Dyer Police Department

  • Agency: Dyer Police Department
  • Address: 235 South Royal St, Dyer, 38330 TN
  • Chief: Brad Lindsey (Chief of Police)
Phone: 731-692-2843
Fax: 731-692-2183

Dyer Police Department is located at 235 South Royal St, Dyer, 38330 TN. The Chief of Police of the department is Brad Lindsey. The Dyer Police Department phone number is 731-692-2843.

Dyer Police Department News

On Sunday August 13, 2017 at approximately 10:47pm a masked male entered the Little General store on Main Street in Dyer, TN demanding money from the register and safe. He managed to leave the store on foot taking more than $500 dollars in cash. The two individuals involved have since been arrested and taken to Gibson County Correctional Complex. Dyer Police Department would like to thank everyone for their assistance in this incident.

It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform you of the passing of Officer Steve Webb's father Mr. James Mike Webb. Mr. Mike was a good man and a great friend and will be greatly missed by all of us. We ask that you keep Steve and his family in your thoughts and Prayers during this time and the days to come.

Special thanks to Caleb Patrick Ramey and his mom April for honoring the Dyer Police Department by bringing us BBQ and cupcakes today. It's kind acts of appreciation like this that makes it worth putting on the uniform each day to serve our citizens and community.

It is with sadness to learn of the passing of Sergeant Kim Barker of the McKenzie Police Department. He lost his battle with Cancer a fight that he fought till the end. Sergeant Barker will be truly missed. Please keep the McKenzie Police Department, his wife Carol, and their family in your thought and prayers.

PUBLIC AWARENESS ANNOUNCEMENT: We would like encourage all citizens to be extra cautious during this holiday season. There are numerous scams circulating and these individuals tend to prey on victims more during the holidays with increased online shopping. Recently we were notified by two local businesses that they received service calls to the same location and once they arrived and found the other on site the home owner advised that they hadn't called either business and there was no problems at their residence. The business owners talked about their calls and found that the number both were called from originated out of Jamaica. Not sure what the intent was but once again we encourage everyone to be extra careful with the information you share over the phone. If you have any doubts about any correspondences notify your local law enforcement agency immediately.

Anyone that may have lost a cell phone this morning in the area of Anderson's Grain Co. the phone was recovered and turned into Dyer Police Department. You will need to contact Dyer PD to identify and pick it up.

This was from a friend that served in the Air Force with Chief. Chief Lindsey I want to personally Thank You and your staff for the job that you do. Americans today do not realize what your officers think as they suit up every morning, or as they make that traffic stop, or whatever call the respond to, it's not oh I'm gunna get them now, it's are they gunna get me now. Please know that not only Dyer TN is praying for your staffs safety but the nation is. To the 99.9% of Americans that support your police department reach out and let them know it. God Bless Each and Everyone of You. David Sneed

Praying for Dallas PD and their families!!!

This baby stroller is at our station. The owner needs to call Dyer PD at 731-692-2843 and if no answer call Central dispatch at 731-692-3714 and ask for an officer to call you back.

Dyer PD is seeking any information on the individual or individuals responsible for recent acts of vandalism at the city park. Any information please contact Dyer PD at 731-692-2843 or Central dispatch at 731-692-3714.

Update on the missing boxer: Abby has been found and is back home with her family!!!!

***PUBLIC AWARENESS*** ***IRS SCAM*** A citizen of Dyer received a phone call today from (202)-792-9313 and the caller advised he was a Agent with the IRS and did accuse the victim of not reporting all her income and that there was a warrant for her arrest. A Officer with Dyer Police Department did contact the number and was hung up on each time the number was called after the Officer advised who he was. All citizens be aware that this is a scam and not to give any information to the caller.

Missing dog: Abby is a female boxer that has been missing since around 2pm today. She was last seen near the Dyer city park area. If found please contact Dyer PD by calling Central dispatch at 731-692-3714.

We would like thank the members of New Hope Baptist Church for the wonderful care package filled with goodies!!! With all the negativity surrounding law enforcement today your kind gesture reminds us why we do this job. Proud to serve this community. Thank you all.

Dyer PD is seeking any information to help find the individual or individuals responsible for the damage to a security gate at J &B Motors which occurred after closing on 1-12-2016. Evidence at the scene suggests that the vehicle responsible maybe gray in color with severe damage to the body. Any information please contact Dyer PD at 731-692-2843 or Central dispatch at 731-692-3714.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Anyone missing a dog? This dog has been hanging around near Wright's Auto all day.

Prayers and deepest sympathy to the Madison County Sheriff's Dept. and the family of Deputy Vela.

This post is for all parents, grandparents or anyone who has the duty of picking up or dropping off kids at Dyer Pre-school, Elementary, and Jr. High School buildings. We need your help during school zone hours. School Crossing Guards and law enforcement are put in place for two primary reasons. Our number one priority is to provide a safe environment to ensure the safe passage for our children while in the school zone area and the second being traffic control. The safety of our children should be everyone’s priority. We understand and empathize with you that the current positioning of the buildings, lack of adequate parking, and one-way traffic during school zone times is an extreme inconvenience for most of you and make it difficult to navigate through at times. The current system was originally set up for parents to travel west on college street drop-off and pick-up your children curbside only and use the crosswalk with a crossing guard on post. The old system had the crossing guard watching 4 lanes of traffic plus children crossing in front of the school. Over time we have tried to allow you to use other locations to drop-off and pick-up your children but we have witnessed several unsafe practices and situations that need to be addressed before an accident occurs. Some of these you may or may not be aware of. Below are some examples with possible solutions. Parking in bus only spaces: This is more of a problem in the mornings when the bus arrives to drop off kids going to the High School. There have been times when the bus arrives people are parked watching there children walk inside or kids are climbing in the back seat to retrieve their backpacks or other items and the bus and other traffic is backed up waiting. Kids should have everything they need to exit the vehicle prior to you stopping. Stopping in the middle of the street: This is a traffic hazard because it obstructs the flow of traffic and could possibly cause a rear end crash. There have been times when traffic in the intersection has come to a stand still while kids are getting sports gear, band instruments, and other items out of back seats or trunks. Now we have a child in the middle of traffic creating an unsafe situation. Children exiting vehicles in traffic: Children should only be exiting vehicles towards the curb. They should walk to the crosswalk and wait until instructed to cross. This prevents children being in the flow of traffic. Once again child safety is our priority and the purpose of this post is not to place blame but a plea for help from the parents or guardians. Let’s be courteous of others who are trying to drop-off or pick-up children, be aware of what’s going on in the school zone, and watch out for the next person who may not be paying attention. Thanks

Acting on a tip from a concerned citizen Officers with Dyer Police Department Deputies and a K-9 with the Gibson County Sheriffs Department did conduct a Narcotics Investigation at 128 High Street Dyer, TN which resulted in the seizure of Methamphetamine, materials used in the manufacture of Methamphetamine, and the arrest of Jason D. Moore.

Dyer PD needs your help to identify or find the individual or individuals responsible for these acts of vandalism at the city park. Any information please contact Dyer PD at 731-692-2843 or Central dispatch at 731-692-3714.