Oak Ridge Police Department

  • Agency: Oak Ridge Police Department
  • Address: 200 South Tulane Avenue, Oak Ridge, 37831 TN
  • Chief: David H Beams (Chief of Police)
Phone: (865) 425-3504
Fax: (865) 425-3607

Oak Ridge Police Department is located at 200 South Tulane Avenue, Oak Ridge, 37831 TN. The Chief of Police of the department is David H Beams. The Oak Ridge Police Department phone number is (865) 425-3504.

Oak Ridge Police Department News

FREE CAR SEAT CHECKS: Stop in and have your child's car seat checked for free at Oak Ridge Fire Department Station #2 on Saturday, March 10. Firefighters, Oak Ridge Police Department officers and representatives from East Tennessee Children's Hospital will be inspecting and installing car seats between 10am and 1pm. If you can’t make it to the event, you can also have your car seat checked at #OakRidge Police headquarters between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday.

📖 So a funny thing happened to the Chief of Police this morning before the Arbor Day Ceremony at Willow Brook Elementary School... He thought it would be a good idea to arrive early and walk through the school on a property check. While doing so, he ran into Ms. Mullins’ 3rd grade class while they were walking to the library to celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday. Chief Akagi thought it would be a great idea to read Dr. Seuss’ book "Bartholomew and the Oobleck," but he did not know about the small matter of having to wear a certain hat while doing so. And the rest is history… #OakRidge #ORPD💙 Oak Ridge Schools

We are loving this picture! This is Joey meeting #ORPD K-9 Kobus at Woodland Elementary this morning. Joey's mom sent us this sweet photo along with a note thanking Officer Buckner and Probationary Officer Wilson for taking the time to talk with students and parents at the school today. Looks like everyone had a great time. Thanks for sharing! #OakRidge Also, check out those kicks on Kobus. 👀😍 (📸 by Linda Gilpin)

❓❓❓ “What if a student has a weapon?... What if we see a stranger in the hallway?... How fast can you get here?” - That’s just a few of the dozens of questions posed by concerned students at Robertsville and Jefferson Middle today. Police Chief Jim Akagi was given the opportunity to visit 6th, 7th and 8th graders at both schools. The purpose of the visits was to have crucial conversations in small groups to help ease anxiety or nervousness these students may be having given all that's been in the news recently, including a string of unrelated threats last week in Oak Ridge Schools. Three students were arrested and charged in those incidents. The main focus of our discussion today: there is NEVER a time for jokes about acts of violence. All threats will be taken seriously and ORPD will respond. So if you see something, SAY SOMETHING. Tell a teacher, a parent or an officer if you’re concerned about someone else’s behavior. And as for the very sobering question asked by *every* group of students we spoke with today – “How can you protect us?” – The Chief had this to say: “This is my promise, my pledge, to each one of you, your families and your teachers – without hesitation we will be there when you call.” Chief Akagi will be revisiting these schools as well as Oak Ridge High School in the coming weeks to continue the conversation with students and staff about these tough issues. #OakRidge #ORPD💙

ORHS STUDENT FACES CHARGES AFTER ALLEGED VERBAL THREAT; THIRD INCIDENT IN TWO DAYS: On Friday, February 23, a little before 3 p.m., the Oak Ridge Police Department was dispatched to Oak Ridge High School on a report of a student threat. A 15-year-old male student was removed from class and taken to the principal’s office, along with the alleged victim and a witness. After conducting interviews and further investigation, officers learned the suspect allegedly made verbal threats to another student, stating that if he was going to "shoot up the school," he "would shoot her first." ORPD obtained a juvenile summons for charges of assault and harassment. Officers transported the student to appear before the juvenile court judge in Anderson County. He has since been taken to the Richard L. Bean Juvenile Service Center in Knoxville. This is the third student threat in two days at Oak Ridge Schools. ORPD will continue to work with students and school leadership to respond to these threats immediately. No other information will be released at this time. #OakRidge #ORPD

RMS STUDENT FACES CHARGES AFTER ALLEGED SOCIAL MEDIA THREAT: On Friday, February 23, just after 11 a.m., the Oak Ridge Police Department was dispatched to Robertsville Middle School on a report of a student threat. A 12-year-old male student was removed from class and taken to the principal’s office. After conducting interviews, officers learned that the student allegedly threatened another student through social media. ORPD obtained a juvenile summons for charges of assault and harassment. Officers transported the student to appear before the juvenile court judge in Anderson County. He has since been transported to the Richard L. Bean Juvenile Service Center in Knoxville. No other information will be released at this time. Oak Ridge Police Chief James Akagi was invited to participate in morning announcements today at Robertsville Middle following another student threat that was reported at the school on Thursday. “I took this opportunity to thank the students and staff who brought yesterday’s incident to our attention and reminded everyone now was not the time to make jokes about violence," Chief Akagi said. "Oak Ridge Schools and ORPD will continue in coordination with the District Attorney’s Office and Juvenile Court to vigorously investigate and take whatever measures necessary to ensure the safety of school students and staff, and today’s incident is a great example of our joint commitment to maintain public safety in our schools.” #OakRidge #ORPD

*UPDATE* (4:30pm): The student is now facing an additional charge of false reporting, which is a felony. He is being transferred to the Richard L. Bean Juvenile Service Center in Knoxville. ORIGINAL POST (3pm): STUDENT CHARGED AFTER ALLEGED THREAT AT ROBERTSVILLE MIDDLE SCHOOL On Thursday, February 22, at 9:59 a.m., the Oak Ridge Police Department was dispatched to Robertsville Middle School on a report of a student threat. The alleged threat came during a moment of silence for the victims of the school shooting in Florida. The 13-year-old male student was immediately removed from class and taken to the principal’s office where two ORPD officers conducted an interview. The student admitted to saying he was going to "shoot up the school," but apologized and told officers he was joking and did not mean it. Officers also interviewed a parent of the student who confirmed that the teen does not have access to any firearms at home. School officials, working with ORPD, quickly sent a Skylert notice to parents of Robertsville Middle School students, making them aware of the investigation. The student was expelled from school and released to a parent. After conferring with the juvenile prosecutor in the District Attorney's Office, ORPD officers obtained a juvenile summons for charges of harassment and disruption of a gathering. Officers responded to the student's home, placed him under arrest and transported him to appear before the juvenile court judge. "Especially in today’s environment, school safety and security are paramount," ORPD Chief James Akagi said. "We take any threat or potential threat to students and school staff seriously. We will always respond aggressively the these threats and take proactive measures to ensure the safety of our students, our teachers and our community." No other information will be released at this time. #OakRidge #ORPD

🚔 ORPD RESPONDS TO INJURY ACCIDENT, USES TOURNIQUET TO SAVE CRASH VICTIM: On Wednesday, February 21, 2018, at 3:50 p.m., the Oak Ridge Police Department was dispatched to an injury accident involving a motorcycle and SUV on West Outer Drive between Oak Lane and Ogden Lane. Officers responded to the scene and upon arrival, found the motorcyclist to be suffering from severe injuries to his lower left leg. Officer Tim Buckner and Probationary Officer Michael Wilson were the first to arrive at the crash and Ofc. Buckner, who had received training on tactical tourniquet application in April 2017, applied a tourniquet and stopped the blood flow. The patient had several punctured arteries and was suffering from blood loss. The motorcyclist was taken to Methodist Medical Center of Oak Ridge by ambulance, and then flown by helicopter to the University of Tennessee Medical Center, where trauma surgeons said the quick application of the tourniquet by police officers were a significant factor in likely saving the man’s life and reducing injury to his leg. Tourniquets are now a mandatory tool carried by all officers in Oak Ridge. Outer Drive was temporarily closed late Wednesday afternoon and early Wednesday evening as ORPD officers reconstructed the vehicle-motorcycle crash due to the serious injury. No one was hurt in the vehicle that collided with the motorcycle. This was the third tourniquet that the ORPD has applied in less than 48 hours. “I’m a little astonished at that,” ORPD Chief James Akagi said, adding that officers received extensive tactical medical and tourniquet application training from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Special Enforcement Bureau SWAT operators and medics in April 2017 and officers have never used them until the past two days. “I am extremely proud of the lifesaving techniques our officers used based on the training they received and am extremely thankful for LASD/SEB’s expertise in conducting the training.” #OakRidge #ORPD💙 (Crash scene 📸: Karen Davis)

🚔 ORPD RESPONDS TO BURGLARY CALL, USES TOURNIQUETS TO SAVE SUSPECT'S LIFE: On Tuesday, February 20, at 5:13 a.m., the Oak Ridge Police Department was dispatched to a home in the 200-block of Manhattan Avenue for a report of a burglary in progress. The resident called 911 upon hearing loud noises and glass breaking outside her house. She advised emergency dispatchers that someone was shouting and trying to break in through her front door. Officers responded to the home and found a man on the front porch with severe, deep cuts to both his arms. Officers believe the suspect injured himself trying to gain entry to the home when part of the glass storm door shattered. Responding officers instructed the suspect to stop what he was doing, but he ignored verbal commands and officers’ attempts to keep him from further injuring himself or harming others. The suspect also appeared oblivious to his injuries, was unable to speak clearly and was suffering significant blood loss. Officers immediately deployed non-lethal weapons to gain control of the suspect, after which they were quickly able to move the suspect away from the broken glass and apply tourniquets to both of his arms. The Oak Ridge Fire Department and Anderson County EMS responded to further treat the suspect. He was then transported to UT Medical Center where he was last known to be going into surgery. His condition is unknown at this time. Criminal charges are expected to be filed. No additional injuries were reported. The Oak Ridge Police Department would like to thank the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department for the extensive tourniquet training our officers received in 2017. Tourniquets are now a mandatory tool carried by all officers in #OakRidge and this is the first time they have been utilized in the field. According to trauma team surgeons at UTMC, the quick application of tourniquets by these officers likely saved the man’s life. #ORPD💙

🔎 #DidYouKnow: We participate in an online crime mapping program called Community Crime Map. Oak Ridge residents can view a map listing crimes or incidents in their neighborhood, sign up for neighborhood watch reports that automatically email a breakdown of recent activity, and submit anonymous tips about a crime directly to #ORPD. Community Crime Map automatically synchronizes data with ORPD’s records system to update crime information online. Basic details about the incidents including category, location, date, and time are also indicated. A data grid and analytics charts and graphs are also accessible by choosing the appropriate tab. Pick your own location, crime type, date range, and other features on the left side menu bar to customize your map. #OakRidge Want to check it out for yourself? Use this link: bit.ly/ORPDCrimeMap 🚔

Reminder for Monday...

🔍 MISSING MAN FOUND SAFE 🔍 On Tuesday, February 13, just before 9 p.m., Oak Ridge Police received a report of a man who had gone missing in the Rivers Run neighborhood. Family of the 77-year-old became concerned when he did not return home from his daily walk by dusk. They searched his normal route to Haw Ridge Park, but were unable to find him so they called police for help. A team from the Oak Ridge Police and Fire Departments responded to search the surrounding area. Crews also called in a scent-tracking dog and handler from the Anderson County Sheriff's Department TN to aid in the search. Around 11:40 p.m., a family member called 911 to notify police that a neighbor who had joined the search effort was able to locate the missing man. They relayed their location to the search team and firefighters immediately responded. The missing man was not hurt, but told rescuers he had fallen in the mud and was unable to get home. He also did not have a cell phone with him to call for help. The man was then quickly reunited with his family. #OakRidge Police and Oak Ridge Fire Department would like to thank ACSD for their assistance as well as a number of neighbors in the area who ultimately helped locate the missing man. We're thankful he was found safe. #ORPD💙 #ORFD❤️

👮‍♀️ CITIZEN POLICE ACADEMY 👮‍♂️ Want to learn about law enforcement? Interested in experiencing the life of a police officer first-hand? Apply to be part of our 2018 Citizen Police Academy! The program starts February 27 and is open to adults age 18 and up. Applications will be accepted until February 21 at 5 p.m. The mission of the Citizens’ Police Academy is to debunk myths about law enforcement and criminal investigation as well as open the lines of communication between officers and civilians. Citizens will get to know their officers and better understand the challenges the job brings through hands-on learning. #OakRidge 💙 #ORPD 🚔 ➡️ Find more details about the program and access application and release forms here: bit.ly/ORPDcpa2018

TRAFFIC CRASH *UPDATE* #2: We're thankful to report there were no injuries in this accident. The single occupant of the vehicle was able to get out of the car on his own before first responders arrived on the scene. (5pm) UPDATE #1: The crash has been cleared and Melton Lake Drive is back open to traffic. (3:30pm) ORIGINAL POST (2:25pm): Drivers should avoid the Melton Lake Drive and Rivers Run Boulevard area due to a serious accident with a car off the roadway. Traffic is currently being diverted while police and fire respond to the scene. No other details are available right now. #ORPD

Happy Groundhog Day! Punxsutawney Phil says six more weeks of winter, so here's a look at a suggested guideline for keeping your pets safe in the cold. Remember to always consult a veterinarian if you have questions or concerns. #OakRidge #ORPD 🌨️

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Here's WATE 6 On Your Side's coverage of the generous donation we received this week from a local mom and her daughter. We are overwhelmed by their thoughtfulness. Thanks to everyone who has inquired since learning about this effort. #ORPD 💙 If you want to help, but don't live in or near #OakRidge, contact your local law enforcement agency to find out if they accept donations like this. As Sgt. Steakley said, "something as simple as a stuffed animal can become your most effective tool in an emergency."

ORPD wishes to thank Ms. Cynthia Barreira who brought us dozens of stuffed animals yesterday. Cynthia’s 10 year old daughter contributed these to our staff to pass out to children we interact with during stressful incidents. Thanks so much Cynthia for your generous donation, your commitment to helping children in our community and your willingness to help us make a positive impression! Our hats off to you and your daughter! #OakRidge #ORPD 👏

The Oak Ridge Neighborhood Watch Program is holding its annual Appreciation Banquet on Thursday, February 8, 2018. The banquet starts at 6 p.m. and will be at Central Baptist Church, 130 Providence Road, in Oak Ridge. This event celebrates the accomplishments of ORNWP and its members during 2017 as we move into a new year. It is a free event open to all ORNWP members, their families and neighbors as well as anyone interested in starting or expanding a watch program in their neighborhood. The guest speaker is Neal Morgenstern, Drug Education and Prevention Coordinator. He has a dynamic program titled “Chasing the Dragon” that deals with the accelerating opiate problem and its consequences. This topic continues our 2017 focus on addressing pertinent topics for #OakRidge. You will also meet the Oak Ridge Police Department Command staff. A delicious dinner will be prepared by Cassie Shipley of Central Baptist Church. We will celebrate our outstanding ORNWP members and neighborhoods that have participated in and supported the program during the year as well as recognize our corporate sponsors and fundraising partners. This will be a fun, informative evening that you don’t want to miss! Let’s start 2018 off with a great celebration of the ORNWP!

🔎 *ATTEMPT TO IDENTIFY* ➡️ Take a look at the bulletin below to see if you can help us identify a burglar. The suspect and the getaway vehicle are both shown in these surveillance photos. The car is an older model white Ford Taurus sedan. No descriptive details are available for the male suspect. If you know anything that may help investigators, call (865) 425-3511 or (865) 425-4399. You can provide information anonymously. Please share! #ORPD 🚔