Waverly Police Department

  • Agency: Waverly Police Department
  • Address: 103 E Main St, Waverly,, 37185 TN
  • Chief: W David Daniel (Chief of Police)
Phone: 931-296-4300
Fax: 931-296-3506

Waverly Police Department is located at 103 E Main St, Waverly,, 37185 TN. The Chief of Police of the department is W David Daniel. The Waverly Police Department phone number is 931-296-4300.

Waverly Police Department News

If you recognize this subject please call the Waverly Police Department at 931-296-4300 or message us on this page. He is wanted for questioning in a theft case. Thankyou

We want to send out a HUGE thank you to all of our dispatchers! These men and women play a huge part in helping to keep us safe and getting the public a quick emergency response when they call 911! Thank yall for everything you do for us!

The 10th Session of our Citizens Police Academy graduated March 26. We held a reunion for all our CPA graduates that night. The program started in 2002 and we gave everyone an update of the changes that have taken place in that time. It was a great evening with a lot of great people!

ATTENTION ALL LOCAL BUSINESSES : Please look out for any fraudulent or “fake” bills that are circulating around the City of Waverly. We have taken two reports in the last week of fake $100 bills being passed in the city. The bills say “FOR MOTION PICTURE USE ONLY” on them. Pictured below is an actual bill that was passed. Please show and talk with your employees about this. Call us with any that you encounter. Thanks

The Road Closed signs along Hwy 13 North are due to a crash in Houston County between Deep Cut Road and Hwy 231. Their 911 Center is expecting the road closure to continue most of the day. Please plan your travels to the north accordingly.

Hwy 70 is closed in front of the community college due to power lines down in the roadway. Use West Main St as a detour.

Today marks the 40th anniversary of the tank car explosion in Waverly. Please remember the lives lost and their families. Information about the tragedy is on our website below.

Please take a look at these photos and call the New Johnsonville Police Department if you can ID this person.

Week 3 of the Citizen's Police Academy was patrol week! Participants got an in depth view of what goes on for officers assigned to the patrol division . The participants ended the night with scenarios, during which they played the role of police officers and had to deal with common types of calls received by the department.

Please help reduce injuries by wearing your seatbelt!

Waverly Police Department 02/01/2018 THE WAVERLY POLICE DEPARTMENT ANNOUNCES SAFE CAMPAIGN PARTICIPATION The Waverly Police Department is partnering with the Tennessee Highway Safety Office (THSO) for its fifth annual Seatbelts Are For Everyone (SAFE) campaign. This statewide initiative is designed to increase seatbelt usage and child passenger safety restraint usage through the implementation of occupant-protection programs, public events, and checkpoints throughout local communities across Tennessee. The SAFE campaign begins February 1, 2018, and concludes August 1, 2018. “We regularly see the difference wearing seat belts can make in preventing injuries. We encourage everyone to buckle up and use proper child restraint seats when driving or riding in a vehicle,” said Waverly Police Chief Grant Gillespie. 2018 will be the fifth year that the THSO has sponsored the SAFE campaign. Last year yielded the following results: • 1,480 child restraint violations • 16,571 seat belt citations • 835 other seat belt enforcement activities “In 2016, Tennessee’s average seatbelt usage rate was 88.95 percent,” said THSO Director Vic Donoho. “Last year, the state’s usage rate decreased to 88.51 percent. Our goal this year is to achieve 100 percent seatbelt usage across Tennessee through the SAFE campaign and other occupant-protection initiatives.” In Tennessee, a disproportionate percentage of unrestrained fatalities tend to occur between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 5:59 a.m. Historically, approximately fifty percent of Tennessee’s traffic fatalities are unbelted. That percentage increases to nearly sixty when nighttime crashes are examined. Therefore, participating agencies will focus special attention toward nighttime seatbelt enforcement during the SAFE campaign this year. For more information about the THSO, please visit www.tntrafficsafety.org.

Officer David Ross and K9 Crockett made a trip to the Waverly Elementary School last week. Third grade students had read a story about a K9 officer and his dog and asked to see Crockett perform some of the tasks they read about. They were able to see Officer Ross speak German to Crockett, use hand signals to give Crockett commands, and they were able to see how Crockett is used to help officers find illegal drugs.

Class 10 of the Waverly PD Citizens Police Academy is underway! During week one the participants got to tour the facility, meet several officers, and got an overview of the operations of the department. During week two the class participated in discussions on state law, the different aspects of the court system, and an in depth overview of use of force in law enforcement.

We have an ATV for sale on govdeals.com. Click the link below for details. See Captain Larry Lescure if you want to inspect it. Runs good..Low hours.

Snowpocalypse 2018 continues! Be careful and drive slow if you have to get out. The roads are covered and very slick again. Salt trucks are already out trying to work on the roads but the salt takes time to melt the snow. This is a picture of the current conditions on Main St.

Bakerville Road 1/14/2018 at 12pm

Bakerville Road off of West Main Street is solid ice. Please avoid this route. It is not closed yet, but very slick.

Clydeton Road is closed at the Waverly Animal Clinic. The hill is solid ice and there is an accident blocking all lanes. Do not attempt to go up or down it.

Roads are still very slick!!

The Waverly Street Department and TDOT are out working hard, but the snow continues to cover up their progress. This is HWY 70 near Powers at 3pm. If you have to get out please drive very slow, give yourself plenty of room between your vehicle and someone else's, use your brakes early, and signal your intention to turn plenty ahead of time.

Highway 13 south

Highway 70 near Powers intersection

Main Street at Court Square. It’s all ice

All roads are getting slick. Some streets don’t look slick, but I will tell you there is black ice everywhere!! Please stay home unless you have to get out. The Road crews will be out doing what they can. Take your time and be patient with other drivers. We will try and update you as we can.