Johnson City Police Department

  • Agency: Johnson City Police Department
  • Address: 601 E Main St, Johnson City, 37605 TN
  • Chief: John Lowry (Chief of Police)
Phone: 423-434-6000

Johnson City Police Department is located at 601 E Main St, Johnson City, 37605 TN. The Chief of Police of the department is John Lowry. The Johnson City Police Department phone number is 423-434-6000.

Johnson City Police Department News

Missing Juvenile possibly in Johnson City or the Tri-City Area. This is Hannah Jagers, she is 15 years old, 5'9" 175 lbs. Last seen wearing a black jacket and jeans. Her mother reports that Hannah ran away with a second teen who is from Kingsport. The second teenager is Jenna White. A tipster says they are headed to the Johnson City Area. Knoxville Police is the reporting agency. If you spot them in JC or the TRI call 911.

JCPD officers assisted at the Trunk or Treat October 26th at Memorial Park Community Center

Traffic Crash: "1498 E JACKSON BL; LOWES OF JONESBOROUGH" JBO 1045 18:23

Traffic Crash: "N COMMERCE ST/W MARKET ST" JC 1045 18:24

Felony Arrest of Joshua Allan White

Home Invasion Arrests

Traffic Crash: "VETERANS WY/W MARKET ST" JC 1045 14:25

Traffic Crash: "601 E MAIN ST; JOHNSON CITY CITY OF" JC 1045 13:33


Felony Arrest

Traffic Crash: "1400 BAILEY BRIDGE RD; BLOCK" WC 1045 18:41

Traffic Crash: "I26E/MILE MARKER 12" JC 1045 17:40

Traffic Crash: "N CHEROKEE ST/W JACKSON BL" JBO 1045 16:01

Traffic Crash: "N STATE OF FRANKLIN RD/W MARKET ST" JC 1046 10:51

Traffic Crash: "307 E MAIN ST; JONESBOROUGH SENIOR CENTER" JBO 1045 11:02

Felony Arrest

Traffic Crash: "CHEROKEE RD/HIGHWAY 81 S" WC 1045 15:44

Traffic Crash: "CHEROKEE RD/HIGHWAY 81 S" WC 1045 15:04

Traffic Crash: "2726 HIGHWAY 11 E; JONESBOROUGH FLEA MARKET" WC 1045 13:38

Traffic Crash: "1206 W STATE OF FRANKLIN RD; COOK OUT" JC 1045 01:47

Traffic Crash: "2868 WATAUGA RD" JC 1046 02:11

Traffic Crash: "BOONES CREEK RD/E JACKSON BL" JBO 1045 23:10

Traffic Crash: "DELAWARE ST/JOHN EXUM PKWY" JC 1045 21:57

Traffic Crash: "MED TECH PK/N STATE OF FRANKLIN RD" JC 1045 19:10