Camden Police Department

  • Agency: Camden Police Department
  • Address: 119 W Main St, Camden, 38320 TN
  • Chief: George A Smith (Chief of Police)
Phone: (731)584-4622
Fax: 731-584-3858

Camden Police Department is located at 119 W Main St, Camden, 38320 TN. The Chief of Police of the department is George A Smith. The Camden Police Department phone number is (731)584-4622.

Camden Police Department News

The Camden Water Department has closed down Mabry Street this morning due to a water main break. At this time there is no time estimate on how long it will be closed; however, we will update as soon as we know it is reopened.

Thanks Air Evac we loved our shirts ❤️❤️❤️

The Dispatchers at the Camden Police Department would like to thank Air Evac Lifeteam 37 - Waverly, TN for the shirts, donuts and cookies they provided us this week in recognition of National Public Safety and Telecommunications Week. We appreciate your kind and generous gesture. Thank you for the service you provide to our community and surrounding area. To fine out more about Air Evac, their mission and how to enroll for their services visit

Attention all Benton County Residents: Our dept has been working with Camden Central High School in regards to a recent threat posted on social media that many of you have reported.The school involved has an acronym of CHS. Please be advised that this is NOT regarding Camden Central High School in Camden, Tn. The posted social media threat was against Colvis High School in New Mexico and is being handled there. As always, if anyone sees a threat of any kind posted to social media or hears of a potential threat at anytime please contact the Camden Police Dept at 731-584-4622.Thanks, Dispatcher C Wright

Congratulations to our friend and colleague Johnny Townsend of the Camden Water Department who retired today after 38 years as an employee of the City of Camden. For the last 15 years he's served as Water Department Superintendent. We wish Johnny a Very Happy Retirement and say thank you for your dedicated service to our community.

Congratulations to local Attorney Jennifer Hedge who's been sworn in as New City Judge for the Town of Camden. She received the Oath of Office from Benton County General Sessions Judge John Whitworth in a Ceremony held Friday afternoon at Camden City Hall. (Photos Courtesy of Jennifer Jordan and Allison Hedge)

Dispatcher Wendy's last day with us.

A big thank you to our partners at the The Camden Water Department for their work this past week during snowy conditions and below average temperatures. They repaired numerous water lines all over town that broke due to the weather including some after dark. These photos were taken last night as repairs were being made to a broken line on Holland Street. Thanks to another group here who always go the extra mile to serve our community. You are appreciated.

There's still some areas of "snow and ice" you might encounter. These photos were taken earlier today on the South Side of the Camden Court Square and out of the path of direct Sunlight.

Conditions on our streets and side roads remain very hazardous and slick this morning. Drivers still need to use extreme caution if traveling today. These photos were taken just after 7am. The first photo is Vicksburg Avenue just off West Main Street. The second photo is Holland Street. Snow and ice on roadways and highways are still a major issue so please be careful.

Thanks to the Camden Street Department; Benton Highway Department and TDOT for their work today in cleaning Benton County Roads and Highways. Equipment Operator in these photos is Camden Street Department employee Kevin Johnson.

It has been announced by Benton County Schools Director Mark Florence that schools will remain closed in Benton County both tomorrow and Thursday due to the weather.

Photos sent to us today of Eva-Flatwoods Road courtesy of Scotty Hollowell of The Benton County Highway Department. Conditions like this are common today all over Benton County.

All roads, streets and highways are very slick and hazardous throughout Camden and Benton County. Snow continues to fall this morning. The photos here were taken a few minutes ago on West Main Street looking east towards the Camden Court Square.

Very slick and hazardous conditions remain on side and back road roads all across Benton County.

Even though the Snow has stopped and the Sun is shining very little melting is expected today as temperatures are expected to stay below freezing. Lots of ice and snow remain on all the streets, roads and highways in all directions. You might find some areas that are clear but motorists still need to be aware that driving conditions are still slick and hazardous throughout Benton County. We still encourage you to stay home and avoid traveling unless absolutely necessary.

Heavier Snow is now falling in Camden. Please be careful as roads and highways continue to be snow and ice covered and very slick and hazardous.

We are getting phone calls in regards to road conditions. Please be advised that streets, highways and roads in all directions are slick and hazardous. Conditions are expected to worsen during the day with the expected snowfall that is predicted for this area. We discourage travel unless absolutely necessary. Crews from the Camden Street Department; Benton County Highway Department and TDOT will be out all day long trying to clear the roads and more than likely will be working into the night depending on snow accumulations.

Benton County Schools are closed Thursday and Friday, January 4 and 5 due to the flu. All extra curricular activities scheduled for these days are cancelled.

A big thank you and appreciation to the Kenneth Covington Family for providing a Chile Meal to our officers and members of the Camden Fire Department today. On a day when the temperature is dropping and wind gusts are getting stronger it really hit the spot! We appreciate your support of our agencies.

We are working a case that we need the public's help to identify the subject involved. Please either comment or send us a private message if you can help out with a name or any other information on this subject. Thank you and please share.

We are currently having several complaints over the last few months of counterfeit money, especially $20 bills. Please check your money when you receive change or accept money from anyone. If you think it is counterfeit, ask for a manager. If you have received any counterfeit money, please bring it to the police department so that it can be turned over to the Department of Treasury and it will be out of circulation.

**Found Safe ** Thank you everyone for sharing.

Thanks to everyone who came by the Camden Police Department to dispose of their unused or expired Prescription Drugs and Medications on "National Prescription Drug Take Back Day." In case you couldn't get by today keep in mind that we have a Dropbox in the Police Department Lobby at 119 West Main Street where you can dispose of unused medications and Prescription Drugs at anytime. If you have questions call us at 731-584-4622.