Erwin Police Department

  • Agency: Erwin Police Department
  • Address: P.O. Box 59, Erwin, 37650 TN
  • Chief: Regan Tilson (Chief of Police)
Phone: 423-743-1871

Erwin Police Department is located at P.O. Box 59, Erwin, 37650 TN. The Chief of Police of the department is Regan Tilson. The Erwin Police Department phone number is 423-743-1871.

Erwin Police Department News

Several people have asked about donating to those in need in Texas, I had a citizen stop by today and offer use of his 48 ft tractor/trailer to take supplies down that we gather. We will need some money for fuel but mostly we need donations of items to include water and other non perishable food items, the red cross has a list of items needed on the website, cleaning supplies, new unopened, socks, t shirts, underwear of all sizes. These items will go to smaller towns like ours near Houston, I have a contact I served in the Marines with who lives in Humble Texas and we can take the items to churches in the area who are set up as shelters and distribution centers. We will be happy to store the items at the Erwin Police Department until we can fill the truck up, I have an open room we can use. Any help is appreciated.

Please use extra caution as you commute tomorrow, it is the first day of school, there is early dismissal. We ask that you be watchful of pedestrians and school buses. We would also like to remind everyone it is illegal to pass a school bus that is stopped with it's flashing lights on and the school zone speed limit is 15 mph as long as kids are present. Officers will be in the area if you have a question or need directions. Let's have a safe and happy start to the school year.

Another scam has been reported today by a subject where they received an email saying that they have been detected with a speeding infringement in Erwin, TN. Please know that there is no speed camera in the Town of Erwin and this is just a scam to collect funds from the victim. If you see a suspicious email like this do not open it or send any money.

Please read the following from Erwin Utilities on a current scam in our area. Telephone scammers are targeting utility customers in our local area. Erwin Utility customers are currently being targeted as victims of money extortion. The caller presents themselves as a representative of Erwin Utilities and informs the victim that their account is past due or that there is an issue with his or her credit card information. The caller instructs the victim to press a number on their phone for further instructions. Customers have also received calls and no one speaks on the other end. The scammers are using a fake caller ID to show the call is from an Erwin Utilities phone number. Erwin Utilities does not call and request payments over the phone. Anyone receiving a suspicious call should not give out personal information, including bank account or credit card numbers. To verify the authenticity of anyone claiming to be a representative of Erwin Utilities, call Erwin Utilities’ main line at 423-743-1820.

Don't forget the repaving on Second street and Main street begins today. Use caution in the area please.

Starting tomorrow, TDOT will begin a 2 week repaving project on Second street. The road will be milled and repaved from the under pass to Main street and from there to 7th street. There will be delays in the area due to construction and related equipment moving in the area. Please use caution in those areas and be aware of the workers as they fix this section of streets.

There is a gas leak at the huddle house on 2nd street, we have closed the parking lot area for a few minutes out of caution as it is being worked on. We appreciate your patience and should have it cleared up in a few minutes

Both individuals from the stolen car are in Police custody at this time.

A car stolen from Asheville was recovered on Second St. This morning, the occupants of the car had left on foot prior to officers arrival. It is unknown if they were picked up or are walking. Officers have searched and are still in the area, if you live near that area or are stopping for gas etc., please lock your home's and cars and don't leave your car running unattended , if you notice anyone suspicious please give us a call.

We have recieved reports of phone calls to citizens claiming to be from the Erwin Police Department and threatning the person with arrest if they don't pay a $500 debt. This is a SCAM phone call, the Erwin Police Department is not a debt collection agency nor do we call you if we have a warrant for criminal activity. The person making this call is not affiliated with our agency, please do not send money or give out/confirm any of your personal information to these sneaky and predatory scam artists.

The fire is currently under control, there will still be some emergency vehicle movement in the area so please use caution. There are no reported injuries from the fire.

Working fire at 730 Rock Creek road, please avoid the area. Power lines are down multiple emergency vehicles are in area.

Expect long traffic delays on State Highway 81S today beginning at 9 am. TDOT is working on a drainage culvert. Consider an alternate route.

Erwin Linear Trail

Heavy standing water in several locations please drive safely.

Unicoi county schools are on a 2 hour delay May 5 2017 due to several trees down and power outage on the north end of the county

Please avoid Love st. and Carolina Ave. Area, pole down with lines in the street.