Aubrey Police Department

  • Agency: Aubrey Police Department
  • Address: 108 East Elm Street, Aubrey, 76227 TX
  • Chief: Bryan Barrett (Chief of Police)
Phone: 940-365-2601

Aubrey Police Department is located at 108 East Elm Street, Aubrey, 76227 TX. The Chief of Police of the department is Bryan Barrett. The Aubrey Police Department phone number is 940-365-2601.

Aubrey Police Department News

Anyone want to come play on the swings with Officer Salinas and McLearen at the HOA park?....We have stickers, glow sticks and other goodies for the kiddos.

Thanksgivings just around the corner. This is actual footage of how I feel when dinner is served. ...McLearen

Prayers for the family of the Temple, TX DPS Trooper who was hit killed tonight while on a traffic stop. Please, Please slow down and move over for Officers on our roadways. It is the law and it serves a brings officers home to their families.

When you go to Starbucks and they remake the same order a second time by accident. Oh did I mention there 19 drinks in the order. Up side is, there are 17 happy citizens who just got free drinks and 2 cops who are blitzed on caffeine.

Some PSA messages are forgotten soon after they are viewed. Bet you wont forget this one all day.........Capt.

Officer Finch is having a ball in Providence Village tonight. Be sure to say “Hi” if you see him. Please stay safe and have a great night!

*** BURGLARY SUSPECT *** Our neighbors (Little Elm Police) are looking for the pickup in the attached photograph in connection with residential burglary. The pickup has a large dent in the passengers side. PLEASE post and share this information. Lets get this guy off the streets if possible. LEPD has a contact number listed in the attachment.

Many years ago, these were the costumes that would be worn by children going door to door in search of candy and treats. Today, these folks scare the be-jeezus outta me......Capt.

We offer home cleaning services too.

We couldn’t be happier with today’s event. We want to thank World Famous MOMS for hosting our Coffee-With-a-Cop event and everyone who came out to meet our officers. Please be sure to join us next month in Providence Village. Stay Safe!

Coffee with a Cop is LIVE

Its cold out...Come on in and warm up. We start in 45 minutes!

OK Aubrey and PV... Tomorrow is our first Coffee-With-A-Cop event. Please be sure to come by Moms Cafe in Downtown Aubrey between 9 AM and 11 AM. Free coffee and conversations with your neighbors and Officers. We will have a VERY limited number of PD shirts to give out too. See you there!!

This just in from the Cap’s desk...

With Halloween just a few days away, it is important to remember that Clowns can’t help it, they are just doing their job……Capt.

What I deal with when Capt. Townsend works a road construction detail with me.

PD phone lines are down. For NON-EMERGENCY, please call 940-349-1600 or 940-365-2601

I’m just saying, there seems to be nothing but awesome people in this city. Thank you to Hannah Guthrie of Any time Fitness in Pilot Point. She brought hot chocolate for officers working the non-injury wreck on Hwy 377.

NB Hwy 377 and the SB Hwy 377 left turn onto FM 424 are closed at FM 424 due to a traffic incident. Please use alt. routes for the next few hours. Aubrey Officers are assisting Northeast PD with traffic control for a non-injury accident. The roadway will be closed for a bit due to a fluid leak.

Sometimes happiness is as simple as a donut.....Capt.

The Aubrey Police Department would like to thank the Town of Providence Village, Texas and the following companies, owners, employees and vendors for their help in the acquisition,Up-fitting and preparation of the new A/PV-PD golf cart. Owner of NTX Carts Mark Mitchell,for the awesome cart and use of his facilities for up-fitting Owner of 360 Wraps Tommy Stradder and his great team for the perfect custom body wrap and design. Kyle with Car Toys, TX) for hooking us up with a great sound system. Strobesnmore.comcom for the awesome lights and sirens. Rockstar Welding & Powder Coat for their assistance with fab work to the push bumper. Without these local and national companies, we wouldn’t have been able to pull off such an awesome end product.

Some days I am still surprised at what I will find on patrol. Turn the corner in PV to find three juvenile males huddled around a bench at Patriot Park. After addressing them and saying hello, I noticed that they were in the process of prepping fish they had caught for the grill. Now, I’m no Chef Ramsey, but I’d say they did fairly well for what they had on hand. Some may say that the catch was too small, well, I to that I’d say give them a pass. The mere fact that they were outside playing and learning life skills Vs. sitting at home playing on the cellphone is a “pass” in my book. To my new friends, Mavrick, Alex, Kaelob, as we get older, we loose sight of what it was like to be young... thank you for taking me back to my childhood even if it was only for 30mins. You all are going to go far in life, keep it up and stay safe. ...McLearen