Haltom City Police Department

  • Agency: Haltom City Police Department
  • Address: 5110 Broadway Ave, Haltom City, 76117 TX
  • Chief: Kenneth Burton (Chief of Police)

Haltom City Police Department is located at 5110 Broadway Ave, Haltom City, 76117 TX. The Chief of Police of the department is Kenneth Burton. The Haltom City Police Department phone number is 817-222-7000.

Haltom City Police Department News

Pet of the Week: Rocco! Rocco is a year-old heeler mix. He loves to run and have fun but will need a little help getting used to a leash. Rocco will need to be neutered and be vaccinated for rabies. To adopt Rocco or any of the furry friends at the Haltom City Animal Shelter, please visit us at 5312 Midway Rd or call us at (817) 759-2124

A little light lab work after working a mock crime scene for our Explorers. Most valuable lesson learned was how fingerprint dust gets EVERYWHERE when you use it.

Here we see Filo, dragging a volunteer inside where its nice and warm. And over here, we see Filo helping adjust a jacket so the volunteer is protected from the elements. Our K9s are very, very thoughtful. Filo wants to remind you that despite the super trendy fur coat they wear, you should bring in your animals and their food and water bowls when temps get this cold outside. If its bad for humans, its bad for pets as well.

Today we honor a great citizen, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and reflect on the messages he championed during his all-too-short life.

Haltom City has been invaded! The influenza virus has slammed North Texas. Many of you are either miserable with flu, or are desperately trying to avoid it. Here's some helpful hints to get us by. Get the flu shot. It's not a perfect solution, but an ounce of prevention us worth a pound of cure. If you or your family are sick...STAY HOME. Don't go to work, school, library, Hall & Oates concert...nothing. STAY HOME. Wash hands! Assume everyone else is carrying the virus and wash hands accordingly. Don't touch your face. Once the germs are on your hands, they just need an invitation to your blood stream. Your PD and FD would love to avoid sick people, but we can't avoid getting called to homes of sick folks. Please don't be offended if we pass on that handshake right now. WE ARE PROUD TO SERVE YOU and no one appreciates their first responders more than Haltom City, but we have to do everything possible to stay healthy for you. We'll settle for a fist bump, head nod, or tip of the hat. Y'all do the same for each other. Stay healthy Haltom!!

Do you recognize this package thief? If you have any information, please contact Detective St. John at 817-222-7032.

Help Us Catch a Thief! Do you recognize these men? They are suspected of stealing of trailers in the area. If you have any information, please contact Detective St. John at 817-222-7032

"What should I do if I'm pulled over?" That's a great question! Let's focus on traffic stops since that is the primary reason you may be pulled over. When you see the emergency lights behind you, you should begin looking for a safe place to pull over. Officers dont want you to stop in an unsafe area that may get either of you hurt, so pull far into the shoulder, or exit the freeway if possible. You can let us know that you see us, and are looking for a safe spot by turning on your hazards. STAY IN THE CAR...we'll come to you. As the officer is letting dispatch know where he is and making sure he isnt stepping into traffic, be patient. You can go ahead and roll your window down, but avoid digging around in your vehicle or rummaging through consoles. Bonus points though, if you turn on interior lights at night so its easier to see or if you roll down rear windows that are tinted real dark. Everyone knows what comes next when the officer makes contact, but wait for the request before retrieving your Driver's License and Insurance cards. If you want to tell the officer, "Its in my purse, my back pocket, the glove box, etc" before reaching for it, we find that very courteous. The officer will explain why you were pulled over. You may or may not agree, but realize that this isnt the appropriate time for an argument. You might be issued a warning, in which you need to take no other action aside from addressing any issues discussed (new lightbulbs, etc.) or you may be issued a citation. In that case, the officer will explain what you need to do. (This includes how to handle a citation you dont agree with) The other BIG one we get is if you have a License to Carry (LTC) and are armed and get pulled over. Its simple. Let the officer know you have a LTC and are armed with weapon ON you, armed with the weapon IN the vehicle, or unarmed BEFORE you reach for anything else. The officer will guide you from there, but there's no reason to be handling a firearm before or during a traffic stop. We pull people over all the time who have firearms (Yeah Texas) and it works out just fine. Hopefully we've given you some new information, refreshed your memory, or given you some information you can pass on to a new or young driver you may know. Thanks to our citizens for helping keep us safe as we do our best to serve YOU!

This looks like the majority of accidents we work in HC; rear-end collisions. There are two factors that we attribute to most of them that we will discuss today. Get your popcorn! Fail to control speed. This doesn't necessarily mean you were driving above the posted speed limit, but that you were driving beyond your capabilities, the vehicle's mechanical capabilities, or the road surface properties. Hopefully, we drive slower on wet or icy roads even though the posted speed limit stays the same. Slowing down increases your reactionary gap, reduces the distance to stop your vehicle, and increases your survival odds in a collision. Following too closely. This is the big one. If you ran into the back of someone...you were following too closely. They hit their brakes, you had no time to react, you never saw it, they swerved to avoid an obstacle and you had no time to maneuver....because you were too close. Today when you drive...see how long it takes from the time the vehicle you are following passes a point on the road until you cross the same point. As soon as they pass a road sign, start counting. If you reach that same point without hitting 3 Mississippi.....you were way too close to react to an emergency at highway speeds. Share with your friends to remind them to be safe, with your teens that are still learning the ways of the road, and with those you thought of while reading this!

Your HC officers proudly give back to the families they serve. Usually these deeds are done humbly and quietly, but it's important for our citizens to know how much we care about our HC community.

Help Catch a Thief! The male shown is a suspect in a burglary of a vehicle and debit/credit card fraud. He is known to drive the pictured silver Chrysler 300. If you have any information, please contact Detective St. John at 817-222-7032 or bstjohn@haltomcitytx.com

Found a couple of mischief makers hanging from our spotlight today. We called Santa and he was NOT happy that they weren't watching their family as trained. They were detained and given a ride back to their proper home where their designated family was VERY glad to see them returned. Please keep a close eye on your elves. We've had several calls regarding Elf mischief during the night when kids are sleeping. Remind them that Haltom City has a curfew and unless they are reporting back to the North Pole, they need to stay inside at night.

Your PD always has your safety in mind. This one isn't crime related, but it's still pretty darn good info. Besides, can you imagine Santa's dry cleaning bill on that red velvet and white fur suit?

Is your favorite officer in here somewhere?

A little Christmas Cheer from our friends at West Birdville!

Our PD Christmas tree is proudly displayed in our lobby for the community to see. Typically our tree is in the secured part of the building privately displayed for our officers, but this year we wanted our city to share with us in reflecting on this year. Our tree is covered in Thin Blue Line ornaments, 122 to be exact. If you look a bit closer you will find each ornament is dedicated to an officer that died in the line of duty this year alone. 14 of those ornaments are for Texas officers, who lost more LEO's than any other state. Feel free to come visit our tree, and post your pictures here. Our lobby never closes.

Special thanks to the Citizens Police Academy Alumni group. We appreciate those who were able to make it out tonight. This group of volunteers and many others have put in hundreds of hours of volunteer work to help the police department in so many ways. They've held fundraisers, bike rodeos, police and fire camp, cooked meals, wrestled our rookies, and got shot with SIM rounds by our SWAT team. We can't thank you enough!

Our deepest condolences go out to our NRH community that suffered a terrible tragedy. We pray for comfort and peace for the family. Although our cities are divided by an imaginary border, we are still unified by human compassion. We ask that our citizens also remember the first responders who also were impacted by such a horrible incident. We are proud to serve our citizens, but incidents involving children are always especially hard on those involved.

Help Us Catch This Thief! The subject shown was involved in numerous fraudulent credit/debit card ATM cash withdraws from 7-11 at 6001 Airport FWY. He may be driving a dark red Ford pickup. If you have any information, please contact Detective Junker at 817-222-7028.

After some requests, we looked at this spot by Beacon Baptist and we agree that some drivers just do what they want. So..... Please exercise your usual good judgement and defensive driving skills when traveling in this area as it will be getting some special attention. Nobody wants to write our great citizens a citation this close to Christmas so please help us educate the public. Going North on Haltom, you can NOT turn left onto Old Denton after the RR tracks as per the three posted signs. (We sent a message in to get the one faded sign replaced btw) Going South on Haltom you can NOT continue straight across the RR tracks from the right lane...you must turn right as per the posted signs. The left lane is for through traffic. Be safe driving today, and give yourself some extra room between your front bumper and the car in front of you.


Pet of the Week: Oreo Oreo is a young female pit bull-terrier mix. She is full of energy and would make a great training partner for the next 5K you want to run. Adoption fees for Oreo are waived, but she will be need be to spayed. For more information on Oreo and all the other great furry friends that need forever homes, contact the Haltom City Animal Shelter at 817-759-2124.

This suspect has been identified and is in jail! Thank you for all the help!

Words cannot begin to express the sadness and loss felt by all first responders with the loss of a San Marcos Police officer. Please take a moment to remember the danger and sacrifice of those that choose to wear a badge and serve their community. We are proud to serve the greatest citizens in Texas and will continue to do so. http://www.statesman.com/news/local/san-marcos-police-officer-wounded-shooter-custody-reports-say/sowiI3SBfnK6luagNw2xyN/