Brentwood Police Department

  • Agency: Brentwood Police Department
  • Address: 5211 MARYLAND WAY, Brentwood, 37024 TN
  • Chief: Ricky Watson (Chief of Police)
Phone: 615-371-0160
Fax: 615-371-2228

Brentwood Police Department is located at 5211 MARYLAND WAY, Brentwood, 37024 TN. The Chief of Police of the department is Ricky Watson. The Brentwood Police Department phone number is 615-371-0160.

Brentwood Police Department News

#RumorControl: Police are aware of an incident which occurred Tuesday morning in the parking lot near Franklin Road and Old Hickory Boulevard. A male black suspect armed with a handgun took the victims vehicle at gunpoint. He was last seen headed east on Old Hickory Blvd. in the stolen vehicle. The victim was not injured. The incident occurred in Davidson County and was reported to Metro Nashville Police. Any specific questions would need to be answered by Metro who is investigating the incident.

A few of my favorites......Special Olympics and Amy Parker!

Another day, another scam. There is a new scam where hackers send you a text that asks you about a password reset on your gmail account, and if you did not, text STOP. This is a scam. The bad guys asked for that password reset and now want you to send them the authorization code! Don't fall for it. Remember that Gmail or any other web email service will never ask if you *don’t* want to do something with your account. You didn’t ask for a password reset, so you shouldn’t be asked about one. Do not reply to the text (doing so will tell the scammers that they have reached a valid number). And to prevent losing your account to bad guys, it's a very good idea to have 2-step verification set up on your Google account.

Brentwood Police Department needs to remind our residents of this scam. This preys on people's guilty conscience and is going around our city again. If you receive this type of letter, do NOT send any money, Bitcoin, or other form of payment to the scammers. If you have questions about it, please contact our non emergency number at (615) 371-0160 and speak to one of our officers.

This week, April 8-14, 2018 is National Telecommunications Week. Your Brentwood Police & Fire dispatchers are the calm voices in the chaos every day and night, serving the community and officers when they are needed most. When you dial 9-1-1 or our non-emergency (615) 371-0160, these professionals quickly assess your needs and get Police, Fire, and/or EMS to you as quickly as possible. When our officers or firefighters need information or emergency assistance, your Communications Officers are the lifeline when the chips are down. Please join us in thanking them for all they do while behind the scenes on the front lines of public safety. #thanks911

Brentwood Police Department prides itself on not only our on-duty service to our community, but also on the volunteer spirit our officers possess. Your officers took the initiative and volunteered their time, talent, and money for this year's Tennessee Special Olympics flag football tournament, which took place Saturday April 7th at Nissan Stadium in Nashville. Their efforts paid off for the Special Olympics, as the BPD Sheepdogs were the top fundraisers for the tournament, bringing in $5,626.79. Well done, Sheepdogs!

We are looking for experienced Public Safety Dispatchers to join our team.

Congratulations Officer Lamberson on well deserved recognition for your efforts to help fellow officers in need. We are proud of you!

PHONE SCAM ALERT Brentwood Police Department was made aware today of a phone scam where the caller is pretending to be a Brentwood Police detective trying to scam money out of people. The caller ID shows our real police department phone number of 615-371-0160, which means the suspect is "spoofing" our number. The caller tells the intended victim to call a different number back, otherwise a warrant will be issued against the victim. The purpose of the crime is to get the intended victim to purchase gift cards or otherwise transfer money over the phone. We know of at least one victim (in Nashville) in this theft scam so far. BRENTWOOD POLICE will NOT solicit money in lieu of any criminal charges from being sought. Real law enforcement agencies will NOT solicit you to purchase gift cards or other negotiable instruments over the phone. If you receive any of these calls, hang up on the caller and call your local police department to alert them of it, whether it is our agency at (615) 371-0160 or your own local agency.

SCAM ALERT You may have seen recent news reports about local residents receiving letters or messages about their "misdeeds." Rest assured that this is a scam. A Brentwood resident shared his letter with Brentwood Police today. The letter includes specific instructions on how to transfer money into the suspect's account. If you receive such a message, DO NOT pay any money or transfer any funds - that is what the criminal hopes you will do. This is also a good time to remind people of other scams, such as the Jury Duty scam or the Bail Money scam or the ever-present IRS fees scam (since it is tax season), which play on victim's emotions and fears of being arrested. Law enforcement agencies will not call you and demand that you pay a fee with gift cards, debit cards, or Bitcoin in lieu of being arrested. If you receive such a call, hang up on them and they will move on to the next potential target.

On February 9, 2018, Brentwood Police Chief Jeff Hughes presented a Citizen's Commendation award to Norm Partin. Mr. Partin is a long time supporter of our officers and does extraordinary work in showing his appreciation year-round. Thank you Mr. Partin for your support!

On February 9, 2018, Brentwood Police Chief Jeff Hughes presented David Zopf with a BPD Citizen's Commendation for his actions that assisted our officers with catching a wanted felon. Mr. Zopf's willingness to spring into action and help is a wonderful example of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to help keep our community safer, and this commendation shows our sincere appreciation for him.

Your Brentwood Police Department now has a drug drop box! You can come into our lobby and drop off unwanted, unused, or expired prescription pills, over the counter medications, pet meds, inhalers, and liquids in leak-proof containers 24 hours per day, 7 days per week with no paperwork to fill out and no questions asked. BPD has participated in the DEA's semiannual National Drug Take Back Initiative since it began, but the addition of our permanent secure drop box means that our citizens no longer have to wait for those events to easily and properly dispose of their unwanted drugs. If you do have any questions, please call our Property & Evidence Custodian Bill Reape at (615) 577-6070.

Congratulations Detective Lori Russ on your Officer of the Year award.

Please watch for deer as you travel through Brentwood. This is their busy season and deer are notorious jaywalkers. We tried to have the deer crossings moved to less traveled roadways, but deer cannot read the signs and cross the road wherever and whenever they feel the need. The most active times are around dawn and dusk. If you do have the misfortune of a deer hitting your car as you drive around town, please call Brentwood Police at (615) 371-0160 so we can assist you and care for the injured animal.