Cedar Hill Police Department

  • Agency: Cedar Hill Police Department
  • Address: Building 200, 285 Uptown Blvd, Cedar Hill, 75104 TX
  • Chief: S L Rhodes (Chief of Police)
Phone: 972-291-5181

Cedar Hill Police Department is located at Building 200, 285 Uptown Blvd, Cedar Hill, 75104 TX. The Chief of Police of the department is S L Rhodes. The Cedar Hill Police Department phone number is 972-291-5181.

Cedar Hill Police Department News

When the Assistant Chief calls you into the office, you never really know what to expect. But this? Clearly, we’ve gone to the dogs.... Actually, Skye was recently stolen from her owners and one of our Detectives was able to recover her this afternoon. To show her gratitude for her safe return, she issued “Paws for Applause” awards to the officers and detectives for her safe return.

***Happening Tomorrow*** Come out tomorrow night to help us support Special Olympics. Join law enforcement at one of six local Razoo's restaurants including our very own Cedar Hill location!!!

Spring Break season is over and during the last few weeks our officers made 11arrests for Driving While Intoxicated related offenses. Thanks to TXDoT for their grant allowing us to place officers on the streets during this time to focus solely on reducing impaired driving!!! #planwhileyoucan

Thursday Caleb Baggett with Boy Scouts of America Troop 207 came in to have his fingerprints done for his Fingerprint Merit Badge! Officer Rodriguez was on hand to congratulate Caleb!

Yesterday, our officers were notified about a group of subjects who were involved in car and home burglaries in a north Dallas community. Among the items stolen were credit cards that were used in Cedar Hill a short time after the offenses occurred (earlier this month). A vehicle involved in the offenses had an out of state license plate so our officers were not immediately able to identify where it could be. One of our night shift officers located the vehicle after 9pm last night. A high risk traffic stop was conducted and all three occupants were taken into custody, without incident, on unrelated warrants as the investigation into the more serious offenses continues. This arrest will result in the clearance of several offenses and the temporary (hopefully longer) removal of these offenders from the streets of Cedar Hill. This case is an example of how crime and offenders know no jurisdictional boundaries when it come to their activities. They steal in one city and commit other related crimes in another city. No city is exempt from crime. Thankfully, our officers are passionate about keeping Cedar Hill safe. They’re dedication to fighting crime and their commitment to doing so with your help is what it takes to keep our community safe.

BLOCK PARTY!!!! Come out and see us at the city wide block party. We are out at the Alan Sims Recreation Center at 310 E Parkerville Rd from now till 2pm! Stop by to say hello and pick up some goodies courtesy of TXDot.

As we head into the Spring Break season remember that more than half of drivers involved in deadly drunk driving crashes are between the ages of 17 and 34. In conjunction with the Texas Department of Transportation's "PLAN WHILE YOU CAN" campaign the Cedar Hill Police Department will have increased enforcement from now through March 19th to identify and stop impaired drivers. During Spring Break in Texas last year there were 410 crashes involving young drivers who were under the influence of alcohol. Those crashes killed 20 people and seriously injured an additional 48. TXDoT and the Cedar Hill Police Department encourage everyone to plan a sober ride before you go out this Spring Break. #planwhileyoucan

Update 9:21 PM - Mr. Anderson was located in Dallas. *** Critical Missing Person *** We need your help locating a critical missing person. Xavier Christopher Anderson 18, suffers from a mental disorder which requires the continuous supervision by an adult. Christopher was with his caregiver on the evening of February 15th when he walked away from the vehicle he was riding in and has not been seen since. Christopher’s caregiver pulled into the Texaco gas station located at 270 S. Hwy 67 to put air in his tires when Christopher walked away from the vehicle without the caregivers’ knowledge. The caregiver and officers were unable to locate Christopher when the incident was reported so he has been entered in the state computer as missing. He was last seen wearing a dark coat, tan hoodie, black pajama pants and Black and Tan shoes. If you locate Christopher please contact the Cedar Hill Police Dept. at 972-291-5181 x2400.

Today we stood with many in honor of one... A beloved husband, father, son, brother, friend, and Hero. Thank you for your service, Officer Sherrard.

We are saddened to learn that the community of Westerville, OH lost two of their own officers today. That’s 5 police officers in 6 days who were shot & killed protecting their communities just like ours & just like yours. So far in 2018, 10 police officers have been shot and killed. #unacceptable We hope you’ll join us in recognizing the true depth of the sacrifice these officers made in the name of keeping their communities safe. The violence inflicted upon them creates a ripple effect felt across the country, in every squad car, at every officers’ dinner table, in every department, in the lives of the friends and families they left behind. #Heros

A huge THANKS to Hillcrest Baptist Church for inviting us to spend some time with their daycare classes this morning. Protecting our future begins with spending quality time with them at an early age. Today, we shared how our words have the power to help build up others and how we should never use our words to tear others down....advice that even adults can use...😉

We are terribly saddened tonight to learn that the Richardson Police Officer who was shot earlier tonight has died. We stand with Richardson Police Department as they mourn their brother officer. Our prayers and deepest condolences to them, his family and the entire Richardson community. He gave his life for the protection and safety of his community... #Hero

Another #SCAMALERT They just won’t give up! Scheme after scheme, the con artists keep trying to lure unsuspecting victims into their latest scam. Take a look at this email notification. It appears to be a notice of purchase and shipment from Apple. If the sell isn’t correct (and it’s not) they want you to click the ‘cancel payment’ link..DON’T DO IT! It is a scam! How do you know it’s a scam? Well, one of the easiest giveaways is the grammar... (sighs from all the English teachers) If you see or know of other ways to tell, please chime in with your comments. Together, we’ll help keep others safe from this scam.

Our favorite #SuperBowlL commercial by far. Thank you Verizon

UPDATE: 2/6/18 According to reports out of Alabama, the suspect has been identified and arrested. WARNING We are very much aware of a video being shared on Facebook depicting a young child engaged in an illicit act (Child pornography). We are horrified that such a video even exists, let alone that it’s being shared on social media. However, please DO NOT ‘share’ the video with us or anyone, even as a mechanism of expressing your outrage; doing so could constitute a violation of law. You can certainly notify us of its existence, but you DO NOT need to send it to us. We have not had any reports that this act or video originated from our jurisdiction. Please notify Facebook if you receive this video or one like it. In response to the video, Facebook issued this message, saying: “We do not allow the sharing of child exploitative images on Facebook or Messenger -- even to express outrage. Regardless of intention, sharing such imagery is harmful and illegal. When we become aware of such images, we remove them and notify the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. We urge people never to share such content and to report it to local authorities immediately.”

You may remember, back in October, we shared a special story with you about one of our officers, Reggie Agyemang, who worked to donate some of our used equipment to the Ghana, Africa 🇬🇭 Police Service. Today, along with his mother-in-law, Officer Agyemang presented Asst. Chief’s Thompson and Lafferty with a plaque sent from the Ghana Police Service. We are truly thankful for the global 🌍partnership that has been created between our agencies. Half a world away with a common goal of keeping our communities safe.

It’s always a great day when we get to welcome new officers into the Cedar Hill family! Please welcome Officers Carter, Taylor, Peña and Griffin. These hugs and smiles show you just how proud and excited these officers and their families are to join a life of selfless service to our community.

As we’ve said many times, we take impaired driving enforcement very seriously. We finished 2017 with 155 arrests for Driving While Intoxicated. That’s an 8% increase over 2016. Our efforts to combat drunk driving have been aided, in part, by participating in the Texas Department of Transportation’s Selective Traffic Enforcement program which helps pay for additional officers to focus on impaired driving enforcement during peak times of the year including our Christmas enforcement period which began on December 15th and concluded on December 31st. Despite all the warnings, social media postings, and educational programs, 11 people were arrested in Cedar Hill for Driving While Intoxicated during this time. Certainly, not the best way to end the year for these folks.

Happy New Year! Be safe and have a great 2018!

UPDATE 12/31/17 @ 5pm Bridge is back open. Crews have sanded and will continue to monitor throughout the night. Continue to use caution on all roadways. Have a safe New Year. MAJOR BRIDGE CLOSURE The Lake Ridge Parkway bridge over Joe Pool Lake has ben closed due to ice. This affects travel into and out of Cedar Hill and Grand Prairie and is expected to remain closed for at least 24 hours. Grand Prairie Police

Dear Mom and Dad, Today, I made a very bad decision. I thought I’d be ok to drive. I mean it was just two drinks. I’ve done it before and it’s never been a problem. As I drove, I felt fine. But, I wasn’t. I was on my way home and I guess I was going too fast when I hit a curb. The car flipped over, and I didn’t make it. I really wish I could have told you both how much I loved you. Please don’t blame yourself. This was my choice. I decided to drive drunk. Love always, Your son (or daughter) This New Years, don’t let alcohol and/or drugs turn your world, and that of others’, upside down. Designate a sober driver, use a ride share or call a taxi.... whatever you do, #PlanWhileYouCan Unfortunately, we know the dangers of drinking and driving all too well. The decision to drink and drive CAN AND DOES COST INNOCENT PEOPLE THEIR LIVES. It’s not just about being able to afford a DWI financially, it’s about how much does another person’s life mean to you? Please, celebrate responsibly.

Here's a simple message to help make your New Year's weekend celebrations safe for everyone, #planwhileyoucan . This driver was involved in a minor vehicle crash. When officers spoke with him, they detected alcohol. After a series of sobriety tests, the driver failed and was placed under arrest for Driving While Intoxicated. This driver swore, he would not drive if he thought he was drunk because he said he was "responsible". Even responsible drivers can drink, drive and go to jail. If he would have taken steps to plan ahead, his night would not have ended this way. The Cedar Hill Police Department is committed to impaired driving enforcement. We know, all too well, the consequences of such an irresponsible decision to drink and drive. This holiday season, we've partnered with the Texas Department of Transportation through a Special Traffic Enforcement Program grant designed to put additional officers on the streets from December 15th thru December 31st to focus on impaired driving.

From all of us to all of you....Merry Christmas!

It’s only two more sleeps till Christmas... If you’re still out shopping, that’s ok, we’re still out serving up a safe, shopping experience!

There’s only a few more shopping days left before Christmas, so to the shoplifters and car burglars lurking in the shadows, waiting for your opportunity, thinking that no one will see you... Know this. We see you when you’re thieving, we know what you will take. We know when you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake... Your acts will be seen by a camera somewhere; everywhere. Even Santa’s elves on the shelves are equipped with Axon US body cameras these days, so shop safe.