it.

This week is National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week. Our department operates our own dispatch center with a staff of 13 certified dispatchers. We also provide dispatch services to South Greensburg Police, Southwest Greensburg Police and Seton Hill University. While they usually do their job behind the scenes and out of public view, our dispatchers are our first line of defense. They have to handle multiple tasks at the same time - answering numerous phone lines while continuing to push out information to our officers. They must be able to calm down callers who are dealing with personal tragedy and need help, but also answer non-emergency questions and concerns from callers. They must know where every officer is and what they are doing. They will stay on the phone with you until the police arrive to check on the noise in your basement, or calm the small child who calls because their mommy and daddy are fighting. They work weekends, holidays and midnight shifts and miss family events just as we as police officers do. They will do everything in their power to make sure every officer makes it home safely. They do not have an easy job. While this is designated as their week, we want them to know that we appreciate all of them year round!

Please support GVFD!

Proper installation of car seats is of the utmost importance to your children’s safety. Please remember, if you need help installing a car seat we have officers who are certified technicians. Even if you would just like to have your car seat that you installed yourself checked, we are happy to do that as well. Just call (724)834-3800 and speak with our dispatch center. Together, we can limit tragic outcomes as in the story below.

We would like to remind our city businesses, churches and non-profits that we have officers trained as instructors in active shooter scenarios. They are available for free training to you and your employees / members. It’s unfortunate that we even need to train our community for such a situation, but it is imperative that the general public knows what to do should a situation occur. If your city business or organization is interested, please send a message with your contact information and we will get back with you to try to set something up.

Amazing work by our GS students and teacher advisors! #FTK #GSPROUD

UPDATE ***** THE SUSPECT HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED AND CHARGES ARE PENDING.******** The City of Greensburg Police Department is investigating a “quick change scam” that occurred at the Shop N Save on East Pittsburgh Street. If anyone is able to identify the suspect in the attached photograph please contact police at 724-834-3800. This photograph was obtained quickly and is not of the best quality. We are attempting to obtain better photographs and will update this post if this is possible.

The Westmoreland County Hazmat Team will be giving a demonstration to GS middle school students today at 11:30. This is a planned event to show students what the Hazmat Team does and the important role that they play in public safety. We wanted to make everyone aware of the reason that the Hazmat truck is in the parking lot today, and that there is no reason for concern.

This is very real and there are confirmed cases across the country. As we all know, instances of “copy cat” make issues far worse before they get better. Be aware when using ride sharing.

This is a great program. If anyone knows of any boys or girls 12-15 years old who may be interested, pass it along!

***Update*** He has been located Everyone - see see below info from Southwest Greensburg Police Department and please share to get the description out. If anyone has any information, please contact SWG PD or call city police dispatch at (724)834-3800. 9 year old male. Nikki Knopp. WHITE MALE WITH LIGHT BROWN HAIR AND IS WEARING BUE PAJAMAS WITH SHARKS ON THEM Ran away from 507 Sidney St. In SW Greensburg. Mental health issues and on medication. Missing since approximately 8:25 PM

GS Middle School Update This morning, administrators arrived at the Middle School to find the outside card reader to gain entrance into a side door torn from the wall. Officers arrived and began an investigation while the school sent out notifications. After determining via video that a suspect entered the school in the early morning hours, the school was placed on lockdown and a thorough search began. While the search was being conducted, investigators identified a suspect and he was located at his residence. The Burglary investigation is ongoing and there is no threat to students from this incident.

***UPDATE - Both suspects in custody*** Thank you for sharing The City of Greensburg Police have obtained arrest warrants for Levi Evans (left photo) and Benjamin Davis (right photo) charging them with rape of an unconscious person, delivery of a controlled substance, and other offenses related to the sexual assault of two female victims. If you have any information on their whereabouts, please contact the City of Greensburg Police at 724-834-3800

Due to the possible threat received by a neighboring school district, an even greater police presence will be seen at our schools within the city today. The safety of our schools is our number one priority.

The Greensburg Fire Department and Greensburg PD work hand in hand while making Greensburg as safe as possible. Our two departments working together ensure the highest level of protection that we can possibly provide. We are proud to work beside the great men and women volunteers of the GVFD. The photo below is a sticker being offered to anyone that is interested for a donation of $7.00. Anyone that may be interested, please visit the GVFD website for more information. You will soon be noticing these stickers on the Greensburg Police cars and the GVFD apparatus.

Thanks to Each One Teach One Daycare for spending some time with our officers today!

The City of Greensburg Police Department is investigating the passing of a Counterfeit $100 Bill that occurred on 01/28/2018 at a local business. Attached are still photos of video surveillance obtained from the store. We understand that the photos are not of the best quality, however someone may recognize the suspect by his clothing or stature. If you have any information as to the suspects identity please contact the City of Greensburg Police Department at 724-834-3800.

The phone scams are hitting our area again, particularly to small businesses in this round. Please see the below info from West Penn Power: If a caller threatens to shut off your power unless immediate payment is made, HANG UP! It's a scam. I have received numerous calls and emails that this scam is going around in Fayette County and Westmoreland County. If you have any questions concerning your account, please call the contact center at 800-686-0021. For more information on scams, please visit our website at

Please contact PSP-Greensburg with any info...

The traffic lights at Main Street and Mt Pleasant will be on flash until sometime next week. Please use caution and adhere to the vehicle code laws which say - if lights are not fully functioning, treat it as a working intersection and take your turn proceeding through.