McKenzie Police Department

  • Agency: McKenzie Police Department
  • Address: 2470 Cedar St, McKenzie, 38201 TN
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)

McKenzie Police Department is located at 2470 Cedar St, McKenzie, 38201 TN. The McKenzie Police Department phone number is 731-352-2265.

McKenzie Police Department News

Hello everyone! Earlier today we posted a picture of a badge and were asking for some information! We have received some information that the person who owned the badge was born in 1880 and passed away July 15th, 1949! If you find more information in regards to this badge keep it coming! We want to find out everything that we can find out! #history #mckenziepolice #historybuffhelp

The McKenzie Police Department is seeking a full time law enforcement officer. We are accepting applications from certified law enforcement officers and also un-certified prospects. To be eligible for a position of a Law Enforcement Officer you must be 21 years of age or older, must have a high school diploma or the, and have no criminal. If you are interested in this position please come to the McKenzie Police Department, 2470 Cedar St., and pick up an application. If you are aware of anyone interested in this position please tag them in the comments or share this post. Thank you!

The McKenzie Police Department is asking for your help! This badge posted with this status was found and brought to the McKenzie Police Department. We have done some research in regards to when or who this was from and can not seem to find anything! If any of you history buffs can help us out please comment bellow or message us! We would love to know where and when this amazing antique badge came from! #history #Badge #policehistory #antique

Good afternoon everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the weather I know we are here at the McKenzie Police Department! Please be sure that you all are watching your speed coming through the school zones located on Highway 22 and surrounding the McKenzie Elementary School and Middle School. Also please remember that there are new state laws in place stating that you may talk on a hand free device when driving through a school zone however you may not talk on a non-hands free device. Also if you are below the age of 18 you may NOT use any type of cellular device while operating a motor vehicle in a school zone. It does not matter if it is hands free or not. As it gets warmer out more children will be walking to and from school. It is important that we protect all of our children when they are going to school! #keepourkidssafe #drivesafe #driveaware

Come out and participate in The Best of Carroll County Talent Show or enjoy the show! Details are in the flyer! This will be benefiting the McKenzie Neighborhood Crime Watch Program! #goodtime #talentshow #communityfun

*weather update: there has been a tornado watch issued until 9PM! Please stay up to date on the weather, also have a plan in place in case a tornado becomes a immediate threat!

Please keep an eye on the weather tomorrow! Be safe! Always have a safety plan in place and practice with your kids for any and all weather emergencies! This proactive behavior can help you to get to safety faster and put less stress on you and your family!

As we continue to morn the loss of the 17 lives in Parkland Fl. We want to remind you that whether or not you are a student, a parent or a facility member if you see or hear anything in regards to violence that could occur at the schools please contact us at 731-352-2265 (2264) or message us on Facebook. We love our schools and our students in the area we want to make sure all of our students and faculty continue to stay safe. #ifyouseesomthingsaysomething #gorebels #gowildcats

There will be no school in Carroll County Wednesday or Thursday.

Schools closings!

Everyone please be careful if you decide to go out in this weather. There has already been multiple cars stuck in different areas of the city. Roads are treacherous! If you do not HAVE to go out please stay at your home and enjoy the snow in your yard!

Update:city hall will be close today. The front and back doors are open if you need to make contact with the Mckenzie Police Dept.

Update: Bethel University has cancelled classes. Administrative offices are closed, and the cafeteria will operate on their inclement weather brunch schedule!

Taken today when we were getting ready for the potential winter weather storm! We are ready, if you see us out in our hummer stop and say hi!

Update: Carroll County schools are closed tomorrow due to weather.

Everyone please be aware of the pending weather. Per the National Weather Service our area and surrounding areas have been issued a winter storm warning beginning at 12AM tonight and the advisory will stay in effect until 6PM tomorrow. Please be careful. This advisory is stating that a significant snow and ice accumulation will be possible. Travel will be potentially hazardous in these conditions. Keep a close eye on the weather stations for information we will update you as we receive information. As always if you have any questions or need assistance please contact the Police Department. 731-352-2264 or 2265.

As we begin the New Year we felt it was important to share with you what we have done in 2017. In 2017 we answered 21,284 calls for service. We had 4,207 traffic stops. From these stops we issued 2,414 citations and gave 2,424 warnings. There were also 753 arrests, and 10,905 security checks. Security checks included checks of businesses and residences in the area. We felt it was important to share these numbers with you to show you just what we do yearly. We continue to strive to be the best police department we can be. If we can help you in this coming year please do not hesitate to call us at 731-352-2265/2264 or message us through our Facebook and we will do our best to assist you. Happy New Year from all of us here at the McKenzie Police Department!

Not only is there a light law change but also, for the safety of the children TCA 55-8-207 states, “It is an offense for a person to knowingly operate a motor vehicle in any marked school zone in this state, when a warning flasher or flashers are in operation, and talk on a hand-held mobile telephone while the vehicle is in motion. It is a delinquent act for a person under eighteen (18) years of age to knowingly operate a motor vehicle on any road or highway in this state and talk on a mobile telephone that is equipped with a hands-free device while the vehicle is in motion. This section does not prohibit a person eighteen (18) years of age or older from operating a motor vehicle in any marked school zone in this state, when a warning flasher or flashers are in operation, and talking on a mobile telephone that is equipped with a hands-free device while the vehicle is in motion.” To disregard this law puts you at risk of being issued a citation; a citation for this law infraction carries a Class C misdemeanor. We hope your New Year is off to a great start. If you have any questions please do feel free to call us at 731-352-2265. #Keepthekidssafe #driveaware #newyear2018

Good morning all! It is the third day of the New Year and we hope that you all are holding strong to your New Year’s resolutions. With the New Year come new laws, and law changes. Two specific laws that we feel are important for you to be aware of are the “light law” TCA 55-9-402(3). This TCA states, “No vehicle operated in this state shall be equipped with any steady-burning lights that display to the front of the vehicle in any color other than white or amber or in any combination of colors other than white and amber”. It is also important to note that no vehicle should have any blue lights on it what so ever unless it is a law enforcement vehicle. Having any of these infractions in or on your vehicle puts you at risk of receiving a citation. If you have any questions please call 731-352-2265.

Happy Halloween Everyone! It is officially the big day of candy and costumes! I know you are excited! Today is day 7 of the 7 Days of Safety tips! Today we just want to reiterate that safety is our top priority this Halloween! If you have not already; make sure that you follow the sex offender link posted prior and look into who is a sex offender in your area. Make sure if you are a driver tonight that you stay aware of your surrounding children are twice as likely to be hit on Halloween than any other day of the year. Keep your child close to you at all times, let your child shine with glow sticks, reflective tape, and flash lights, and lastly keep an eye on that candy and make sure that it is not tampered with! Enjoy your night! We will have officers actively patrolling all areas in the city and extra patrol in areas with high traffic of trick-or-treaters! Feel free to stop and say hi to us! We may even have some treats for your trick-or-treaters! If you see anything suspicious or anything that is a safety hazard please do not hesitate to call 911 or (731)-352-2265 or 2264! Have fun! Happy Halloween! #sevendaysofsafetytips #happyhalloween

Tomorrow is the big day! The day children wait excitedly for to wear their costume and to get more candy than their little arms can carry! It is important though to make sure that you check your children's candy before they consume it to make sure that their candy has not been tampered with to make sure that what they are eating is safe for them to consume. It is important to make sure that the candy they get has not been opened in any way and does not have any tears in it. If you do find any candy you believe to be tampered with throw it away immediately. #sevendaysofsafetytips

Hello all! If you took pictures with officers at the Boo Bash last night and would not mind us posting them to our pages we would appreciate you sending them to us in a message thank you! #pictureswithpolice