Oliver Springs Police Department

  • Agency: Oliver Springs Police Department
  • Address: 701 Main Street, Oliver Springs, 37840 TN
  • Chief: Kenneth R Morgan (Chief of Police)
Phone: (865) 435-7777
Fax: (865) 435-7778

Oliver Springs Police Department is located at 701 Main Street, Oliver Springs, 37840 TN. The Chief of Police of the department is Kenneth R Morgan. The Oliver Springs Police Department phone number is (865) 435-7777.

Oliver Springs Police Department News

I am lost. Found in the Norwood Area. Currently at the Oliver Springs Police Department.

New Auction!

New Auction!

New auctions for us online!

If you know where this dog belongs, please call the Oliver Springs Police Department. Found in the Midway Drive area.

Valentines sweets dropped off for Scott Carroll and officers by two sweet girls Hayden and Saylor Stiltner.

The water level is slowly going back down. However they are still very dangerous.

One hour later and still no improvement. Keep a good watch for water while driving.

Midway Drive

Waters are still rising. Please be careful and keep looking for high water while driving. It has made it up onto East Tri County Blvd and more rain coming in around 1:00 pm.

Arrowhead Park is closed.

Please use caution while driving in Oliver Springs. Several secondary roads are closed such as Airport Road, Midway Drive, Strutt Street, and Bennett Road. Other roads have debris and standing water, so please be careful.

Main red light at Knoxville Highway in Town is out. Please use this as a four way stop. It is being worked on as we speak.

The Oliver Springs Police Department is currently accepting applications for Certified Police Officer until February 12, 2018. Click the link below to apply online, or come by the Oliver Springs Police Department and fill out an application in person. Thank You! http://www.oliversprings-tn.gov/FormCenter/Police-Department-Application-8/Police-Department-Application-42

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