Frisco Police Department

  • Agency: Frisco Police Department
  • Address: 7200 Stonebrook Parkway, Frisco, 75034 TX
  • Chief: Todd Renshaw (Chief of Police)
Phone: 972-292-6010

Frisco Police Department is located at 7200 Stonebrook Parkway, Frisco, 75034 TX. The Chief of Police of the department is Todd Renshaw. The Frisco Police Department phone number is 972-292-6010.

Frisco Police Department News

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SHARE-The 2 subjects pictured are suspected of taking items from a Frisco Wal-Mart without paying. If you recognize either of them could you please contact our detectives in reference to CFS# 18026027 at 972-292-6200 or message us. Once again thank you for your help!!!

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Our latest #WhyIServeFrisco video with Civilian Public Service Officer & Quartermaster, Mauricio Romero. Mauricio is a graduate of Heritage High School (Frisco, Texas) and an alumni of Citizens Police Academy Class 39.

Frisco Police Investigate Shooting

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Last week a subject attempted to break into a home in Frisco. Officers responded and were able to locate the subject and take him into custody, after an investigation showed that he was the subject attempting to break into the home. Officers on scene used information from Operation SafeCam to locate cameras around the area. Officers were able to observe the subject on camera running from the scene. The goal of the SafeCam program is to deter crime and promote public safety through collaboration between the Frisco Police Department and the community we serve. To register your cameras please visit the link- -Thank you to our community and our officers for helping keep Frisco safe!!!

SHARE-The subject pictured is suspected of using a victim’s credit card that was taken during a vehicle burglary. If you can assist out detectives in identifying him please contact us at 972-292-6200 or message us in reference to CFS#18016350.

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This will help reduce crime if followed nightly? #Whatis? #9PMRoutine #ServiceLearningLeading #FriscoLockItUp #DailyDouble

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In the 1st three months of 2018, Frisco #PublicSafety Communications Officers entered 36,130 calls for Frisco Police & Fire Department’s and they answered 15,585 9-1-1 calls. #ServiceLearningLeading If you or someone you know would make a great addition to this amazing team, please apply at #NPSTW National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week #ThankYou City of Frisco TX - City Hall Frisco Police Recruitment Frisco Fire Department

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Here is our next video in the new series #WhyIServeFrisco with Officer Cottingham.

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Suspect Arrested for Social Media Threats to Frisco High School

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