Halls Police Department

  • Agency: Halls Police Department
  • Address: 102 S. Front St.102 S. Front St., Halls, 38040 TN
  • Chief: Rod Ward (Chief of Police)
Phone: 731-836-1016
Fax: 731-836-0098

Halls Police Department is located at 102 S. Front St.102 S. Front St., Halls, 38040 TN. The Chief of Police of the department is Rod Ward. The Halls Police Department phone number is 731-836-1016.

Halls Police Department News

Halloween will be observed on Tuesday October 31 from 5pm-9pm within the city limits of Halls. Please be mindful that Halloween night in Halls is a very busy night for our little trick or treaters. Halls Police Department is aware of this and will have extra patrol in our busiest parts of town. Parents please be mindful of where your children are at all times and let us all have a safe, fun, and Happy Halloween.🎃

Officer Tate doing a great job with community oriented policing. He had a great time showing off his patrol unit to Ms. Taylors students today. All the students enjoyed seeing the inside of the patrol unit and all the equipment that police officers use to conduct their daily duties. Officer Tate came in on his day off to make a difference in our community. He even provided the students with several nice gifts from the Halls Police Department. Thank You Officer Tate for your commitment to this department and this community. I know the students loved it. Chief Dustin A. White

The members of the Halls Police Department would like to extend our sincere thoughts and prayers to the family of Mrs. Yvonne Tyus and Mr. James Tyus. Mrs. Yvonne was like a second Mother to many of my generation of kids who came through Halls Jr. High School. I know I loved her like family and will miss her deeply. Even when I stopped by to check on her from time to time, she might not have been feeling that great but you would have never known it. She always knew how to lift everyone's spirits and would make sure you walked a straight line at the same time. I know she will be truly missed by many in this community. She has impacted so many lives and many she probably never knew about. She did it all for the love of the kids and the community. Thank you Mrs. Yvonne, we Love you and you will be deeply missed. Chief Dustin A. White

Our calendars come in today. I want to apologize to all who have sponsored the calendar this year and the previous few years. The company was waiting on me to send in a picture, so they could get them printed. We have had issues the past few years with the previous companies going out of business. I have talked to and searched for local businesses that do the calendar project and would help us give back to our community. I really like this company and they are from West TN, and will be helping me give back to our community and young children. Once again I apologize for the tardiness of getting them to you, I wanted to make sure I make a good choice for our sponsors. Thank You for your continued support. Thank You Community Partners Group. Chief Dustin A. White

The Thin Blue Line is a brotherhood that never goes away even when some brothers are no longer physically with us they become our guardian angels. We love and miss you 702!!!

Tonight at 7:02 p.m. it will have been 365 days since you checked out of service for the last time at the Halls Police Department. So much has changed in the past year that I know you would be so proud of. You are still the main topic of so many of our daily conversations. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about you. I know how many lives you have touched in The Town of Halls and in the Law Enforcement community. You are still the driving force of this Police Department and you still lead us from above. Tonight your family at The Halls Police Department will honor you as we will run our blue lights through town at 7:02 p.m. We love you and miss you dearly Assistant Chief (Retired) Ralph Newman!!! Chief Dustin A. White

First I would like to thank all the officers of the Halls Police Department who will be working this Christmas weekend to protect The Town of Halls. I can't express enough how much you mean to me and this town. Second I would like to thank all men and women in Law Enforcement, Firemen, EMT'S, and Nurses, who will spend time away from their families to help others over the Christmas weekend. I thank you all for your selfless service. Third I would like to wish all the citizens of the Town of Halls a Very Merry Christmas. I hope everyone stays safe and enjoy the time they get to spend with their families. I am also thinking about all those loved ones who have been taken from everyone this past year, you are all in my thoughts and prayers. Merry Christmas, Chief Dustin A. White

Today the Halls Police Department was able to deliver 5 Christmas food bags out to members of our community who we thought could use a little help through the holidays. These bags were a small part of a large number of bags given throughout Lauderdale County thanks to Ramon Foster and his family. On behalf of the Halls Police Department I would like to send my sincere gratitude to Mr Foster and his family for giving back to his community and surrounding areas. Thank you Mr. Foster and the men and women of the Halls Police Department wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!!! Chief Dustin A. White

As part of the THSO (Tennessee Highway Safety Office) Holiday Traffic campaign that runs through December 15 2016 to January 1 2017, the Halls Police Department will be out enforcing traffic violations focused primarily on seat belts, child restraints, distracted driving, and DUI's. It is the mission of the Halls Police Department to keep the citizens of The Town of Halls safe and we want to assist the THSO in the campaigns they run throughout the year. These campaigns run throughout the state of Tennessee, so keep this in mind as you travel for the Holidays. The Halls Police Departments goal is for everyone to have a Happy and Safe Christmas and New Year!!! Chief Dustin A. White

The roads in the city limits of Halls are not bad, a few icy spots and small debris from the wind. I would drive carefully and watch your bridges and overpasses. It will remain very cold today so please be sure to check on your neighbors. I hope everyone stays warm and has a good Sunday. Just wanted to update that some of the rural roads outside the city limits do still have ice on them, so please be safe while traveling this morning. Chief Dustin A. White

The Halls Police Department would like to wish everyone a SAFE and HAPPY THANKSGIVING. If you are traveling please be safe, if you like to attend a party please be responsible. Look out for your neighbors and friends. If you need us please call 731-635-1311 to have a Halls Police Officer dispatched to where they are needed, as our office will be closed for the holiday. Once again I wish you and your families and Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!!! Chief Dustin A. White

There was a bad fire last night at Gates apartments that displaced 11 families. Sheriff Sanders provided me with a list of clothing sizes of the victims, several who have small children. I will have information at the Halls Police Department, and I will also provide the list to Halls City Hall. I believe you can also contact the Lauderdale County Sheriffs Office or Gates City Hall if you would like to make donations of any kind. Thanks, Chief Dustin A. White

The Halls Police Department would like to wish all of our Veterans a Happy Veterans Day. I take pride in employing four Veterans at the Halls Police Department. For those past and present, we say Thank You to you and your families for the sacrifices that all of you made for our freedoms!!! Chief Dustin A. White

Annual Think Pink event for Breast Cancer at Halls First Baptist Church. Come out and listen to the survivor stories. Show your support for all of our community members suffering from this disease. Chief Dustin A. White

The Halls Police Department will be conducting saturation's in accordance with the Tennessee Highway Safety Office on Friday October 21st and Saturday October 22nd. Officers will be focusing on Seat belts, Distracted Driving, and DUI's. Our mission along with the Tennessee Highway Safety Office is to keep the roadways in Halls safe for all of our citizens. We wish everyone a happy and safe weekend. Chief Dustin A. White

The Town of Halls will have Trick or Treating for Halloween on Monday October 31st. The hours for Trick or Treating will be from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The Halls Police Department will be out making sure everyone has a safe and good time. We encourage our citizens to please be cautious and patient during this time to ensure everyone has a safe night. When you see the Officers please say hello to them and receive your treat from The Halls Police Department. Chief Dustin A. White

During the overnight hours, we had a couple of businesses attempted to be burglarized. The suspects were dressed in dark clothes with hoodies,and one had on a white mask. Neither business was successfully burglarized, however this time of year we see these types of crimes rise. We are collecting video surveillance footage and the investigation is undergoing. If you notice anything suspicious call our dispatch at 731-635-1311 to get a Halls Police Officer to the area. We strongly need the help of the citizens to notice suspicious activity and report it. Thanks, Chief Dustin A. White

Had a great time visiting with the Kindergarten students from Halls Elementary School this morning while on their fall walk.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to our brothers and sisters at the TBI. Chief Dustin A. White

I just wanted to let everyone know that thanks to the hard work of the Officers of Halls Police Department, we have one suspect in custody at this time on all of the burglaries that occurred overnight. We are working to recover the property at this time. I encourage anyone who has had their vehicle gone through to contact the Halls Police Department. I know of several who have not reported to us yet. Thanks, Chief Dustin A. White

We have received several reports this morning of vehicles being broke into all over town during the overnight hours. If you have noticed that you are a victim please call dispatch to file a report so that the officers can get all the information. We will be working to investigate these crimes and I urge anyone with any information to contact the Halls Police Department. Chief Dustin A. White

May is motorcycle awareness month and we have a lot of motorcycle riders in Lauderdale County. Let's help keep them safe all summer long. Chief Dustin A. White

Happy Administrators Professionals Day to Chasity Street at the Halls Police Department who goes above and beyond to help keep things moving for our Department and community. Also thanks to Tammy Lewis and Gina Bridges at City Hall who also go above and beyond behind the scenes to keep the Halls Police Department functioning. I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you ladies do. Without you we would not survive. Chief Dustin A. White

I wanted to give everyone in our community or traveling through our community a heads up. Over the last few months we have been conducting surveys on traffic offenses that occur on our roadways in town. Beginning this Friday the Halls Police Department will be taking a very proactive approach to address the traffic violations that occur on our roadways. Emphasis will be on distracted drivers, seat belts, child restraints, and speeding. Our mission is to insure the roadways in town are safe for motorist and pedestrians. I ask that as motorist you insure that you help pay attention to your driving habits and help these preventable violations. Chief Dustin A. White