Adamsville Police Department

  • Agency: Adamsville Police Department
  • Address: 231 E Main St, Adamsville, 38310 TN
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: 731-632-3094

Adamsville Police Department is located at 231 E Main St, Adamsville, 38310 TN. The Adamsville Police Department phone number is 731-632-3094.

Adamsville Police Department News

EDIT: After further investigation, it was determined there wasn't a credible threat against the child at AES. AES did an excellent job of following their protocols with the information given. We take all threats serious and in this case we are thankful it resulted in a false call. This morning, Adamsville Police Department received a threat against a child at Adamsville Elementary School. This threat was supposedly made by the child's parent. No names are being released at this time due to the ongoing criminal matter. The subject in question has been taken to McNairy County Jail and charges are pending. McNairy 911 received a secondary call from this subject which gave Deputies a location to search. They found the subject and they were taken into custody without incident. The lockdown has been lifted from AES and school is back in session.

Adamsville Police Department conducted a seatbelt survey at the corner of Old Stage Rd. and Baptist St. on 02/27/2018 between the hours of 2:30p - 3:30p. Results show a decrease in seatbelt usage from previous years. This years preliminary results show 79% usage, down from 81-83% in the years past. We will conduct another survey between May and June. We encourage everyone to buckle up, especially the children!

Around 2:30pm this afternoon, agents with Adamsville PD were called to a possible meth lab in Bell Park Apartments. The scene was secured and agents from McNairy County Sheriff’s Office arrived to assist. Once it was established that this item was in fact a lab, the TN Meth & Pharmaceutical Task Force was contacted for disposal. At approximately 6:30pm, the items were disposed of and Townhouses A and B are now quarantined until further notice. Great work by all involved!

SRO meeting at The Marty in Adamsville.

I’d like to encourage everyone to like and share this page. This is an important issue that is gaining a lot of movement.

Adamsville Police Department is currently accepting applications for a full-time POST certified Police Officer. Interested applicants should apply in person at Adamsville City Hall, Monday through Friday between the hours of 8am to 5pm. Please include an updated resume with your application. Applicants must be able to pass an oral interview, background investigation, psychological and physical examination along with a drug screen. Applications will be accepted through March 5, 2018.

Adamsville Police Department would like to wish Savannah PD Captain Terry Hosea a very happy retirement. Terry, thanks for your service to the City of Savannah over the years. May your legacy inspire younger officers to work as hard as you have. Enjoy the next 40!

We would like to take this time to unveil our new line of patrol vehicles. These are 2017 Ford Explorers, or in the Police world, Ford Interceptor Utility. These vehicles were provided to us through proceeds from our LESO military program. This program allowed us to purchase these vehicles, as well as pay off the other patrol cars, with very minimal tax payer money. (Shipping costs and transport fees on LESO items were the majority of costs paid by the city) We are always working to provide improved services without putting the bill on our citizens.

Adamsville Police Department supports JANMAN! Keep fighting little buddy! We have your back!

Miss Tennessee singing at the 2017/2018 AES Dare Graduation

Christmas in the Park

Know this car? This vehicle was involved in a high-speed pursuit over the weekend. This “daredevil” reached speeds over 120mph through Leapwood and forced several vehicles off the roadway. Any help would be appreciated. May have a specialty plate that’s not the common TN style.

We want to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy time with family and friends, but remember to do it in a safe manner. We give a special thanks to those that are working today. May you all be blessed with an easy shift.

If you have had a bicycle recently stolen from the Boone St. area, please message us and describe the bike in detail. We have recovered one tonight that was stolen on today’s date, 11/22/2017.

Attached is a video from Homeland Security in what to do during an active shooter situation. It has some very good information and only requires 3 steps. Run, Hide or Fight! I encourage everyone to watch this video and if your organization needs assistance in developing a plan feel free to contact our department. Savannah Police Department also has the ability to teach classes regarding active shooter situations. Give us a call if you need assistance! Remember, if there is an emergency, call 911 immediately!