Celina Police Department

  • Agency: Celina Police Department
  • Address: 110 N Colorado St, Celina, 75009 TX
  • Chief: Joe W Williams (Chief of Police)
Phone: 972-382-2121
Fax: (972) 382-3879

Celina Police Department is located at 110 N Colorado St, Celina, 75009 TX. The Chief of Police of the department is Joe W Williams. The Celina Police Department phone number is 972-382-2121.

Celina Police Department News

The Celina Police Department would like to thank the Senior Citizens' Group of Celina for visiting the Police Department and touring the facility. There was a plethora of knowledge and Celina History in that room. It was enjoyable and educational for us at the Police Deparment. Thank you all for coming.

Following up with our Community Survey on Public Safety and Law Enforcement, we will address the top five public safety issues identified by the survey. This is our first topic for discussion: Number One Public Safety Issue: Traffic issues/residential speeding 59.52% Celina police officers routinely patrol the city streets for traffic violations and conduct extra patrols in areas where citizens have reported traffic related issues. Our goal is to gain compliance with traffic laws and reduce the number and severity of accidents. If you participated in the survey or did not have a chance to participate, we would like your input on this issue, allowing us to focus resources effectively. Please provide comments at: https://www.celina-tx.gov/1229/Comments-and-Suggestions Please notify the Celina Police Department if you have a traffic related issue in your neighborhood, allowing us to extra patrol the area. By working together, we can make Celina safer

2017 Community Survey on Public Safety and Law Enforcement We want to thank everyone who participated in our community survey! The survey identified public safety issues of concern within our community and ranked them by percentages. We have listed the top five and will discuss each issue separately in upcoming discussions. We value your comments or suggestions in assisting us to analyze these issues and respond effectively. By the community and the police working together, we can more effectively identify and respond proactively to public safety issues. Comments and suggestions: https://www.celina-tx.gov/1229/Comments-and-Suggestions View the survey: https://www.celina-tx.gov/DocumentCenter/View/2781

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