Clarksville Police Department

  • Agency: Clarksville Police Department
  • Address: 135 Commerce St, Clarksville, 37040 TN
  • Chief: Mark Smith (Chief of Police)
Phone: 931-648-0656

Clarksville Police Department is located at 135 Commerce St, Clarksville, 37040 TN. The Chief of Police of the department is Mark Smith. The Clarksville Police Department phone number is 931-648-0656.

Clarksville Police Department News

Three Clarksville Police Department Officers Receive Lifesaving Award CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – On January 19, 2018, Chief Ansley recognized three officers for their actions during emergency situations, presenting each with a Lifesaving Award. The Lifesaving award is given to officers whose direct actions saves or extends the life of another person. The officers receiving the awards were Sgt Johnny Ferguson, Officer Michael Blackwell, and Officer Brandan Hendricks. The awards were present for the following actions: On Nov 28, 2017, Officer Hendricks responded to a call of a suicidal male on Poppy Drive. When he arrived on scene, he located a male in the backyard who was unresponsive. He determined the man was not breathing and began CPR. The individual began gasping for air and eventually regained consciousness. An EMS supervisor stated that Officer Hendricks actions were vital in resuscitating the unresponsive man. On Dec 9, 2017, Officer Michael Blackwell responded to a medical emergency call on Hayden Drive. A 13 year old had called 911 and said her grandmother was unresponsive. When Officer Blackwell arrived on scene, he retrieved his AED, and began CPR while the AED initialized. Officer Blackwell’s quick thinking and actions were directly responsible for the woman surviving the cardiac incident. The woman was transported to Nashville in stable condition and additional medical care. On Dec 10, 2017, Sgt Ferguson responded to a medical emergency call on Madison Street. A 30 year old male was not breathing and CPR was in progress. When Sgt Ferguson arrived, he assessed the situation and determined CPR was not being properly administered. He took over and performed chest compressions for approximately eight minutes. Additionally, a dose of Narcan was provided to the man. The combination of these actions were responsible for the resuscitating the man. EMS attributed the individual’s survival to Sgt Ferguson’s actions. This is Sgt Ferguson’s 2nd Lifesaving Award.

Police are trying to identify a woman who withdrew over $8,000 from a bank account which did not belong to her. On 1/5/18, a woman, identifying herself as BRENDA MOLINET entered a Clarksville bank and requested bank statements for her accounts. The teller requested an ID and was provided a Florida driver's license with the name and driver's license number specified on the bank accounts. The woman claimed to be in town for a funeral. She, then, withdrew over $8,000 from "her" bank accounts. On Jan 8, 2018, the Clarksville bank received a notification from a Miami-Dade bank branch, that a Brenda Molinet was in their branch disputing the withdrawal on her account. Anyone with information can contact Detective Jobe, 931-648-0656, ext 5269, TIPSLINE, 931-645-8477 , or go online and submit a tip anonymously at

You all probably see on a lot of the press releases we put out about using the TIPSLINE, 931-645-8477 , or go online and submit a tip anonymously at to provide information on cases. But, you don't often hear much about the results. But, the TIPSLINE can be an invaluable source of information. It became readily evident when a TIP came in over the weekend which helped detectives move forward in a homicide investigation resulting in the arrest of two people. We rarely put anything out about the usefulness and value of CRIMESTOPPERS TIPS, but the information can be sent in anonymously and is another crime fighting tool citizens can use to assist law enforcement. Thank you.

Trenton and Needmore Rd seem to be improving, but there is still a lot of slush on the roads which doesn't help traction. In some areas we're starting to be able to see some of the actual roadway

The latest from our traffic folks. Needmore is treacherous on the hill in the area of the race track. Trenton Rd continues to be problematic, but it is better than earlier. The roads, for the most part, are passable, but it is still slow going. The roads crews are working hard and trying to catch up on the problem areas while there is a break in the snow action. Keep an eye on the temps. If there is a sudden drop, the melted surfaces can easily become a sheet of ice.

Drivers Beware!!! Trenton Rd continues to be a trouble spot with icy conditions near on the hill near Spring Creek. If you know of an alternate path, please take it.

DRVIVER INFO!!! Drive for road conditions. Based on info just provided by patrol officers, the road conditions range from icy to passable. The road crews have been hitting it hard all night, but in some places they haven't made a dent. It seems as though Ft Campbell Blvd and Tiny Town Rd and the north side of town in general has some fairly slick conditions in general. Trention Rd and Needmore continue to be problematic. Wilma Rudolph is driveable but caution is the word of the day. So far Boot Hill (North second street) is driveable. Based on my own experience coming in this morning, around 5 a.m., many of the roads are decent enough, but you have to adjust your speed and not try to hit the normal speeds for dry roads. Also, braking can be tricky. After doing some testing of the grip, there isn't much if you have to stop suddenly. For those that like to be up on someone's bumper, today is not the day. Make sure you leave at least 3 to 4 seconds, if not more, gap from the car ahead of you. You'll need at least that for braking purposes. It's too difficult to give road by road conditions, but suffice it to say, its snowing with some icy conditions so adjust your driving accordingly. Be careful out there. We have not had a high volume of crashes, but people are just waking up and heading out on the roadways, so let's hope we can keep the crashes to a minimum through defensive driving.

DRIVERS BEWARE!!!! We are getting some reports that Trenton Rd is getting icy and slick and that Ft Campbell side of town is already having some icy conditions in numerous locations. As the snow continues to come down, road conditions will undoubtedly get worse before they get better. Please be careful out there!!!!

We'd like to thank all of you who are out there helping stranded motorists and those in need. We have such a great community with such giving people. We tried to get to everyone in a timely manner and even with all the manpower out there going from call to call, there was an overwhelming number of folks needing assistance. But, we know there were people out there helping other people and who could not ask more from a community. We know we can't recognize each and every one of you, but please know how much we appreciate your assistance.

Ring gold Road is now open



Drivers Beware!!!!! Boot Hill is shut down at this time due to treacherous weather conditions and it has turned in to a parking lot for Vehicles. The state has been notified. If you don’t need to be out, please stay home.

Police continue to track down leads in the robbery of an 81 year old Clarksville woman on Dec 16. CPD just obtained photos from a Rivergate Mall store where the woman's credit card was used on Dec 16. There was over a $1,000 spent in the store. In one photo, the man who actually robbed the woman is caught on camera (dec16suspect). But, it appears there is another man (dec16suspect2) who is accompanying the robbery suspect in the store. We are asking for the public's assistance to try and identify both men. Anyone with information can contact Detective Pew, 931-648-0656. ext 5365 TIPSLINE, 931-645-8477 or go online and submit a tip anonymously at

This is the dashcam video from the house fire rescue

Clarksville Police Officers Rescue Man From House Fire at 834 Stafford Street CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – When officers from Clarksville Police Department came to work this frigid morning, little did they realize they would be called into action to save a man’s life. On 1/6/18, around 6:15 a.m., 911 received a call about a residential fire at 834 Stafford Street. The caller was not sure whether anyone was in the residence or not, but did know someone lived there. Officers were already on the way to the call due to the rapid notification afforded by the recently installed Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system in CPD’s police cars. Officer Darren Koski arrived first in scene in less than one and half minutes. Based on the presence of vehicles outside of the residence and witness information officers believed`, most likely, someone was inside of the residence. Multiple officers arrived on scene and pounded on doors and windows to try and awake any occupant (s) inside. There was no response from inside of the house but, a smoke alarm could be heard wailing from inside. Officers made a decision to make entry into the residence to look for anyone inside. Officers Koski and Freeman kicked in the front door. In the meantime other officers continue to try to establish contact with anyone who might be inside. Officer Darren Koski, Officer Craig Gipson, and Sgt Dave Bramel quickly made a decision to enter the burning residence and developed a methodical plan for entry, without concern their own wellbeing. Officer Koski was first in the house, with Officer Gipson behind him, and Sgt Bramel was at the opening of the exterior doorway. They all were low to the ground and remained in contact with each other by holding onto each other’s ankles, crawling inside of the burning house. By now there was almost zero visibility due to the heavy smoke inside. The officers kept calling so anyone inside could hear them. Officers could see the fire to their left beginning to move up the wall across the ceiling. The room was filled with smoke that came down to about 6 inches from the floor and visibility was almost zero. Officers finally heard a voice from the back of the house and they began yelling for the man, later identified as Ben Gregg, 30, to come to them. He told them he couldn’t see, so they yelled for him to get on the ground and crawl toward their flashlights. Gregg finally appeared on his hands and knees, but was very disoriented. Officers were able to grab onto and pull him out the front door to safety. Within seconds after rescuing Gregg and getting out of the house, there was an explosion and the house was fully engulfed by fire. After everyone was safely outside, Ben Gregg told officers he slept heavily and keeps a towel at the base of the bedroom door to keep out any light. He had no idea the house was on fire and did not awaken until he heard some sort of crashing sound (most likely when officers kicked in the door). He said there was no smoke in the room, but when he opened the door he could not see more than an inch in front of him due to the thickness of the smoke. He heard officers yelling and heard banging from both directions of the house, but was totally disoriented in his own house and was not sure what direction to go until he heard the officers calling him and telling him to come toward the light. Officer Koski and Gipson had some smoke inhalation, but were uninjured. Ben Gregg was unharmed. Clarksville Fire Rescue quickly responded and extinguished the blaze, but the house is considered a total loss. Clarksville Fire rescue remained on scene for hours putting out “hot spots”. The cause of the fire is still being determined. Ben Gregg shared that if it had not been for the officers, he would not have known the house was on fire and most likely would have died.

Police are asking for assistance identifying burglary suspects. On 12/31/17 around 4:45 a.m, two men broke into Pro Vapor on Tiny Town Rd while the business was closed. They took an undisclosed amount of money from the business. The one man is shown on video while inside of the business. We're aware that he is covered, but someone may recognize something about the individual which may help us identify him. Anyone with information can contact Detective Neagos, 931-648-0656, ext 5537, TIPSLINE, 931-645-8477, or go online and submit a tip anonymously at

Daters Beware-Man Who Went Fishing Got Hooked - A man met a girl though the Plenty of Fish dating site and invited her to his residence. He told the woman that he would leave the door unlocked so she could come in, since he was in the shower. She came in the residence and he told her he would be right out. When he came out, the woman was already gone. Shortly after that, he realized that he was missing a bottle which had cash and change in it, approximately $350.

MISSING PERSON: Shon Allen McAleer, a 49-year-old white male, has not been seen or heard from by family since late 2016. He stands 6 feet tall and weighs 250 pounds. He is believed to be homeless. If any contact is made with McAleer, please contact Detective Tanner Pew with the Clarksville Police Department at 931-648-0656 ext. 5365

On 12/24/17, CPD officers responded to an Aggravated Burglary at Bob White Dr. The family came home on Christmas eve to find their back door kicked in and, among other items, all of the Christmas presents were stolen from under the tree. The children were devastated. The officers worked the burglary and when they cleared it they decided that they weren't going to allow these kids to have a miserable Christmas. The officers took up a collection then went to Wal-Mart and put the money to good use. They wrapped all the presents and took them back to the Bob White residence. The officers turned around a bad situation and made some chidren's Christmas day bright.

On Thursday, December 21, 2017, eight officers from the Clarksville Police Department graduated from 12 weeks of training at the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy (TLETA). Clarksville Police Department is known for hiring quality officers who often excel and are recognized at the Police Academy for their accomplishments. Officer Ian Yang was selected as Class President and received the Casey-Fowler-Williamson Leadership Award. Officer Victoria Medina achieved the honor of having the highest academic score for the academy class. Additionally seven of the officers were selected to assume leadership roles as squad leaders. We want to congratulate all eight officers on successfully graduating the academy. They will now embark on a 14 week field training program with veteran Field Training Officers to build on the basic law enforcement skills imparted to them at the academy. After successful completion offficers will be assigned to a unit within the Clarksville Police Department. Photo (L-R) Front Row - Michael Taylor, Victoria Medina (Top Academic Award), Ian Yang (Class President and Leadership Award), Tess Halford, Christian Canales Back Row - Steven Cash, Robert Dill, Benjamin Goble

WARMING SHELTER OPEN TONIGHT. The New Providence Methodist Church, 1317 Ft Campbell BLvd, will have their warming shelter open tonight if someone needs that service. They will be open from 4pm to 8am and open every night it is below 32 degrees. We were asked to put out the info and do not have additional info. Contact the church for additional details.

What a great and joyous day for Bob--retirement. But, he will be missed. Bob always had a smile and was always willing to lend a hand. By the amount of people in the room, it was evident that Bob was an integral part of CPD. He gave 28 years to the department and now starts a new chapter in his life, whatever that may be. We'll miss "Precinct Bob", but he'll always be part of the CPD family.