Signal Mountain Police Department

  • Agency: Signal Mountain Police Department
  • Address: 1111 Ridgeway Ave, Signal Mountain, 37377 TN
  • Chief: Larry P Eddings (Chief of Police)

Signal Mountain Police Department is located at 1111 Ridgeway Ave, Signal Mountain, 37377 TN. The Chief of Police of the department is Larry P Eddings. The Signal Mountain Police Department phone number is 423-886-2124.

Signal Mountain Police Department News

4 Being Charged by SMPD With Getting Man's Credit Card Information; Making Almost $7,000 In Purchases Four people are being charged by SMPD officer Andy Siler with getting a man's credit card information and making almost $7,000 in purchases. Officer Siler has been working on the case since December of 2017. Richard Sanders, 42, of 197 Dandy Road, Signal Mountain, conspired with Amanda Keener, Virginia Bishop and Michael Chitwood to steal the man's credit card information. They are being charged with identity theft, identity theft trafficking, criminal impersonation, criminal conspiracy, theft over $1,000, forgery, illegal possession of a credit card and violation of the Tennessee Personal and Commercial Computer Act. Police said Sanders had been working for the individual whose credit card information was stolen. It was done by having a woman call and pose as a Dollar General clerk. The man gave her the credit card information over the phone. Police said the group began making a number of online purchases using the number. The total was $6,923.85. Ms. Keener and Ms. Bishop were identified when their phone numbers were used in conducting online transactions and an address associated with Ms. Keener was used as the shipping location for one of the orders placed online. Money was also placed into Ms. Keener's fiance's jail account at the Sequatchie County Jail using the card. Sanders was identified when the card was used online to place an order with Domino's Pizza in his name. Sanders went to the store to pick up the pizza and signed the receipt. Chitwood was identified when he placed an order through the Guitar Center. He was identified by name by store clerks who knew him from previous interactions. Chitwood also pawned one of the stolen items, it was stated. Police said the victim was forced to fill out an Identity Theft Affidavit with the IRS and take steps to reconcile all the transactions with his bank.

We were made aware of this incident this morning and had no knowledge of it prior to today. The school administration handled it internally and notified the School SRO as it happened after hours. I have been in contact with the Sheriff's Department SRO Supervisors this morning and am confident there was no threat and that no student had anything to do with a student or any threat of violence.

SMPD is hosting several of our law enforcement partners today showing our new Digital Records Management system from Omnigo. Several agencies are interested in our technology initiatives and we are proud to assist. Proud of our progress.

We are monitoring the situation and working with our law enforcement partners on this issue.

Wednesday, William and his mother stopped by to drop off Valentine's Day cookies for the SMPD Officers. Officer Siler was happy to accept them on behalf of SMPD and William was also made a Junior Officer. Thanks again William, they were delicious !

One more headlight check today. Headlights on please!

SMPD is again running a “headlight on” advisory checkpoint on Ridgeway to advise motorists to TURN YOUR HEADLIGHTS ON IN THE FOG ! Please watch for our emergency lights and don’t run over the officers in the fog.

Super heavy fog. Lights on!

We are currently running a “headlight on” advisory checkpoint on Ridgeway to advise motorists to TURN YOUR HEADLIGHTS ON IN THE FOG ! Please watch for our emergency lights and don’t run over the officers in the fog.

UPDATE: HE HAS BEEN RETURNED TO HIS OWNERS. This beautiful male husky mix (?) wandered down to the station yesterday evening from the James Blvd area. He looks like an older fellow with a collar but no tags. Attempts to scan for a chip did not show one. We're not sure why he felt the need to turn himself in, but he appears to be very sad and is regretting his decision. He would like to go home now. If you recognize him, know his owners or are his owners ... please contact us at 886-2124 between the hours of 8:00am & 4:30pm. Outside of those hours, please call 886-2123. Thanks !

Water issues have eased up at Shoal Creek and near CVS. Main problem area are I down the mountain in Chattanooga jurisdiction. Continue to use caution.

Due to the significant amount of rainfall there is a tremendous amount of water on the roadways. Please use caution when driving, specifically on the front side of the mountain. There is flooding as a result of the runoff. The roadways continue to be monitored for safety.

Three year old Sam and his grandmother stopped by the Signal Mountain Fire Department to check out the Fire Trucks and then visit with some of the Policeman. Pictured with Sam is his grandmother, Officer Knowles and Lt. Coulter. Sam's both a Jr. Firefighter and Jr. Policeman today ... go Sam !!

A letter from T.W. Francescon, Jr. regarding the S.M. Robertson Police and Fire Christmas Fund

A big thank you to Betsy for stopping by the station on a Friday afternoon to hand deliver some Valentine cookies that she made and decorated herself ! Her grandmother mentioned that they were for both the Fire and Police Department. Hummm ... I wonder whether anyone other than Officer Deane is going to get to sample them ? Thanks again Betsy !

Last evening at 7:15 p.m. SMPD officer Stephen Dean attempted to make a traffic stop on Ridgeway Avenue of a vehicle with Georgia tags that was clocked on radar at over 50 mph. The driver refused to stop until he crashed at 401 Pine Street. Two male subjects jumped from the vehicle and ran into the woods. A female identified as Celena Harris of a Back Valley Road address in Hamilton County was arrested at the scene. Inside the vehicle officers found two handguns and 14 grams of methamphetamine as well as drug paraphernalia and a small amount of marijuana. The search continued and at 8:15 the resident at 830 Carlin Street began calling for help. Sgt. Marcus Bingham was nearby and ran to the scene and found Joshua Strickenbarger on the porch and took him into custody. Strickenbarger refused to produce ID and in his front pocket Bingham found $414.00 in cash and confiscated it. He was identified at the jail via his fingerprints. At 11:00 p.m. third shift SMPD officers continued the search and Sgt. Tim Foster located the third suspect identified as Stephen White in the 1100 block of Ridgeway Avenue. White threw a meth pipe down when the officer approached. The suspects vehicle and the $414.00 were also confiscated. Charges: Strickenbarger who has a Rossville GA. address was charged with Possession of Methamphetamine for resale., Possession of a Firearm during the commission of a felony and Evading Arrest by motor vehicle. White who has a Soddy Daisy address was charged with Possession of Methamphetamine for resale, Possession of a Firearm during the commission of a felony, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Felony Evading arrest. Celena Harris was charged with Simple Possession of Meth and paraphernalia and also had an outstanding warrant through the Sheriff's office.



James Blvd. Between Hathaway and Inverness is closed temporarily to facilitate water line repair.

As posted yesterday, TDOT will be surveying on Signal Mountain Blvd between mile marker 11 and 15 northbound today from approximately 9:30am to 2:00pm. There will be workers on-site surveying as well as the use of drones. They will be impacting traffic in the right lane as you go up the mountain. PLEASE use caution as you travel this area today and be cognizant of the people doing the surveying.

Beginning tomorrow (weather permitting), there will be survey work taking place for the next couple of weeks on weekdays on U.S. 127 from Suck Creek Road to north of Palisades Drive. TDOT survey and consultant crews will be doing this work. There may be some temporary lane closures and there will also be a survey drone in the area at times. If there are closures, they will take place during non-peak hours and flaggers will assist with traffic control.

Officer Brandon Knowles chill'n with some young Cub Scouts who visited the PD Saturday morning.

Anne Cloud is shown with Police Chief Mike Williams and Fire Chief Eric Mitchell this morning after she brought over several trays of fruit, cheese and crackers for our First Responders. Thanks Anne!