White Pine Police Department

  • Agency: White Pine Police Department
  • Address: 1548 Main St, White Pine, 37890 TN
  • Chief: Charlie Epps (Chief of Police)
Phone: 865-674-2555

White Pine Police Department is located at 1548 Main St, White Pine, 37890 TN. The Chief of Police of the department is Charlie Epps. The White Pine Police Department phone number is 865-674-2555.

White Pine Police Department News

Great job! These fine young people should be an example to everyone of what being a good citizen is all about.


Please keep Sgt Scott Winstead in your thoughts and prayers as well as his family and the Jefferson City Police Department. Scott was involved in a crash last night and was flown to UT Medical center where he has undergone surgery today.

Drive carefully around Roy Messer and Valley Home Road area. Part of the new road is opened up and the traffic pattern has changed.

From the Chief: The White Pine area and other areas including Jefferson City and Dandridge have had a string of car burglaries lately. All the police depts. are working together to try and find whomever is responsible. We have to do this together and what I mean by that is if you see something suspicious in your neighborhood, an unknown car or someone walking through the neighborhood that you are not familiar with PLEASE CALL AND REPORT IT. These thefts have occurred between the hours of 11:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. If you have anything valuable please take it inside and lock your car doors (most of these have happened to unlocked vehicles) and DO NOT LEAVE YOUR FIREARMS IN YOUR VEHICLE (10 guns have been reported so far) also record your serial numbers to your property and take a picture if all possible. Please don't think that you are a burden if you call, we want you to call and report it. Look out for yours and your neighbors property and again if it doesn't look right please call and report it. The police dept. is only as good as the people we serve so let's team up, keep our eyes on anything suspicious and please report!!! Together we will find whomever is responsible. Thank you, Chad

CRIME WATCH!! On Monday night 7/31 through Tuesday morning 8/1 we have had two reported car burglaries with items taken from the vehicles in the area of Guy St. If you live in the area please check your property and make sure you don't have anything missing. Also if you have seen anything suspicious please report it to the police dept.

SCAM ALERT: Several White Pine citizens have received phones calls from unknown people claiming to know family members like a grandson or granddaughter claiming to know them and that they are in jail and are needing bond money to get out. The last one was from a small kid crying on the phone calling and giving the person instructions to send $8,500.00 to Oregon Ohio which the victim did and they called back asking for more money. We have had several fall for this, first call and speak to the person they are calling about then call the police dept. if you receive a call like this. PLEASE DO NOT SEND MONEY THIS IS A SCAM!!

Officer Buckner using the kiosk in the foyer of the police Dept. renewing his tags. Thanks to county clerk Frank C. Herndon, Jefferson County Clerk and the rest of the staff at the clerks office.

The White Pine Police Department sends its deepest condolences to the family of Officer Ben Hedrick and his family at the Sevierville Police Department. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

5K Benefit Walk/Run for JCSO Deputy Trevor Jones June 24, 2017 at 9AM at the Optimus in Jefferson City Please come out and support Trevor and his family. Most importantly, please pray for them.

UPDATE ON VANDALISM ON 5/21/17: On Monday, May 30, 2017, two juveniles have been charged with two counts of vandalism.

CRIME WATCH!! On Sunday morning 5/21/17 at approximately 6:30 a.m. unknown person(s) did vandalize a vehicle and two windows in two separate homes on Guy St. by throwing river rocks through them. Anyone with information on this please contact the police dept.

The Police Dept. is currently working several vehicle break-ins at the Knightwind Subdivision that occurred during the overnight hours Wednesday into Thursday morning. We are asking the community for your help and the police chief is offering a $500.00 reward from his own pocket with information leading to the person(s) responsible for this. All information received will remain anonymous.

WEATHER UPDATE!! The line of strong to severe storms will be approaching our area shortly. They seem to be staying in form and have the potential to stay severe. We will update as the storms get closer, let's remain hopeful this cool air will lower our chances.

We know everyone hopefully will be keeping an eye on the weather today. We are looking at around 11:00 - 1:00 P.M. when this system sweeps through our area. Franklin, Tn has already seen a possible tornado from this event this morning so please take this SERIOUS!! If we are under a tornado warning only the weather siren will be activated. We are not sure what the school system is going to do, however this system will be occurring when school is in session. In case the school system does not let out we will have extra resources available. We will update throughout the day.