South Salt Lake City Police Department

  • Agency: South Salt Lake City Police Department
  • Address: 2835 S Main St, South Salt Lake City, 84115 UT
  • Chief: Chris Snyder (Chief of Police)
Phone: 801.412.3600

South Salt Lake City Police Department is located at 2835 S Main St, South Salt Lake City, 84115 UT. The Chief of Police of the department is Chris Snyder. The South Salt Lake City Police Department phone number is 801.412.3600.

South Salt Lake City Police Department News

Coffee with a COP! Business owners and Residence of South Salt Lake enjoying the Chief and others!

Officer Chris Taylor and Officer Cody Coggle recovered thousands of dollars in stolen property tonight. One of the Victim’s was ecstatic to get his stolen property back! Good job by Officer Coggle and all the other members of the South Salt Lake Police Department who helped tonight!

2018 Police Appreciation Banquet and award Ceremony. Officers and staff were recognized for going above and beyond in 2017 - The following awards were presented in our banquet. *Chief"s Star - Joe Sutera Awarded by the Chief of Police for undefined, extraordinarily superior acts, service, or conduct, to the community or department members. *Lifesaving Medal - Officer Tyrone Boyd, Officer Stephen Mindt, Officer Tanner Nelsen and Officer Gabriel Zuluaga. Awarded to a peace officer(s) for saving the life of another person, under conditions which posed a risk of serious personal injury to the officer. *Blue Knight Medal - Officer Jordan Lenz, Officer Aldo Montes and Officer Alex Plascencia. Awarded to a peace officer(s) whose meritorious or outstanding acts demonstrated a true example of police professionalism under stressful or diverse conditions, or acts of noble or humane character. *Medal of Merit - Officer Sam Doust and Tiffany Kelson. Awarded to an officer or employee for exceptional service in a position of critical importance to the South Salt Lake Police Department. *Mayor's Spirit of Community Award - Officer Jerry Silva and Officer Chad Leetham. Awarded to an officer who in the course of his/her daily work contributes to the citizens of the City of South Salt Lake in a remarkable way and embodies what it means to serve the community they are sworn to protect. *Chamber of Commerce Award - Sgt. Joe Cummings, Officer Alan Hunsaker, Officer Aaron Lawrence, Officer Luis Lambardo, Officer Nathan McDonald, Officer Joseph McGrath and Officer Jason Rasmussen. *Honorary Colonels Award - Officer Stephen Mindt and Officer Jerry Silva. Awarded to an officer or employee who in the course of his/her work shows undefined extra efforts assisting the citizens of South Salt Lake, or the community at large.

Come support the youth of your community today at 1pm! Support PAL Boxing! $10 Adults $5 youth "Every kids needs a PAL"

In memory of our brother and friend - Matthew Garth Jewkes. There are rarely days you’re not spoken about and remembered. Stories of you and the fun memories, and memories of the crazy stories you would tell. You will forever be in our hearts. Happy Birthday !

Meet Dylan - he wants to be a police officer when he grows up! His highlight of touring the police department was sitting on the motorcycle and activating the lights. We will be swearing him in about 17 Years!

Bowl with a COP!

Calling all kids! Today at 3:30 pm

Some of the biggest hearts you will find are hidden behind the badges they wear. Thanks to all the South Salt Lake Officers that attended, to make this a special night. It was fun!

Thanks to all the officers attending the South Salt Lake Daddy Daughter Dance. Officer Plascencia and Officer Hermansen brought down the house !

Today Sgt. Jake Parker was recognized by the Commission on Criminal & Juvenile Justice for his dedication and work on the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI). Sgt. Jake Parker and his team have helped change the way sexual assault cases are handled and reviewed in the State of Utah. Congratulations Sgt. Jake Parker! MEDIA RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE January 16, 2018, 10:00 am Utah State Capitol Rotunda Utah Sexual Assault Kit Initiative In 2015 the Utah Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice (CCJJ) was awarded a grant for $1,999,680 from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) for the National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI). The first sub-award from this grant was to the Utah Department Public Safety (DPS); which includes the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) and the Utah Bureau of Forensic Services (BFS). DPS hired a full-time investigator, Agent Steve O’Camb, and a full-time victim advocate, Lauren De Vries. They collaborate with the dedicated scientists at BFS, local law enforcement agencies, and survivors to bring resolution to unsubmitted sexual assault kits. The The partnership between CCJJ and DPS has been invaluable to the SAKI project. With the support of an additional federal grant of $1.3 million from the District Attorney’s Office of New York (DANY), to date, 2,258 previously unsubmitted sexual assault kits have been submitted for DNA testing; 1,763 of those kits have testing completed and they have been returned to law enforcement agencies; 701 profiles have been uploaded into CODIS and 171 of those profiles have produced a CODIS hit. A CODIS “hit” is only the beginning of an investigation into an unsubmitted sexual assault kit. SAKI has had a remarkable working relationship with the 11 law enforcement agencies in Salt Lake County as a pilot project. These law enforcement agencies have been supportive of testing all previously unsubmitted sexual assault kits and they have committed the staffing and resources to work on the investigation of these cases. SAKI wants to commend all the local agencies that have participated in the multi-disciplinary case review process. The case review process was developed in 2016 to assess each previously unsubmitted sexual assault case’s potential to be investigated and prosecuted. This multi-disciplinary group has reviewed 156 cases while helping to identify gaps in the criminal justice system, and assess training needs for multi-disciplinary professionals. SAKI wants to recognize the work of Sergeant Deke Christensen with Salt Lake City Police Department (SLCPD) and his Special Victim detectives for their commitment to victims and survivors of these unsubmitted sexual assault cases. SLCPD began submitting and investigating their unsubmitted sexual assault cases before the implementation of the SAKI program. Sgt. Christensen has remained a supportive partner as SLCPD was the first local law enforcement agency to attend a SAKI case review. SAKI developed a victim notification protocol in 2017 and Sgt. Christensen and his detectives have traveled to multiple states to notify victims in-person of their unsubmitted sexual assault kit results. SAKI also wants to recognize the work of the South Salt Lake Police Department and Sergeant Jake Parker. Sgt. Parker only has one sex crime detective to manage one of the heaviest per-capita caseloads in the state. The continued efforts of the SSLPD to follow-up and adjudicate previously unsubmitted and/or partially tested sexual assault cases demonstrates their commitment to protect and serve the residents of South Salt Lake City. Within the next few months, SSLPD will be engaging our federal partners to complete a sexual assault unit staffing assessment. This, or similar assessments, have been done at other agencies in Salt Lake County. Sgt. Parker and his staff attend meetings, multi-disciplinary case reviews, trainings and any opportunities available to better the expertise and capacity of their department. He is a valued partner, and an excellent example to the community. With the support of law enforcement agencies and the passage of House Bill 200 in 2017, the state of Utah now mandates testing all sexual assault kits. In October 2017 CCJJ was awarded an additional grant for $2,208,493 from BJA for the National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative (SAKI) to expand our efforts statewide. This will increase our outreach from the 11 agencies in Salt Lake County to the more than 130 agencies statewide that may have unsubmitted sexual assault kits. In 2014 at the request of the legislature, a statewide working group was created. This group was committed to increasing support services and improving the systematic response to survivors of sexual assault; increasing transparency throughout the criminal justice process; enhancing prosecution rates of sexual violence cases; reducing processing times for sexual assault kits; and advocating for policy changes at the state and local levels. SAKI has continued that work by implementing evidence-based protocols and practices developed as part of our local pilot project. Now we are making these same resources available to the entire state through 2020. SAKI has established a Sexual Assault Kit Information Line and Victim Therapeutic Treatment Fund, and is nearing completion of the Sexual Assault Kit Tracking System (expected to launch in early 2018). We look forward to continuing the SAKI mission statewide with the help of our statewide partners.

Happy New Years to all, and to the men and women that have committed to providing the best law enforcement services to the City of South Salt Lake, on the streets and behind the scenes.

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

Today at 9 am @ Village Inn.

New DNA evidence and an increased reward for information leading to an arrest ! Heidi (Black) and Greg Miller, accompanied by widower Earl Black announce a quarter of a million dollars in reward money, for information leading to the arrest of Sherry Black's killer! The South Salt Lake Police Department has dedicated the past seven years looking for advanced technology in DNA testing. Bringing Familial DNA Testing to the State of Utah just a few years ago, we were hopeful that a match would lead us to a suspect. Unfortunately that has not happened to date, but we remain hopeful that it will one day it reveal a match. However, Familial DNA Testing in the State of Utah, as been successful in solving other homicide cases. We are extremely excited that through are partnership with the Unified Police Department, we were able to identify more advanced DNA technology through Parabon Nanolabs Inc. Parabon is a company based in Reston, Virginia, that provides DNA phenotyping services for law enforcement. Using the DNA sample submitted, they are able to create a snapshot of what the subjects features would look like. The South Salt Lake Police Department and Unified Police Department have established a 24hr call center for the Sherry Black homicide tip-line. If you have any information regarding this investigation, please call 801-412-3688.

South Salt Lake Police reveal new DNA evidence in the Sherry Black homicide investigation.

November, 27 @ 5pm we will meet @ Deliberate Dynamics. Attorney General office will talk on Human Trafficking & South Salt Lake Police will talk crime trends in the area! See ya tomorrow at 5pm

PAL Thanksgiving 2017 preparing kits and meals for the community!

It's that time of the year for our PAL Thanksgiving Dinner. Our PAL kids will be putting together turkey dinners for delivery on Nov 21. Attached a list of items we are in need of, and your considerate donations would be greatly appreciated! We will be serving over 50 families this year !

Stand up for South Salt Lake! May of this year the City of South Salt Lake was selected to host one of three new shelters. The men's shelter will be at 3380 South 1000 West, Since the announcement of the site selection, the police department began to track homeless contacts in our City. In August of this year the State kicked off Operation Rio Grande. The South Salt Lake Police Department was asked to participate in the clean-up efforts of the Rio Grande District in Salt Lake City. The South Salt Lake Police Department declined to provide staffing, anticipating our City would be greatly impacted as a result of Operation Rio Grande. That forecast was correct! Total Transient Related Contacts: APRIL - 42 MAY - 85 JUNE - 65 JULY - 93 AUG - 230 (Operation Rio Grande) SEP - 226 From April of this year to September, South Salt Lake Officers made 282 arrests while dealing with transient related contacts. The South Salt Lake Police Department is working aggressively to maintain control of our (Your) community, to keep the quality of life we have worked hard to create for all our residents and business'. But as the shelter nears, we will need additional staffing to maintain control of our community and we will need your support again as Mayor Cherie Wood stands up for South Salt Lake!

Please join us tomorrow, Thursday, November 9th at the South Salt Lake Police Department for a fantastic presentation on gangs. The good folks from the Salt Lake Area Gang Project will present some important information relevant for all adults. It will start at 7:00pm. We hope to see you there.

Please join Granite Park Junior High on November 10th from 8:30 a.m. To 10:15 a.m. to honor and recognize service men and women for Veterans Day. There will be student performances and commemorative exhibits.