Greeneville Police Department

  • Agency: Greeneville Police Department
  • Address: 200 N College St, Greeneville, 37745 TN
  • Chief: Mack Jones (Chief of Police)

Greeneville Police Department is located at 200 N College St, Greeneville, 37745 TN. The Chief of Police of the department is Mack Jones. The Greeneville Police Department phone number is 423-639-7105.

Greeneville Police Department News

Financial Exploitation of the elderly is on the rise. It is often family members or a caregiver responsible. Please talk to your elderly family members and ensure all is as it should be. If you suspect Elder Abuse through Neglect, physical Abuse, or Financial Exploitation please call Adult Protective Services at 1-888-277-8366 ( 1-888-APS-TENN). Before hiring a caregiver please check the Abuse Registry for caregivers on the TN.GOv site by using the link

Please keep the injured Knoxville Police Officer in your prayers and if you see this man or his vehicle please call the local Police Department.

The Greeneville Police Department is seeking the public's assistance in identification of the below pictured male. He is a person of interest in an ongoing investigation . Anyone with information may call Detective Gina Holt at 423-783-2815, call the Tip Line at 783-2868, or private message this page. As always, any information will be kept confidential. Please share this post as he may have ties to the Washington County/ Johnson City area.

Just a reminder that this is the last week to get your application in for the Auxiliary Program. Applications can be picked up at the Police Department and returned by the end of the week.

Its time for our outstanding Warrants List. We are very appreciative of any and all information provided. Several have already been picked up thanks to the tips provided. Working together, we can ensure these individuals are held accountable for their actions. Please continue to share this post as some of the individuals may be in surrounding counties and or states trying to avoid arrest. . If you have any information about any of these individuals, DO NOT attempt to apprehend them. Contact the Greeneville Police Department at 639-7111, the Greene County Sheriffs Office at 798-1800, private message this page, or leave an anonymous tip on the Tip Line at 423-783-2868. Information will be kept confidential. The following individuals are wanted for Arrest by the GPD: 1.. Kimberly Willett W/F Forgery (Parties to the Offense) 2.. James Hall W/M Failure to Appear on Forgery 3.. Larry Mason Banks W/M Criminal Summons for Theft <$500.00 4. Melissa N. Noel W/F Failure to Appear on Aggravated Burglary 5. Billicmisha Smith B/F Theft >$1000.00- < $10,000.00 6. Kevin Taylor B/M Theft < $500.00 7. Harley Ward W/M Felony Worthless Checks > $1000.00- <$10,000.00 8. George Flevaris W/M Theft of Property 9. Victoria G Wright W/F Failure to Appear on Theft over 500 10. Warren Houser W/M Felony Worthless Checks 11. Paul Massaro W/M Violation of Sex Offender Registry

It has come to our attention this morning that a scammer is calling residents of the community and claiming to be Detective David White of the Greeneville Police Department. The caller has cloned the police department number so the call appears to be from the Police Department. The caller is soliciting money in the name of the Police Department using different reasons . The Greeneville Police Department will NEVER CALL AND SOLICIT MONEY. DETECTIVE WHITE IS NOT CALLING and SOLICITING MONEY. If you receive one of these calls please hang up. Remember the Greeneville Police Department or any employee will not call seeking money.

No child should have to feel this way........parents please talk to your children about bullying. Use this video as a teaching tool to show how the effects of being bullied harm a child. There is no winner in a situation like this as those doing the bullying are often just as depressed and hurting as the bullied and are trying to make themselves feel better by causing others to hurt. Model the behavior your want your children to show toward those that are different from them. Children are our Future! Lets give them the best we can..........Teach them to speak up when they see others being mistreated... There seems to be a lot of speculation on the authenticity of this video and the facts that surround it. Bullying is a real problem that affects many children. The Greeneville Police Department has no involvement in this situation and cannot speak for the validity of the video. However, we will not allow negative, sarcastic comments on our page that may further harm this or any victim of bullying. All such comments will be deleted.

The Greeneville Police Department is currently investigating the theft of the below pictured SUV. The 1999 Infiniti QX4 was taken from the Wash Depot on Erwin Hwy December 1st. The vehicle was last seen driving toward Tusculum. The vehicle is black with gray on the bottom trim. Anyone with information about the theft or location of this vehicle may contact Detective David White at 423-783-2834, call the Tip Line at 423-783-2868, or private message this page.

*****************************If you haven't already, please complete your application. Less than two weeks left to apply and begin your career in Law Enforcement with our Auxiliary Program !!*********************** Remember December 31st is the last day to apply for our Auxiliary Program. Pick up and return your application at the Greeneville Police Department. Requirements are posted below. This is an excellent way to begin a career in Law Enforcement.

The Greeneville Police Department wants to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! We are truly thankful for the support of our community! Be safe in your travels and enjoy the time with your friends and family!

Thank you Publix for Turkey dinner for our officers tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving Greeneville! We are thankful for our local churches that participate in Thanksgiving for Friends. Thanks to Austin Rector and Dylan Painter for delivering our food.

The Greeneville Police Department is seeking the Public's assistance in identification of the below pictured female. She is involved in an ongoing investigation. She appeared to be wearing a black sweater, black pants and possible black Nike flip flops. She appears to have reddish Brown hair and looks to be twenty to thirty years old. Anyone with information may call Detective Gina Holt at 783-2815, private message this page or call the Tip line at 783-2868. ***** Photos are the best that could be obtained from the business****.

Suspect is in custody 11/17/2017. The TBI is offering a reward up to $2,500.00 for his arrest. Please call 423-639-7112 with any leads or call the Sheriffs Department at 423-798-1800.

The Greeneville Police Department is seeking the public's assistance in the below pictured male. He is a person of interest in an ongoing investigation. He was described as being slim with some facial hair and he was wearing a yellow shirt ,jeans, dark sunglasses , and a camo hat. Anyone with information may contact Officer Gilbert at 783-2852 , private message this page , or the Tip Line at 783-2868.

SUBJECT IN CUSTODY. 11/17/2017 The Greeneville Police Department is asking for the Public's assistance in locating twenty four year old Justin Wayne Pridemore . Pridemore has an outstanding Warrant for Aggravated Sexual Battery of a Child. Anyone with information of his location may call the Greeneville Police Department at 423-639-7111 or the Greene County Sheriffs Department at 423-798-1800.

The Greeneville Police Department wishes to share the following information provided by the Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network : Veterans Crisis Line Resources for Tennessee's Veterans This Veterans Day, TSPN would thank America's men and women in uniform for their service and remind you of the mental health and crisis response resources available for veterans and active-duty soldiers. The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that roughly 20 veterans a day die by suicide across the country. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and traumatic brain injury (TBI) are both major suicide risk factors and common concerns for soldiers returning from combat deployments. However, recent studies show that many soldiers who die by suicide have never seen combat. Research shows that 43% who take their own lives do not seek help from military treatment facilities in the month before their deaths. We'd like to remind you about the availability of the Veterans Crisis Line, a service of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline-dial 1-800-273-TALK (8255), then press "1" for connection to a specially trained counselor who can provide you or the soldier in your life with crisis services, information of service available to veterans, or just someone to talk with. The Veterans Crisis Line also maintains a website featuring a self-check quiz, additional resources, and video messages from fellow soldiers. You can also send text 838255 for connection to the Veterans Crisis Line's anonymous chat service. Additionally, TSPN's website offers an extensive set of resources regarding for members of the military and their families. These include contact points for Suicide Prevention Coordinators at VA centers in Tennessee and Kentucky, as well as resource lists for active-duty military, National Guard members, and military families. TSPN encourages you to tell America's men and women how much their service means to you... and to return the favor by serving them. One way you can do this is donating to TSPN and contributing to its mission of suicide prevention and awareness for all Tennesseans, including our veterans...

Are you interested in serving your community and have an interest in Law Enforcement? If so, the Greeneville Police Department will be accepting Applications for our Auxiliary Officer Program through December 31, 2017. Applications can be picked up at the Police Department. Requirements for the program are as follows: 1. Must be 21 years of age 2. Must not have any Felony Convictions and no Misdemeanors that would be in contraindication with good Moral Character 3. Must complete an Intense Background Check 4. Must complete a Physical Exam 5. Must complete a Psychological Exam 6. Must complete a Work -Steps If hired for a position it is imperative that attendance at regular meetings/ training sessions on the first Wednesday evening of each month is met by the officer. Also, Greeneville Police Department Auxiliary Police Officer are required to attend all meeting/training sessions. The Auxiliary Police will Comply with P.O.S.T. rules and regulations. The Greeneville Police Department furnishes a Uniform and the Auxiliary Officer is responsible for his /her duty gear. .

As the weather starts turning colder we see an increase in Auto Thefts and Burglaries. Please be aware of where you park your vehicle preferably under lighting and ALWAYS ALWAYS lock the doors. Don't leave any valuables visible inside the vehicle. Don't leave the vehicle running and unattended! It might seem like you’ll only be away from the car for such a short time that it’s not worth turning the engine off – perhaps you’re just running into a store, or back into the house to pick up something you forgot. But an opportunist thief only needs a couple of seconds to enter your vehicle and be gone . The same goes if you’re de-icing your car on a cold winter morning – If you must start your vehicle on cold mornings, have a spare key and lock the doors. Keep an eye on the vehicle. Auto theft is a Crime of Opportunity. Don't make it easy for your Ride to become someone else's Ride!

The East Tennessee Region of The Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network is in search of Volunteers. If interested in helping this organization please contact Amy Dolinky by email . Please share as there maybe someone who would like to volunteer but not have access to the information.

Thanks so much to DaVita, Marcy and Penny who work there for all the great food and drinks.

Congratulations Jim!!!! We are proud of you.

The Greeneville police Department is seeking the public's assistance in identification of the below pictured male. Anyone who may have information may contact Detective Stacey Hobbs at 783-2814, call the tip line at 783-2868 or private message this page.

Please keep Officer Winstead in your thoughts and prayers. He is employed by the Jefferson City Police Department .

The Greeneville police Department is seeking the public's assistance in identification of the below pictured female. Anyone who may have information may contact Detective Stacey Hobbs at 783-2814, call the tip line at 783-2868 or private message this page.