Brentwood Police Department

  • Agency: Brentwood Police Department
  • Address: 5211 MARYLAND WAY, Brentwood, 37024 TN
  • Chief: Ricky Watson (Chief of Police)
Phone: 615-371-0160
Fax: 615-371-2228

Brentwood Police Department is located at 5211 MARYLAND WAY, Brentwood, 37024 TN. The Chief of Police of the department is Ricky Watson. The Brentwood Police Department phone number is 615-371-0160.

Brentwood Police Department News

Congratulations Detective Lori Russ on your Officer of the Year award.

Please watch for deer as you travel through Brentwood. This is their busy season and deer are notorious jaywalkers. We tried to have the deer crossings moved to less traveled roadways, but deer cannot read the signs and cross the road wherever and whenever they feel the need. The most active times are around dawn and dusk. If you do have the misfortune of a deer hitting your car as you drive around town, please call Brentwood Police at (615) 371-0160 so we can assist you and care for the injured animal.

Thank you to Dr. Douglas Hunter for the great photo and artistic interpretation of Officer Samuel Bady's DARE car this weekend at the Susan G. Komen 5K & 10K Race for the Cure event in Brentwood.

On Saturday night 10/28/2017 a video and photo depicting an alleged assault were posted from Corner Pub in Brentwood. Several people have tagged Brentwood PD in the comments. We are aware of the video and incident; however, Corner Pub is in Nashville (Davidson County) and outside of our Williamson County jurisdiction. Metro Nashville Police Department is the law enforcement agency that responds to incidents along Old Hickory Blvd. If there is an emergency that requires police, fire, or EMS, call 9-1-1 and dispatchers can determine where the incident is occurring and send the proper agency.

The National Prescription Drug Take Back Day aims to provide a safe, convenient, and responsible means of disposing of prescription drugs, while also educating the general public about the potential for abuse and medications.

Brentwood Police Department is looking for this woman as a person of interest in a credit card fraud investigation. If you know her identity, please contact Detective Dustin Miller at (615) 371-0160 or email

Please consider donating blood for our upcoming Battle of the Badges blood drive at the Brentwood Library on August 23rd from 12-6 and 24th from 7-1. This years drive is in honor Leo Quinius and his family. Go to or call 1-800-RED-CROSS for more information.

On 7/31/2017, Brentwood Police published a photo of this suspect asking the public if they know his identity. Since that time, we have obtained better pictures of him. We believe he is a traveling scam artist. If you have seen him and/or know his whereabouts, please contact Detective Breedlove at (615) 371-0160.

DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN? This man stole money from a local Brentwood business by calling and convincing employees that a fellow employee was in jail and needed bail money from the cash register. This man then entered the store and received the money from an employee. If you know this man, please contact Detective Adrian Breedlove at (615) 371-2263. Bail scams are a frequent occurrence and play on victims' fears for friends or loved ones. Police and Sheriff's departments do not call people asking for bail money. If you ever have a question regarding an arrest, look up the local jail where your friend or family member is supposed to be, and call that number to inquire - do NOT call a number given by the suspect, as it will only put you in touch with an accomplice.

PIGEON DROP SCAM ALERT Recently a victim in Brentwood was conned out of more than $15,000 cash by a suspect using the old "Pigeon Drop" scheme. Pigeon Drop scams usually target elderly victims, so please warn your parents and grandparents of this targeted crime. In this instance, the victim was approached in a parking lot and shown a box that had been "dropped" containing what she thought was a large sum of money. The victim was then conned into withdrawing a large sum of money from her bank account as a way to split the money with the suspects. When she turned over the money, the suspects disappeared and were not seen again. If a deal seems too good to be true, it usually is. If you are approached by someone claiming to have found something valuable and wanting "good faith money," get as much information as possible, including names, phone numbers, license plates, etc. and call your local police to report it BEFORE giving them any money.

Your favorite D.A.R.E. Officers Sam Bady (left) and Mark Wood (right) were recently awarded as Outstanding Coalition Members by the Williamson County Anti-Drug Coalition. Sam and Mark have been with the coalition since it began six years ago and are great ambassadors to the Brentwood community on a daily basis. If you see them out and about in their D.A.R.E. patrol vehicles, make sure to congratulate them on their well-deserved award.

DO YOU KNOW HIM? This man is a person of interest in the theft of a large quantity of computer printer cartridges from a Brentwood retail store. If you know him, please contact Detective Adrian Breedlove at 615-371-2263.

PHONE SCAM ALERT - Recently one of our citizens reported receiving a call from what they believed to be a nearby police department, telling them there were warrants for the victim's arrest, and the warrants would be issued unless the victim paid several thousand dollars to the caller by buying gift cards. The suspect stayed on the phone with the victim during the transactions and then had the victim read off card numbers and activation codes. POLICE DEPARTMENTS WILL NOT CALL YOU AND HAVE YOU PURCHASE GIFT CARDS TO AVOID PROSECUTION. If a law enforcement agency has an arrest warrant for you, then you will be arrested and have to post bond at a jail. Please be aware there are a multitude of scams going around where the suspects use computers to "spoof" real phone numbers and make it look like they are calling from somewhere they are not. There have even been instances of suspects using real detectives' names in order to sound official and commit their fraudulent crimes. If you receive unsolicited calls asking for money or demanding you purchase gift cards to cover some sort of legal proceedings, you should immediately think it is a scam. If you have questions, please contact your local police non-emergency number, which in Brentwood is 615-371-0160.

We often get calls from residents about where to turn in unused medications. The Williamson County Anti-Drug Coalition has placed several secure lock boxes around the county for our residents to safely dispose of medications they no longer need. Thank you for your hard work and dedication WCADC!

Please lock your vehicles and do NOT leave the keys inside. So far this morning, your Brentwood Police officers have taken two stolen vehicle reports where the keys were left in the unlocked cars overnight. If you see or hear anything suspicious overnight, please call to report it.

Thanks Channel 2! We appreciate the food and the visit.

On May 19, 2017, your Brentwood Police Department participated in the Special Olympics Torch Run. This annual event helps open the state's Special Olympics and is part of a worldwide tradition that pairs law enforcement with Special Olympics athletes. Law enforcement is the largest fundraiser for the Special Olympics and raised over 55 million dollars for the organization in 2016. Your Brentwood Police Officers have participated in the annual Torch Run for more than 20 years and are proud of their partnership with the athletes and their families. This year, BPD had the second highest number of participants in the local Torch Run, which included Metro Nashville Police Department, the current Metro Police Recruit Academy class, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, and several other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies. Pictured are members of the Brentwood Police participants, which included several spouses and children.

THIS SATURDAY APRIL 29th - Bring your unused prescription medications to the Brentwood Police Department at 5211 Maryland Way between 10am and 2pm. Officers and volunteers will be on hand to safely dispose of them with no questions asked. *** NOTE: We will NOT be taking needles or syringes at this event. Your Brentwood Police Department has participated in the DEA's National Drug Take Back Initiative since it began and has taken in more than one thousand pounds of unused drugs. For more information call 615-371-0160 and ask to speak to Officer Reape.