Portland Police Department

  • Agency: Portland Police Department
  • Address: 433 N Broadway, Portland, 37148 TN
  • Chief: Robert A West (Chief of Police)
Phone: (615) 325-3434

Portland Police Department is located at 433 N Broadway, Portland, 37148 TN. The Chief of Police of the department is Robert A West. The Portland Police Department phone number is (615) 325-3434.

Portland Police Department News

Update: CSX will be closing Freedom Drive, Main St. and Market St. tonight and they will be closed until Monday April 23rd.

UPDATE: THE JUVENILE HAS BEEN LOCATED Please be on the lookout for this runaway juvenile, from the Portland area. Contact the Sumner County Sheriff's Office, or your local law enforcement agency, with any information.

Chief Anthony W. Heavner Update: Muoc Rut is in custody!! Press Release 3/10/2018 On Friday 3/09/2018 Officers were dispatched to Tristar Portland Emergency Room with the report of a juvenile male with a gunshot wound to the hand. Upon arrival the victim told officers that he met up with several subjects at Meadowbrook Park and got into their vehicle which has been described as a Black Tahoe with aftermarket rims. The victim stated that while in the back seat of the Tahoe with a black male an argument ensued and he attempted to exit the vehicle, at which point he was shot in the hand. The victim ran from the vehicle and was transported to the emergency room by three (3) other juveniles who were also witnesses. The victim was able to identify one of the other occupants of the Tahoe and he was located and taken into custody. Detectives did respond to the scene and as a result of their investigation have issued warrants on the alleged shooter. We have are currently looking for and have issued warrants for aggravated assault on; Muoc Rut, B/M 18 years of age with a last known address in Portland. He is currently at large and any persons with information are requested to contact 615-451-3838 with information as to Rut’s whereabouts. Anthony W. Heavner Chief of Police (615) 325-2061

Arrest Warrant Scam occurred in Franklin Tennessee and the caller stated they were an officer with PPD. This is a SCAM! As a reminder, if you receive a phone call or email from someone claiming to be an officer from the Portland Police Department saying they had a warrant for your arrest, verify whom you're speaking with. The callers, manipulating caller ID to make the number appear to come from the local Police Department or jail, tell potential victims they have an outstanding warrant for an unpaid debt, missed jury duty or some minor infraction and that a fine is due. The callers then convince people to make the payments by wiring it through Western Union MoneyGram or buying a prepaid credit card (like Green Dot) and registering it online. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), is warning consumers to be on the alert for scam artists posing as police. There are variations of this scam in which the caller tells the victim that there are outstanding warrants for the victim's arrest. The caller claims that the basis of the warrants is non-payment of the underlying loan and/or hacking. If it's the latter, the caller tells the victim that he or she is wanted for hacking into a business' computer system to steal customer information. The caller will then demand payment via debit/credit card; in other cases, the caller further instructs victims to obtain a prepaid card to cover the payment. Look for these signs that a caller may be a Fake Arrest Warrant / fake debt collector if he: • claims that there is a warrant for your arrest. Police do not call first. If you really are in trouble with the law, you will know it. The police will knock on your door or you will receive a certified piece of mail informing you of any legal action that's being taken against you. If you do owe a fine, you will not get a 15 -minute notice to pay it over the phone. • is seeking payment on a debt for a loan you do not recognize; • refuses to give you a mailing address or phone number; • asks you for personal financial or sensitive information; or • exerts high pressure to try to scare you into paying, such as threatening to have you arrested or to report you to a law enforcement agency. What to do: If you are contacted by someone who is claims there is a warrant for your arrest or is claiming to collect a debt that you do not owe, you should: • Ask the caller for his name, company, street address, and telephone number. • Tell the caller that you refuse to discuss any debt until you get a written "validation notice." • Contact your local law enforcement agencies if you feel you are in immediate danger; • If you gave out information about your bank accounts or credit cards, contact your bank(s) and credit card companies; • Contact the three major credit bureaus and request an alert be put on your file; • If you have received a legitimate loan and want to verify that you do not have any outstanding obligation, contact the loan company directly; • File a complaint at www.IC3.gov. • The notice must include the amount of the debt, the name of the creditor you owe, and your rights under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If a caller refuses to give you all of this information, do not pay! Paying a fake debt collector will not always make them go away. They usually make up another debt to try to get more money from you. Stop speaking with the caller. If you have the caller's address, send a letter demanding that the caller stop contacting you, and keep a copy for your files. By law, real debt collectors must stop calling you if you ask them to in writing. Do not give the caller personal financial or other sensitive information. Never give out or confirm personal financial or other sensitive information like your: • name, • date of birth, • bank account, • credit card, or • Social Security number unless you know whom you're dealing with. Scam artists, like fake debt collectors, can use your information to commit identity theft ' charging your existing credit cards, opening new credit card, checking, or savings accounts, writing fraudulent checks, or taking out loans in your name.

PRESS RELEASE 03/01/2018 The Portland Police Department has recently issued all Patrol Officers Naloxone (Narcan) to all uniformed officers, in an effort to save lives. Naloxone is an opioid antagonist used to reverse the effects of opiates such as heroin, fentanyl, hydrocodone and oxycodone, which are all drugs that have been responsible for abuse and opioid deaths due to overdose. Over the past several months all officers have received training in recognizing the symptoms of an opioid overdose and the safe administration of Naloxone, which is administered as a nasal spray. Sincerely, Anthony W. Heavner Chief of Police (615) 325-2061

The Portland Police Department is seeking qualified applicants for the purpose of creating an eligibility list should a position for patrol officer become available. Please apply at the following link. https://www.cityofportlandtn.gov/employment

A road sign will be placed at the intersection of Hwy 52W and College Street to memorialize the life of Nicolas Townsend Read, and to remind drivers about the hazards of impaired drivers. Nicolas lost his life following a crash at that location, in May of 2015, when the vehicle he was a passenger in was struck by an impaired driver. A sign dedication ceremony was held on Saturday, at Richland Gym.

Portland ranked #15 and is down from #29 last year.

Update: Jason Sanders was just arrested in the 100 block of North Russell. He was found walking in the area by officers after family members had brought him to the police department to surrender himself and he walked away from them.

Thank you to the Family Career and Community Leaders of America FCCLA, for bringing cookies to our officers today.

IN CUSTODY!!! 2/16/18 Please help us locate Jason Sanders W/M, height 6’1 218 pounds. Warrants are on file for Aggravated Domestic Assault and Kidnapping. Last seen by witnesses on foot in the area of Westland St. Please contact 615-451-3838 with any information.

Thank you to Joanie Neal and Kelly Stephenson for providing lunch to our officers.

On 02/06/18, at approximately 6:45 AM, Portland Police took a report of a vehicle stolen from the 400 block of North Russell Street. The vehicle was discovered, shortly after, by Sumner County Sheriff's Deputies, disabled on Hwy 76. The suspect, Jessee Fleming, 20, of Portland, TN had apparently abandoned the vehicle, and was attempting to steal another vehicle, when a confrontation occurred between Fleming and that vehicle's owner. Fleming fled the scene but was apprehended a short time later by Sheriff's Deputies. Fleming confessed to stealing the first vehicle during an interview with a PPD Detective. Fleming was charged by PPD for theft over $1000, and by SCSO with aggravated assault and burglary. He was transported to the Sumner County Jail where was housed under a $25,000 bond. Additional charges on Fleming are pending.

Stop signs have been placed in response to numerous complaints to the Portland Police Department, the Mayors Office and Board of Alderman regarding speeding in the Lyon Crest Estates Subdivision. Please be aware of the new signs which are located at Lyon Dr. and Caudill Ct. and Lyon Dr. and Wallace Ct..

On 1/23/18, at approximately 2:00 PM, an individual entered the Farmers Bank branch located at 107 North Broadway and demanded money by producing a note, and threatening a firearm. The individual is pictured below. If you recognize him, or have any information, regarding this incident, please contact the Portland Police Department at 615-325-3434, or PM us.