Bedford Police Department

  • Agency: Bedford Police Department
  • Address: 2121 L Don Dodson Dr, Bedford, 76021 TX
  • Chief: David Flory (Chief of Police)
Phone: 817-952-2430
Fax: 817-952-2680

Bedford Police Department is located at 2121 L Don Dodson Dr, Bedford, 76021 TX. The Chief of Police of the department is David Flory. The Bedford Police Department phone number is 817-952-2430.

Bedford Police Department News

Accident: Traffic accident in the 4000 block of 183 west bound. The right lane has been closed just west of Industrial Blvd. We will update you when the accident has been cleared. Thank you!

We had such a great time at the Bedford Pet Fair and Adopt-A-Thon! Thanks to everyone who came out and braved the wind with us today! 🐶

Officer Wenzel got to meet Big Juicy today! 💙🐶

Our K9 Darco is about to show off some of his training skills!

When you count to three and the wind decides to blow everything off the tables! 😂. We love the Pet Supermarket employees! Thanks for coming out today!

Getting all set up out at the Pet Fair! Come join us at the Bedford Animal Shelter!

We are so Honored to serve alongside our Brothers and Sisters with the Bedford FD.

Sweet Rosa and the students of New Life Academy dropped off bags of goodies today for our Department! Thanks everyone!

Thank you to the HEBISD Law Enforcement 911 Communications Program for the yummy goodies they brought to our Dispatchers for National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week! #NPSTW2018

Our Dispatchers received some awesome gifts from our very own Fire Department! Thanks Bedford, TX Fire Department 💙💙

We are under a Tornado Watch until 10pm tonight. Severe storms are possible this afternoon/evening. With spring being here, we want to remind everyone the difference between a Watch and a Warning.

Did we spot Officer Butch Lindsey today? Why yes, yes we sure did! Officer Butch Lindsey and Sgt. Crowell are out helping the kindergarteners at MeadowcreekElementary walk to the Boys Ranch for their annual Park walk! Have fun kiddos!

Great video by McKinney Police Department about road rage, check it out!

Our Dispatchers wanted to say “Thank You” to MrRestore for the goodies they surprised them with for National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week! #NPSTW

Good Morning Everyone! Since its National Public Safety Telecommunicators week, we would like to give you all a 911 tip to help not only our Dispatcher’s, but our community as well. Let’s talk about when you need to call 911 vs. when you need to call the non-emergency dispatch line. We understand that every call is important, but there are certain calls that can be directed to the non-emergency line. 911 is only to be used in emergency situations. An emergency is any situation that requires immediate assistance from the Police Department, Fire Department or Ambulance. If you are ever in doubt of whether a situation is an emergency, you should call 911. It’s better to be safe and let the Dispatcher determine if you need emergency assistance. Let’s list some examples of when you should call the non emergency line and NOT 911 (Yes, our dispatchers have received the following calls on the 911 line) • Information - If you need another Police Departments phone number, you can call 411 for information, or our front desk has a list of Police Department agencies in the DFW area with their phone numbers. • Animal Complaints – a dog that is loose, a barking dog, animals stuck in chimneys. These calls can be directed to either our non emergency line or our Animal Control. • Noise Complaints – People being loud, kids being loud, radios being played too loud. • Your neighbor is using their leaf blower to blow their leaves onto your yard • A car accident that happened days ago • When the power is out • Someone is parked in front of your mailbox; someone is parked facing the wrong way on the street. • Because your child refuses to get out of bed and go to school Now, when should you call 911? • Medical Emergencies, such as someone having a heart attack or a stroke, or someone is seriously injured. • Heart Attack or stroke • House Fire • Domestic Violence • Crimes in progress, such as Burglary or theft in progress • Car accidents • Suspicious Activities, where you believe a crime in progress is about to be committed Our non-emergency number is 817-952-2127

Media Release regarding a robbery that occurred Monday April 9th at Comerica Bank, located in the 2100 block of Central Dr. The suspect was identified and taken into custody. The Fort Worth FBI office will be handling the investigation moving forward, including the filing of any charges on the suspect. All inquiries about this offense should be directed to that office.

Yesterday, we held the badge pinning ceremony to recognize the promotion of the following: - Sergeant Hager was promoted to Lieutenant. - Corporal Mack was promoted to Sergeant. - Officer Hicks was promoted to Corporal. - Officer Miller was promoted to Corporal. Please help us in congratulating all of our amazing supervisors, and thank you to everyone who joined us!

Bedford Police Department will be hosting a Prescription Drug Take Back, Saturday, April 28th from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. All medications are to be removed from its original packaging and placed into a plastic bag (i.e Ziploc type or any plastic grocery bag). PILLS ONLY, do not bring the following: - Bottles - Blister Packs - Inhalers - Liquids - Needles. #DEATakeBack

This week, April 8th - 14th is National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week! This week is dedicated to the ones you hear, but never see. The ones who answer your 911 call and dispatch the first responders to your location. The ones who stay calm during the most stressful situations. Please take a moment to recognize and show your appreciation for the hard work our dispatchers’ display each and every day. We can't say enough about our strong men and women who piece together our Dispatch Division. They are the backbone to our agency. Each individual has a special meaning to us and we are blessed to call them our family. Thank you for what you do. #Telecommunicatorsweek2018 #NTW2018

What is suspicious activity? "Am I witnessing a crime?" Most of us have found ourselves wondering this at some point or another. However, because we're not really sure, we tend to ignore what we have just seen and, hoping it wasn't so, we continue about our business. People aren't suspicious, behavior is! Always consider the context for what you are witnessing and remember there may be a simple explanation for activity that at first glance appears suspicious. Here are behaviors that may be associated with criminal activity: -Someone walking down the street looking into multiple vehicles and/or trying door handles to see if the doors will open. -Someone taking a package from someone else's property (keep in mind that sometimes neighbors leave or pick up packages for other neighbors). -A person who is not your neighbor walking about your neighbor's home and looking into windows, or trying to gain access by forcing open a window or door. -A person knocking on your door and asking to speak with someone who does not live there and who may also go to other homes knocking on doors. This is a tactic used by people with the intent to burglarize to see if people are home. (Keep in mind that people may mistakenly go to the wrong home.) -Someone claiming to represent a utility company who is either not wearing a uniform, does not produce identification upon request, or does not have a company logo vehicle. -Someone using binoculars or other devices to peer into your or your neighbors' homes. -At night, a person sitting inside a vehicle that you do not recognize with the lights off for extended period of time. -A pushy salesperson not producing identification upon your request or asking to come into your home. -A vehicle you do not recognize that is circling multiple times around the neighborhood. Remember, if you think that a crime may be occurring, or that the safety of you or your neighbors may be at risk, don't hesitate to call 911, make sure to provide a license plate number, a description of a vehicle or a person, the clothing they are wearing, etc. You shouldn't worry about using up police time. Calls to 911 will be prioritized based on availability of law enforcement. Your call could be the one that lets us put a stop to the break-ins or a crime streak in your neighborhood. We are happy to check things out!

This week, one of our volunteers, Marsha Rice decided our Records Division needed some love, so she deemed this week as “Records Appreciation Week”. Each day she has brought some goodies to the Records Division and today, she surprised them with some yummy decorated donuts! Marsha, you seriously ROCK! We have the greatest volunteers ever, we love you all! 💙

The Medal of Honor is the United States of America’s highest Military decoration that may be awarded to recognize U.S. Military service members who distinguished themselves by acts of valor. Today, Sgt. LaPenna, Officer Miller and Officer Williamson will be along side many other departments escorting Medal of Honor recipients and their families from DFW Airport to Gainesville, TX, where they will be honored during 4 days of celebration in recognition for their service. From everyone here at Bedford PD, we wanted to say Thank You to each one of these honorees for their service.

Major Accident: Bedford Rd is shut down in both directions at Wade Dr due to a major accident. Please avoid this area until further notice.

We caught Officer Wenzel out Patrolling Bedford with his Peeps! We hope each and every one of you have a wonderful Easter Sunday with your family and friends! 💙🐰