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  • Agency: Arlington Police Department
  • Address: , Arlington, 76004 TX
  • Chief: Theron L Bowman, PhD (Chief of Police)
Fax: 817-459-5648

Arlington Police Department is located at , Arlington, 76004 TX. The Chief of Police of the department is Theron L Bowman, PhD.

Arlington Police Department News

This kitten is down to eight lives....Detention Officer Mark Wright-Chapman was running out the door to return a cell phone an individual had left behind when a woman flagged him down in the parking lot of the Ott Cribbs Public Safety Center. The woman kept hearing the sounds of "Meow, Meow" coming from her engine. He lifted up the hood, and this little guy has snuck into the engine bay of her car. Wright-Chapman rescued the kitten and everyone is okay. Now that's Service with a Smile.

Had a lot of fun at the YES Summit hosted by UTA this morning. Gave some lessons on police interactions and had great time with everyone.

#SelfieSaturday: Officer Crutcher hanging out with her mentee Daysha from the MAY Program.

Mark your calendar. One week from today we have a drug take back event on Saturday, October 28. If you have old or unused prescription medicine to dispose of, you can do it safely at four different locations around town.

It's never too early to plan for The Back the Blue Bash. The 5th annual party is set for March 2, 2018.

Great new program launched by Arlington that you will want to be part of.

Any of these faces look familiar? If they do, your wallet could be up to $1,000 happier. Our Top-10 Most Wanted for the Week. Crime Stoppers will pay up to $1,000 for information that leads to an arrest.

What a great day it was out at the Green Oaks School with so many fantastic kids. Officers spent the day talking to students about roles of police officers, how to identify an officer and even a little role playing. And of course, a chance to sit on a few Harleys.

Just a mere two weeks away from Halloween night. Bring the ghosts, the goblins, the kids and a friend to the best Trunk or Treating in all of Arlington. The South Service Station is hosting the annual Trunk or Treat from 6-8 p.m. on Halloween night. You can check out our police cars, meet McGruff the Crime Dog and expect candy....lots of candy.

Pet Detective Ace Ventura has some competition. A family dog, Baby, went missing months ago and the owner was very distraught over loss of her pet. The dog was found by someone along the way and after the animal was taken to a vet, the clinic scanned the dog and found it microchipped. The individual was made aware that the dog belonged to someone else, but never followed through with returning the dog. In steps Detective Belauskas. After a month of pounding the pavement, detectives were able to find the dog’s location. Because of Det. Belauskas the pooch was reunited with its rightful owner.

Service with a Smile: Officer Regan West working with her MAY mentee Blaize on her vision board and career goals.

These two suspects just had to have a new iPhone 8Plus. They went into a business location in the 900 block of N. Collins street, asked to see a new phone, and took off running out of the business once it was handed to them. An employee tried to stop them in the parking lot, but they assaulted the individual and then left in a champagne colored SUV. The female is described as 20-25 years old, long blonde hair with a tattoo on her right upper back. The male is 25-30 years old, approximately 175-190 pounds, a thinly shaven beard with multiple tattoos on both forearms. If you can identify either of these individuals please contact Det. Constantino at 817-459-5729 or email at

We continue to work solicitor/panhandler operations. Today, our focus was in South Arlington from 11 am to 3 pm which resulted in 4 arrests and 9 citations issued. All subjects were observed committing pedestrian violations by entering the roadway at intersections to collect donations from motorists.

One of these 10 faces could fetch you up to $1,000. Our Top-10 Most Wanted for the Week. Crime Stoppers will pay for information that leads to an arrest.

More great community news to read about in the October issue of On Call.

Take a good look at this video. These two suspects are dressed in generic green vests, latex gloves and holding a clipboard trying to disguise themselves as workers in an "official" capacity of sorts. They only thing they are working on is burglary. The suspects went around to the back and were able to force their way into the home in the 3500 block of LIttlestone Drive. The video shows them loading items into the trunk of a vehicle. If you recognize either one of these suspects please contact Detective Hugh Trinh at 817-459-5805.

These two were grinning for the camera. And now we need your help to ID them. The two suspects went into the Guitar Center in North Arlington and stole multiple cymbals. The third face you see attempted to sell the stolen items in neighboring cities. The suspects appear to be targeting these businesses throughout the metroplex. If you have any information on these two suspects, please contact Det. Frias at 817-459-6482.

Lock your Car. Take your Keys. Hide your Belongings.

We extend our thoughts & prayers to the Texas Tech Police Department as they grieve the loss of one of their own. #TexasTechPD #TexasStrong

It has been 25 years since we lost Officers Jerry J. Crocker and Terry Lynn Lewis – End of Watch: October 9, 1992 Officers Lewis and Crocker were assisting the victim of a hit and run accident. They both died after their patrol car was hit by a person who was driving while intoxicated. Heroes live forever. Thank you for your service Officer Jerry J. Crocker and Terry Lynn Lewis.

We have responded to nearly a dozen incidents involving suspects who appear to be targeting women at various retail locations centers in East Arlington. Investigators believe that the suspects are the same persons profiled by the Grand Prairie PD yesterday. This video is from Tuesday, October 3 in 2400 block of E. Pioneer Parkway. The video shows one of the suspects exiting a vehicle and quickly opening the door of another car. He takes the purse and flees the area. The suspect vehicle is believed to be a white Chevy Impala. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Trinh at 817-459-5805. Help us find these guys!

Behind every badge, there is an untold story. This story was actually sent to Police Chief Will Johnson from Patrol Sgt. Greg Waldron. We know the public doesn’t always get to see or hear of every good story so we decided to publish this one. It definitely brought some tears to many of us reading this incredible story which reinforces what geographic policing in Arlington is all about. We hope you enjoy this little insight of two officers assigned to the East Patrol District who simply view this as doing their job.... Letter to Chief Johnson and Lt. Dishko: Lt. Dishko, As you know, Gary Jones & Trevor Clenney have worked the 410s for many years. Over a year ago, I happened to work a Sunday patrol shift. Gary Jones introduced me to “Mike”, an elderly man living in the beat. Mike is from Mexico but has been a citizen longer than I have. Gary explained that he & Trevor worked a death investigation at Mike’s home years ago. Mike’s wife of decades passed away in her sleep, and the officers noted that Mike was understandably distraught and somewhat lost as they worked the routine call. Gary & Trevor took it upon themselves to “adopt” Mike & the three men became fast friends. They bring food and eat meals with Mike, purchased him a large print bible when his eyesight became too poor to read his own, and generally nag him to see after his health. They convinced him to stop driving when it became obvious it was no longer safe for him to do so. The officers have talked to Mike’s two grown children, who live out of state. They are no longer young either. Gary & Trevor have contacted various agencies on his behalf, and have helped him care for his small dog. When I met Mike, he wore me out about how much he cares for these officers. He boasted they helped him when his wife died years before. While they keep up with him throughout the week, I believe Sunday is primary visit day. Gary is a PTO and there’s no telling how many trainees he’s dragged to Mike’s house. It's probably a safe bet to say all the officers on the shift know what’s going on with Mike. That is a good thing. I had occasion to recently work on the weekend again. I ran into Trevor at Mike’s house. Mike is at least in his mid-90s and was noticeably more feeble than when I initially met him. Trevor was sitting in Mike’s living room with his MDC atop a TV tray. He was focused on finishing a crash report. Mike was in his easy chair watching TV. I noticed there wasn’t a whole lot of interaction going on because Trevor was busy working. (Although Mike did take time to critique Trevor’s Spanish in a brutally honest fashion) Then it dawned on me the point was just to be with Mike, and not necessarily to entertain him. It was a comfortable situation for both of them. Mike mostly went on to me again about how much he loves Gary & Trevor. As far as he is concerned, they are his children. When I left, a bunch of neighbors were outside. They all waved. Without a doubt, everyone on that street knows the police look after Mike and I think they really appreciate that. I know Mike does. These officers make no big deal out of this and wouldn’t want a huge deal made out of it. It is just what they do. These are things people just don’t know about police. I am always humbled when I see something like this. Sadly, I doubt Mike has much left in him. I am convinced if he were able & knew how, he’d drive up to the station and tell the Chief (and everyone else) what these officers mean to him. I decided I’d do that for him because I think it’s important for these things to be known about our people. Sgt. Greg Waldron GW775

Somebody heinously vandalized one of our vehicles this morning. If you see the perpetrator please let us we can thank them!

Recognize this man in the video? We need to find him. He’s a suspect that is seen using stolen credit cards at multiple grocery stores. The suspect loads gift cards with money while at the store using the stolen credit cards. The suspect is described as a heavy set African-American male, wearing a white Jordan hat, white Jordan shirt that reads “Every. Single. Day” and red Jordan shorts. If you know this man, please contact Detective Heisel at 817-459-5860.

Some of the images from the great time at National Night Out last night. We had a record 223 parties across Arlington and the rain didn't stop any of the fun.