La Porte Police Department

  • Agency: La Porte Police Department
  • Address: 3001 North 23rd Street, La Porte, 77571 TX
  • Chief: Ken Adcox (Chief of Police)
Phone: 281-471-3811

La Porte Police Department is located at 3001 North 23rd Street, La Porte, 77571 TX. The Chief of Police of the department is Ken Adcox. The La Porte Police Department phone number is 281-471-3811.

La Porte Police Department News

Another reason to stay home! Do you remember this one? Icy conditions hit Houston area roadways via @YouTube

IN CASE YOU FORGOT or did not live here at the time... Icy road conditions leave many commuters stranded on Houston roadways via @YouTube

Please go to the La Porte Office of Emergency Management for updated information on road closures. The best advice for the evening, into tomorrow morning, is to stay off of the roadways. Our Officers, EMS and Fire departments will be on the roadways responding to emergency calls. Every additional vehicle is a hazard to those services. When you crash, you pull services from those who may need life saving attention. Be smart, STAY HOME!

Black ice: How to spot this winter driving danger

Winter Driving Tips Winter brings all sorts of driving headaches: snow, freezing rain and slush, which all make the roads more hazardous. To handle the hassle of winter driving: 1. First of all, buckle up. Basic car safety encourages the use of seat belts and car seats at all times. They're one of your best defenses in a crash. 2. Use extra caution in areas that ice up quickly, especially intersections, shaded areas, bridges and overpasses. 3. Get in the habit of regularly checking weather reports on TV or online so you can prepare for bad weather. On severe weather days, schools and workplaces might close or delay opening. Consider staying at home if you don't need to be on the road. 4. Keep an emergency kit in the trunk of your car – including blankets, a first aid kit and jumper cables. 5. Make sure your cell phone is fully charged and that your car always has a full tank of gas.

LPPD K9 traffic stop results in seizure of drugs and weapon in Drug Free Zone In the early morning hours of January 10, 2018 a La Porte Police Department (LPPD) K9 Officer conducted a traffic stop in the 4100 block of Farrington Blvd, La Porte Texas. During the traffic stop, the officer developed probable cause for the search of the vehicle. The search resulted in the arrest of the passenger, 37 year old Juan Manuel Limones Jr. of Pasadena Texas for multiple felony offenses. The driver, Dustin James Clay of Cold Springs Texas, was arrested for a traffic offense. During the probable cause search of the vehicle, the K9 Officer located and seized more than 3.5 ounces of high grade marijuana, five marijuana brownies weighing more than 6 ounces, 2.9 grams of crystal methamphetamine and a shotgun. The officer was able to link the drugs and shotgun to Limones. In addition to the drugs and weapon, the officer located possible stolen checks and a debit card, also linked to Limones. Following the investigation the officer contacted the Harris County District Attorney’s Office who accepted the charges of fraudulent use or Possession of Identifying Information, Unlawful Carrying of a Firearm by Felon, and Possession of a Controlled Substance Penalty Group 1 (Methamphetamine) in a Drug Free Zone on Limones. James was arrested for Driving While his License was Invalid, a Class C Misdemeanor. Both suspects were transported to the La Porte Jail for processing. Limones was later transferred to the Harris County Jail where he is being held on a “No Bond” for the three felony charges while he awaits his court appearance. In October of 2016, at the request of LPPD, the La Porte City Council passed an ordinance establishing an abundance of specific “Drug Free Zones” (DFZ) within the geographic boundaries of the City of La Porte. In short, DFZ are established 1000 feet around each Public Park, school, college, and day care center within the city. Signs are posted around these areas advising would be violators they are entering a DFZ. Persons caught in possession of illegal drugs within these areas may have their charges enhanced by one category. For example, a person found in possession of Marijuana in or around a city park would not be charged with a Class B Misdemeanor, but rather a Class A misdemeanor. Possession of 1 gram of methamphetamine, could be upgraded from a Third Degree Felony, to a Second Degree Felony. The DFZ were established in the interest of public safety by increasing penalties on those who chose to deal or us drugs in areas where our children attend schools and play. The attached map shows where the DFZ are located within the city limits. In addition to the DFZ the La Porte Police Department’s K9 Units are dedicated to proactively seeking out, and responding to any and all suspected narcotic related activity in the city. With each transaction spoiled, the unit communicates a clear message to those involved in the possession of illegal narcotics, that activity of this nature is not tolerated in the City of La Porte especially around our parks and schools. If you have any information on suspected narcotic or other illegal activity occurring within the City of La Porte, please contact the La Porte Police Department’s Criminal Investigative Division at 281-842-3173 or go to and click on the Criminal Investigative Division link.

The course consists of four days of training. Day 1– February 26, 2018 6pm-9pm Day 2– February 28, 2018 6pm-9pm Day 3– March 5, 2018 6pm-9pm Day 4– March 7, 2018 6pm-9pm The La Porte Police department is offering a free self defense class for women. This class is based on the R.A.D. Systems of self defense. R.A.D. is an acronym for Rape Aggression Defense. The objective of this class is to give women viable tools to escape an attacker should they ever find themselves in such a situation. Interested women should use the contact information below to sign up. This class is open to women ages 13 and up, young ladies under the age of 18 must attend class with their mother or legal female guardian. The class consist of four days of instruction with both classroom and practical exercises. The class will be available on a first come first serve basis to the first fifteen students to sign up. Classes are held at the LaPorte Police Station. Please contact Officer Parsons at the below email address to register. NOTE: THIS IS A PHYSICALLY DEMANDING COURSE Officer Matthew Parsons La Porte Police Department 3001 N. 23rd LaPorte, Tx. 77571

15 Winter Weather Life Hacks @weatherchannel

NATIONAL LAW ENFORCEMENT APPRECIATION DAY Across the country on January 9, citizens take the lead on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. Law Enforcement Officers of every rank and file have chosen a profession that puts their life on the line every day for their communities. They’ve answered a call to public service that is demanding and often unappreciated. On National Law Enforcement Day, we would like to take the opportunity to thank each of you for your service.

We would love to be a new addition to your home!!! #petoftheweek #LaPorteAdoptionCenter

The La Porte Police Department would like for you to learn from the horrible choices others make. Think before you drink. Have a plan, if you plan on going out this weekend. You can Uber or Lyft just about anywhere in south east Texas for less than $200. Failing to plan is planning to fail. At best a DWI could cost you your career, and thousands of dollars. Worse than that, it could cost you your life or the life of an innocent person. Are you willing to gamble over a few hundred dollars for alternative transportation? Drink, Drive, go to Prison. You have a choice, you’re victims do not.

Make the right choice this weekend! As 2017 comes to an end and we eagerly anticipate the arrival of 2018, the New Year’s holiday weekend becomes one of fun times, family gatherings, and joyous celebrations. With good food, relaxing music, and a short break from our busy schedules, we collectively enjoy the passing of another year. Therefore, to get the most out of the extended weekend, the La Porte Police Department is asking for the entire community’s help in making sure each of us carry out safe celebrations. As many people will be taking a break from their normal work schedule, residents are reminded of the added fact that there will be extra vehicles and pedestrians along the roadways. Therefore, the police department encourages motorists to make sure your vehicle is in safe driving condition, watch your speed of travel, and avoid allowing alcohol to interfere with driving responsibilities. Equally important, if you are attending a celebration where alcohol will be served, please select a designated driver before attending the event. As an additional reminder, La Porte officers will be out in force for the entire three-day weekend, with several units specifically targeting intoxicated drivers. The goal for La Porte Police is to have a zero-accident weekend and, with the help of all community members, the department believes the goal can be achieved. Please do your part to ensure area safety, both along our roadways and among residential areas. For more information regarding holiday safety, please contact the agency at 281-471-2141.

Every Tuesday January 16th - April 10th, 2018 The first meeting is January 16th, 2018 6:00pm-8:30pm All subsequent meetings will be from 6:30pm-8:30pm La Porte’s CPA is a community awareness program that is intended to create a stronger partnership between the police department and the citizens they serve. CPA participants attend classes at the La Porte Police Department, 3001 North 23rd Street, every Tuesday night for 13 consecutive weeks, from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. Participants are exposed to a large group of well-qualified instructors. All courses are taught by City of La Porte Police Department employees, both certified police officers and civilian employees, serving in specialized positions. To supplement the classroom instruction, hands-on training is offered to participants involving multiple areas of police operations, ranging from Special Weapons and Tactics to Community Policing. CPA graduates will find an abundance of rewarding volunteer opportunities and they also become eligible to participate in the department’s “ride along” program where they can experience police patrol first hand. Participation in the CPA is free and all materials are provided by the Police Department. An initial application is required to be completed and a background check will be conducted prior to the first night of class. Applicants must be at least eighteen years of age with a clear criminal history. This means that applicants must have no felony offense convictions, cannot be on probation for any reason, and must not have any outstanding warrants. The department also asks that all applicants live or work in the City of La Porte, although occasional exception(s) may be made. For questions concerning La Porte’s Citiz ens Police Academy, contact Officer Anthony Bish at 281-842-3124. You can also visit LPPD’s website at for more information, and to obtain a printable version of the initial application form.

California man arrested for Burglary In the early morning hours of Thursday December 14th, 2017, La Porte Police Department 911 received a possible burglary call at 1309 W Fairmont Pkwy, US Health Works, La Porte Texas. Upon arrival La Porte Police Patrol officers located and arrested Jose Luis Abreu Gil 02/04/1987 for Burglary of a Building. Upon arrival, La Porte Police Patrol officers made contact with an employee who stated that an unknown male was seen inside the business, which was closed at the time. Upon searching the building, responding officers located the suspect who was hiding inside. The suspect was identified as Jose Luis Abreu Gil of Bakersfield California. Abreu Gil had taken multiple items from offices within the building, and was also believed to be intoxicated at the time. LPPD Officers contacted the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, explained the details of this case, at which time the charge of Burglary of a Building was accepted. Abreu Gil was taken into custody and later transferred to the Harris County Jail, with a $1000 bond.

Thank you Magnolia Creek Golf Club/ South Shore Harbour Country Club for your donations to our Blue Santa Program.

The La Porte Police Department is seeking the communities assistance in identifying the two burglary suspects in the attached photos. These individuals illegally entered the La Porte High School Campus on November 12, 2017 at approximately 9:00pm. If you have information as to who these suspects are and where they may be located, please contact the La Porte Police Department's Criminal Investigations Division, Detective Pullig at 281-842-3143

#ThrowbackThursday 1973, Officer of the year award. THIS IS LEFT TO RIGHT, OFFICER RICHARD BROOME CHIEF OF POLICE HERBERT FREEMAN, JR. OFFICER JAMES C. LAFITTE #LoveLP #LPPDlove #HistoricLaPorte City Of La Porte : Life By The Bay

Please view the attached photographs of a bicycle thief. You are asked to contact CID Specialist A. Haire at 281-842-3173 if you recognize the thief shown in these photographs. Reference Case #17-04484.

The La Porte Police Department is seeking your help in identifying the suspect shown in the attached video. If anyone recognizes the suspect or the vehicle please contact Detective Pullig at 281-842-3143. Thank you.