Aubrey Police Department

  • Agency: Aubrey Police Department
  • Address: 108 East Elm Street, Aubrey, 76227 TX
  • Chief: Bryan Barrett (Chief of Police)
Phone: 940-365-2601

Aubrey Police Department is located at 108 East Elm Street, Aubrey, 76227 TX. The Chief of Police of the department is Bryan Barrett. The Aubrey Police Department phone number is 940-365-2601.

Aubrey Police Department News

Aubrey Police Department is, once again proud to introduce the newest member of our ranks, Officer Robert Patterson. Officer Patterson comes to us directly from graduating the Texoma Regional Police Academy in December of 2017. Prior to that, he attended college at the University of North Texas where he graduated with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice. As Law Enforcement runs in his family, we are certain he will be a great benefit to the citizens of Aubrey and Providence Village. On behalf of the Officers, Command Staff, the City of Aubrey and the City of Providence Village, welcome aboard Robert!

AUPD night shift is out and about... Have a great night, sleep tight, we got your back. P.S. If you leave your sidewalk chalk out, we assume you want us to play too. :)

10:30.00pm... by 10:30.5pm this bike can be stolen and never seen again. Please secure your valuable belongings so you don’t have to replace them. #HelpUsHelpYou #SecureYourStuff

Please secure your vehicles when leaving them unattended. This is a prime example of “inviting” a criminal into your car/home. It takes both of us to ensure our community is safe and secure. It only takes seconds for a criminal to grab a garage door opener, purse, keys, etc. #HelpUsHelpYou #LockHideTake

Please keep us in mind as you drive past an emergency vehicle.

Officer McLearen is currently attending the 23rd Annual Texas Campus Crime Stoppers Conference in Houston Texas. Prior to coming to AUPD, Officer McLearen was the SRO for Northwest High School in Justin TX. Officer McLearen will be attending several TCOLE classes geared toward Community Policing, Anti-Bullying, and Juvenile Mental Health. #TXCampusHOU18

Please remember to always lock your vehicles when parking. There are three important words everyone should remember... 1. LOCK your car. 2. HIDE your belongings. 3. TAKE your keys. Never make it easy for a criminal to gain access to your vehicle. Always remove or hide your belongings when leaving your vehicle for any length of time. Remember to always take your keys/fobs with you when you leave and make sure they are out of range.

Two straight days of icy conditions. Use caution and stay safe!

Good afternoon Aubrey and Providence Village. Please be mindful of the weather conditions over the next 24-48hrs. A Winter Weather Advisory in in effect until February 22, 12:00 AM by the National Weather Service. Please use caution while driving and getting around,as roadways are wet and have the potential to ice over. If you don't need to be out... don't go out. As always, Stay safe and stay warm. ....McLearen

Please help us welcome our newest Officer, Summer Housmans. Officer Housmans has begun our three month long Field Training Program and will be working with Training Officers from our Department during that time. Welcome Officer Housmans!

This is how much I trust my weather app in Texas.....Capt.

Sleep well Aubrey ❤❤❤ Cpl Nierste

Big SHOUT OUT to the Tovar family of Providence Village for the most delicious cake I've ever had! Beautiful cake from beautiful people! - LT

The officers of the AUBREY Police Department are saddened by the murder of Richardson Police Officer David Sherrard. Our thoughts and prayers are for his family... blood and Blue.

After a long road and 2.5 years of schooling, Capt. W. Townsend received his Bachelors Degree in Applied Arts and Science from Midwestern State University. We couldn’t be more proud of his hard work and dedication to his education and our Department. Congratulations Cap, GREAT JOB!📚🎓🚓

Good afternoon Aubrey and Providence Village! Please keep in mind that vehicles that are parked on city streets, regardless of the city, are required by City Ordnance to have up to date Vehicle Registration and operational. Inoperable vehicles, (obvious flat tires, leaking gas or dangerous fluids) and vehicles with expired registrations that are and are parked on city streets will have a 72 hour tow warning notice placed on the window by Officers. As always our Officers will take every possible step upon observing a violation, to attempt to locate the registered owner to help facilitate compliance with the ordnance and to avoid the towing of a vehicle. Town of Providence Village Ordinance regarding vehicles on roadways: Sec 12.04.001 General parking restrictions for vehicles & Golf Carts City of Aubrey Ordinance regarding vehicles on Roadways: Section 3.04.063 Junked vehicles Article 12.04 Parking, Stopping and Standing 12.04.001 General 12.04.002 Impoundment of unlawfully parked vehicles 12.04.004 Loading zones 12.04.006 Manner of parking 12.04.043 Restrictions (b)… more than 24 consecutive hours

Regardless of where you live, either Aubrey or Providence Village, please make sure your vehicles are parked facing the correct way on city streets. Just a friendly reminder. As you can see, this one was not. 😄 Stay safe McLearen.

Providence Village, this super nice guy was found wondering Cherry Hill Lane just 5 mins ago with no tags. Some friendly citizens grabbed him and took him to the Paul Revere Dog Park on Davisville Rd. If you know the owner please contact them ASAP.

Cpl Burris, Cpl Nierste and Lt Bruce are attending “Mastering Leadership Skills and Officer Performance “ course in Grand Prairie this week. This is a 3 day intensive course of instruction designed to promote and enhance leadership skills.

OK Providence Village Moms and Dads, does anyone recognize these items? They were found in the wooded area between Boston Harbor and Wethers Field Cir. While investigating a Criminal Mischief call where someone’s back patio window was accidentally shot out with a pellet gun, we discovered someone had been trying to build and AWESOME tree fort and left their tools behind. Stay safe! McLearen.

Help us welcome some new members to our First Responder family in Aubrey.

If you live in Aubrey or Providence Village and need a police officer, please call: Emergency - 9-1-1 Non-Emergency - 940-349-1600 x9

If you choose to commit a criminal act tonight in our jurisdiction, please do so indoors, with the heat on, and remain there until we arrive...... Capt.

The thermostat at the PD is stuck on 60. The Captain is thinking about starting a burn pile in the patrol room.