West Valley City Police Department

  • Agency: West Valley City Police Department
  • Address: 3600 South Constitution Blvd, West Valley, 84119 UT
  • Chief: Thayle B Nielsen (Chief of Police)
Phone: 801-963-3300

West Valley City Police Department is located at 3600 South Constitution Blvd, West Valley, 84119 UT. The Chief of Police of the department is Thayle B Nielsen. The West Valley City Police Department phone number is 801-963-3300.

West Valley City Police Department News

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: congratulations to Detective Greco for outstanding work that led to an arrest in an 11 year old cold case. Back in 2007, Tri Xuan Phan was last seen alive as he got ready to close the Vui Vui Billiards. His body was discovered the next day badly beaten and stabbed. A fingerprint at the scene didn’t turn up any matches, but Det. Greco never gave up. Det. Greco finally got a hit on the print and began a thorough re-investigation of the case. His hard work paid off this week when he was able to arrest Tien Truong Nguyen for the murder. Det. Greco’s dedication exemplifies our commitment as a department to providing the best service we possibly can for victims and their families!

From Chief Jacobs to our patrol officers and all of the women in between, the women of WVCPD make us stronger. Happy International Women’s Day to all of the strong women leading the way in their homes, careers, communities and beyond!

IT’S A GREAT FEELING to be able to return something really special to the people who own it. Over the weekend, someone stole a trailer that held a robot built by high school kids from California. The kids were in town for a robotics competition and the loss of the project they’d worked on for months was pretty devastating. Luckily, the trailer turned up in Millcreek and then the robot itself turned up in Salt Lake City. Today, the student’s mentor came all the way back to Utah to pick up the robot. The thieves cut off some cameras, but overall the robot seems to be in decent shape. Good news considering the students have a competition at the end of the month. It’s a great feeling to return something really special to the people who own it. It would also be a great feeling to bring the person who stole this robot to justice. If you have any information on this case, please call 801–840-4000. Take a look in the comment section for some surveillance video of the truck that stole the trailer with the robot inside.

WHILE YOU WERE SLEEPING: We arrested fugitive Todd Pace who rammed a police car late Tuesday night then took off. Ultimately we didn’t have to go very far to find him. Pace ended up being at a house that’s within line of sight of the PD! Our Strategic Operations Section moved in for the arrest and Pace refused to exit, but after about 20 minutes, he surrendered peacefully. Excellent work by our officers and investigators getting a felon wanted in two states off the streets!

Come chat with Chief Jacobs and get to know your neighborhood officers, the Community Oriented Policing Unit.

Mark your calendars for next week. Come chat with Chief Jacobs and get to know your neighborhood officers, the Community Oriented Policing Unit.

Congratulations to Lt. Coleman on his retirement! Please join us in giving him a big WVC thanks for his 21 years of service to this community. Thank you, Lt. Coleman! And a big thanks to our friends at Valley Emergency Communications Center for helping us give a great send-off!

Don’t mess with Sgt. Lund! Double black sash in kung fu and tai chi. Congratulations! 💪🥇🥋

What are you having for breakfast? 👮‍♂️❤️🍩

Folks, we feel compelled to offer you a little public service announcement. CLOSE YOUR GARAGE DOORS! You’d be amazed how often burglars simply take advantage of an open garage door to steal your things. You work hard for your stuff, keep it; close those garage doors. #themoreyouknow

🍀IT’S A WEE BIT EARLY FOR LEPRECHAUNS!🍀 Yeah, we know it’s March already, but it’s seems a tad early for the kind of shenanigans this little lass has been pulling. We can only guess she’s a leprechaun since, not only is she dressed all in green, she’s also been using stolen cards to spend someone else’s green. Now, with a little luck, we’re hoping one of you out there can help us find the pot of the gold at the end of the rainbow by recognizing this mischief maker. If you do, give us a call at 801-840-4000 or send us a private message here on Facebook. Tips can be made anonymously. 🍀🌈

The West Valley City Police Department had its first Narcan “save”. Narcan, or Naloxone, is a drug that can reverse the effect of an opioid overdose. Our department recently went through training to administer the drug and not long after, Officer Carter put it to use and saved the life of a person who was unconscious and receiving CPR. Tip of the hat to Officer Carter for his quick action and to the WVCPD training division for their continuous efforts to make our officers some of the best trained out there.

The Safe Kids Fair is underway! Goes until 5pm. Stop by for some free family fun.

Happening tomorrow! Come out for some free fun! See you there!

It’s National Dog Biscuit Day and K9 Cain is pretty sure he knows the best way to celebrate it. 😋

‪It’s official! The appointment of Colleen Jacobs was ratified by the West Valley City Council 7-0 and she has been sworn in as the new Chief. Congratulations, Chief Jacobs! ‬

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: The West Valley City Council and West Valley City Manager are pleased to announce the pending appointment of a new West Valley City Police Chief. It is anticipated that the city council will ratify the selection of interim Police Chief Colleen Jacobs, formerly Colleen Nolen, as the official chief of West Valley City Police later this evening. Chief Jacobs has served as Interim Police Chief since the retirement of former Chief Lee Russo. Chief Jacobs has been in law enforcement for 21 years. She has worked for the West Valley City Police Department her entire career. During her career she has served in patrol, investigations, narcotics, grants, Internal Affairs and as Deputy Chief. In 2012, Chief Jacobs had the opportunity to attend the FBI National Academy, session 249. Chief Jacobs is a Utah native. She graduated from Tooele High School and earned her Bachelor of Science from Weber State University in Criminal Justice with a Law Enforcement emphasis and a minor in Family Studies. Chief Jacobs has demonstrated strong and skilled leadership during her service as Interim Police Chief. We are excited to serve alongside her and to work hard to fulfill the vision she has for this police department and the great WVC community we serve.

UNSOLVED MURDER: This year will mark the 8th anniversary of Ngor Ngor's death and his killer still hasn't been caught. On May 29th, 2010, Ngor's body was discovered in the driveway of a West Valley home. Investigators are working hard to track his killer, but the trail has gone cold. Please share his story to help us bring justice in this case.

Chat with the Chief from February 14. Go to 2:50 to skip introduction. *note* audio starts out rough, but gets corrected.

We understand if we’re not your ideal Valentine’s date, but if you get a chance, swing by Chief Nolen’s Community meeting tonight at City Hall at 7pm. It will also be broadcast right here via Facebook live. We can’t promise dinner and flowers, but we do have candy hearts and heart covered pins. 💕 Come visit face to face with the Chief and hear an update on what’s happening in WVC. We’d LOVE to see you there.

It’s National Safer Internet Day, a good time to take stock of what your kids are doing on the computer and on their devices. Our friends at the Granite School District have a great blog post about apps that are used for cyber bullying, sexting or accessing pornography. Check out the blog, then make a plan and talk to your kids. https://www.graniteschools.org/blog/2018/02/13/in-todays-world-internet-and-smartphone-safety-is-critical/

Put this on your calendars and come check out the free fun!

COLD CASE: On September 12, 2009, Jose Venegas was shot and killed while getting into his vehicle at 3261 W 2920 S. Detectives have worked to find Venegas' killer, but have run out of leads and need your help. Please share Jose's story and potentially help find the missing piece that will solve the puzzle of his murder.

Mark your calendars and join us next week for the Chief’s monthly Community meeting.

Join us for the Chief’s monthly meeting. Chat with the Chief and meet the Internal Affairs Unit as well as the civilian review board known as the Professional Standards Review Board.