Westmoreland Police Department

  • Agency: Westmoreland Police Department
  • Address: 1044 Pleasant Grove Rd, Westmoreland, 37186 TN
  • Chief: Deneise Etheridge (Chief of Police)
Phone: (615) 644-2222
Fax: (615) 644-2611

Westmoreland Police Department is located at 1044 Pleasant Grove Rd, Westmoreland, 37186 TN. The Chief of Police of the department is Deneise Etheridge. The Westmoreland Police Department phone number is (615) 644-2222.

Westmoreland Police Department News

**Citizens please use caution** Westmoreland Police Department along with assistance from several surrounding agencies are looking for the subject pictured below. He was last seen (on foot) at Mike's Foodland on Highway 52. Felony warrants are pending. Ismail Salih Ismail Middle Eastern Male Approximately 6 ft tall Early-mid 30's Last seen wearing; white shirt, black pants (possibly athletic/track pants). If you see this subject, do not approach! Please call 615-644-2222 for dispatch. Thank you.

Citizens, this is great information from Portland TN Police Department regarding phone and internet scams. Westmoreland Police Department would also like to remind you that our agency will never contact you by phone or email trying to collect any form of payment for citations, etc. Please, read this information and remember to follow the safety tips they have listed.

If anyone has any information on this subject, Michael Mungle (pictured below), WPD has several warrants for felony evading, reckless endangerment. This subject evaded police, almost hitting innocent people, as well as the Chief of Police. Chief Amalfitano called the pursuit off for the public's safety. If you have any information on Michael Mungle's location please contact Det. Flatt 615-644-2223 ext. 102 Thank you, Chief Ray Amalfitano

Another good job getting illegal narcotics off the streets early Sunday morning, March 4th, by Sergeant Parker and Officer Ford. We are here to help you if you have a problem with drugs. We have access to resources and will get you help if you come to us asking for help. Otherwise, we WILL enforce the law and continue working to keep drugs out of Westmoreland.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Lebanon PD and the friends and family of Officer Bowen.

From Lebanon Police Department; The Lebanon Police Department is asking for prayers as we mourn the loss of one of our officers. Veteran Officer Joe Bowen was recovered from the Smith Fork Creek, after his vehicle ran off the roadway earlier today. The investigation is pending. Officer Bowen leaves behind a wife, 2 children, and a family that loved him, both by blood and in blue.

Outstanding job Officer Ford for Capture of narcotics 2-26-18 keep up the good work. Chief Ray Amalfitano

WPD would like to thank our citizens for your assistance concerning the previous post today. We have located the subjects in question & since deleted the post. As always, we are proud to serve a community that supports our officers the way you continue to do. Thank you, Det. Flatt

Outstanding job to Officer King for Drug Arrest in meth and prescription drugs. A very special thanks to Deputy JD Thomas, Deputy Dustin Hood. And Det. Flatt for Coming to the Officer's aid as the subject was resisting and trying to get Officer's Weapon. Subject was safely taken into custody. God bless Chief Ray Amalfitano

9:59 pm update: We are now in a tornado watch until 2am with possible winds up to 60 mph. Please use extreme caution. Keep your phones on for alerts. And be prepared. Update on our weather conditions: There has been a confirmed touchdown in Robertson County in Clarksville TN, however, for our location, we have straight line storms moving in about 10 :30 to 11:00 pm. It will not be so scattered. The sun has went down and it is not as warm, so the chances for a tornado in our area has went way down. However the ground is very wet and soggy from all of the rain that we've had. When the straight line storm in it will produce high winds. Trees can easily be uprooted and fall. Please stay clear from any trees. Just a reminder: in the event of a Tornado warning. 1) Get in a hall way with no windows if at all possible. 2) put a mattress or a heavy comforter over you and your loved ones to keep from the debris hitting you. 3) Take cover away from Windows or any falling debris or glass. I will be keeping a very close eye on our weather conditions and will try my very best to keep you updated. God bless Chief Ray Amalfitano

Parents & Guardians: If you are aware of a child or minor carrying weapons to or on school property, a playground or anywhere a school event is being held and you as a parent or guardian does not prevent it or notify law enforcement, you could be charged with a class A misdemeanor charge TCA 39-17-1312 Students: If you are dealing with depression, anger, bullying, etc we have several different contacts to get you the help you need. Just let us know or come to us and we will welcome you or them with open arms to get some help. Now, make no mistake about it, we train a lot and have over 120 years of experience between all of our department. We will NOT tolerate any type of threats or bullying. Also, if anyone knows of something possibly bad happening at one of our schools, churches, parks or community gatherings, We have a 100% zero tolerance and will seek the maximum punishment that the courts will hand down. And just know we do NOT want it to come to this at all so please let all of us work together. God Bless Chief Ray Amalfitano

It's obvious there's an addiction problem most everywhere. Madawaska Police in Maine are warning of an addiction hitting the streets.

WPD along with WFD & Creasy's are working hard to clear the roadway in Highway 31E.

This is not a repeat post. Yet again, another arrest for drugs. Officer Ford got more meth off the streets early Friday morning (2/23/2018). As we've stated before, if you want help with a drug addiction, we have resources available to us to help you. We are committed to keeping Westmoreland drug free.

Great reminder for everyone; ALWAYS give dispatch your location when calling from a cellphone!

A huge shout out to Officer Ford, Officer Culbertson, Officer Tyson and Sgt Bellavia in a huge drug bust and find of fentanyl this afternoon. I am so proud of the job you guys are doing cleaning up the streets of Westmoreland. Chief Ray

Outstanding job to Sgt. Parker And Ofc. Culbertson for an Arrest and Capture of Drugs and Meth. Keep up the good work.

Excellent work this morning by Officer Culbertson, Officer Ford, and Sergeant Parker in getting methamphetamine off the street.

Good work tonight to Officer Culbertson and Officer Brawner in a traffic stop that led to getting more illegal narcotics off the street.

I am receiving many messages, texts and phone calls regarding our children’s safety in our schools. With the epidemic of shootings, we have a plan in place already, that is trained on often. I have full confidence in my officers and full confidence in Sumner county. We work hand in hand together. I will not divulge our plans or training but please know your children’s safety is at the top of our list. We have stepped up security around your children’s schools. I would also like to ask as parents, teachers and friends, if you see someone that is depressed, angry or something is just not right please reach out to your school counselors or even us and let us follow up and try to get them the help they need. God Bless Chief Ray

Sumner County agencies are making an effort to educate the public on what number to dial to get assistance. As always, in the event of an emergency, dial 911. To learn more, read the following article.

Outstanding job to Officer Tyson and Detective Flatt in getting more illegal narcotics off of the street yesterday.

We're praying for our brothers and sisters in blue. Please keep all those involved in your prayers.