Park City Police Department

  • Agency: Park City Police Department
  • Address: 2060 Park Ave, Park City, 84060 UT
  • Chief: Wade Carpenter (Chief of Police)
Phone: 435-615-5500

Park City Police Department is located at 2060 Park Ave, Park City, 84060 UT. The Chief of Police of the department is Wade Carpenter. The Park City Police Department phone number is 435-615-5500.

Park City Police Department News

To raise awareness before temperatures rise this summer, the KidsAndCars organization is sponsoring National Heatstroke Awareness Day on April 11, 2018. KidsAndCars reports that 43 children were lost to heatstroke in 2017, with 3 additional deaths so far this year and summer is still 2 months away. How hot is too hot? On an 80 degree day after just 20 minutes, the temperature inside a car can reach 109 degrees. Children’s bodies warn 3 to 5 times faster than adult’s and at a core body temperature of 107 degree, brain cells are damaged and internal organs shut down. The difference between life & death can just be minutes away in a hot car. Remember to ALWAYS check the back seat - LOOK BEFORE YOU LOCK! For more information go to or contact the Park City Police Department.

What is suspicious activity? "Am I witnessing a crime?" Most of us have found ourselves wondering this at some point or another. However, because we're not really sure, we tend to ignore what we have just seen and, hoping it wasn't so, we continue about our business. People aren't suspicious, behavior is! Always consider the context for what you are witnessing and remember there may be a simple explanation for activity that at first glance appears suspicious. Here are behaviors that may be associated with criminal activity: -Someone walking down the street looking into multiple vehicles and/or trying door handles to see if the doors will open. -Someone taking a package from someone else's property (keep in mind that sometimes neighbors leave or pick up packages for other neighbors). -A person who is not your neighbor walking about your neighbor's home and looking into windows, or trying to gain access by forcing open a window or door. -A person knocking on your door and asking to speak with someone who does not live there and who may also go to other homes knocking on doors. This is a tactic used by people with the intent to burglarize to see if people are home. (Keep in mind that people may mistakenly go to the wrong home.) -Someone claiming to represent a utility company who is either not wearing a uniform, does not produce identification upon request, or does not have a company logo vehicle. -Someone using binoculars or other devices to peer into your or your neighbors' homes. -At night, a person sitting inside a vehicle that you do not recognize with the lights off for extended period of time. -A pushy salesperson not producing identification upon your request or asking to come into your home. -A vehicle you do not recognize that is circling multiple times around the neighborhood. Remember, if you think that a crime may be occurring, or that the safety of you or your neighbors may be at risk, don't hesitate to call 911. You shouldn't worry about using up police time. Calls to 911 will be prioritized based on availability of law enforcement. We are happy to check things out!

Public Service Announcement: March 18, 2018 CONTACT: Captain Phil Kirk Office #: (435) 615-5512 Email Address: The Park City Police Department has received multiple reports from residents in our community that our department phone number has been ‘spoofed’ by scammers claiming to be representatives from the IRS. Unfortunately this is practice is very common by fraudsters. The Park City Police Department will not contact you via telephone, or by any other means for that matter, in regard to IRS issues. The IRS has very helpful information on their website in relation to these types of scams: # # #

The Park City Police Department-Utah is now accepting applications for the 10th annual Citizens Academy. Participants will gain a better understanding of law enforcement as a whole. If you have any questions, please contact Officer Terry Knechtel at Please see the link below for application information:

Park City Police Department Tip-A-Cop Shoplifting (cont.)

Park City Police Department (Tip-A-Cop: 435-615-5847) Type of Crime: Shoplifting of $1,000 in cosmetics, case 18-01101 On the first weekend of Sundance (Friday 19 January 2018 at around 6:00 P.M.), an unknown woman (see photos and videos) entered “Cake Boutique” at 577 Main Street in Park City, Utah. The woman stole face cream, make up, and lipstick samples. The woman is about 5 foot 2 inches tall, Caucasian with brown hair, wearing a large brown coat with furry hat, carrying a light colored shoulder bag. If you know the identity of the woman in the photos or videos, please contact the Park City Police Department’s Tip-A Cop line listed above. Your help and assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Lost and Found Procedures 435-615-5575: Make appointment to pick up found property. •435-615-5521: All other property and evidence questions.

Community Awareness Training With the 2018 Sundance Film Festival only a few weeks away, the Park City Police Department will be hosting a Community Awareness Program put on by the Utah State Information and Analysis Center (SIAC): • When: Thursday, January 11th, at both 5:00 pm and 6:00 pm • Where: Park City Police Department, 2060 Park Avenue • What: This course is designed to educate citizens on how to properly recognize and report suspicious activity • Why: Reduces the likelihood of terrorist attacks and protects the civil liberties of our citizens. For any questions regarding the training, please contact PCPD Sgt. Rob McKinney 435-615-5543.

More people than ever are doing their holiday shopping online and that means more thieves than ever will be casing front porches looking for delivered packages. Having a security camera at your front door may help in taking a photo of the thief, but without more identifying information it may not be enough to keep your packages safe or identify the thief. Here are 6 ways to help keep your delivered packages from being stolen: 1 – Use an Amazon Locker: Instead of having Amazon deliver your packages to your home, you can have them delivered to an Amazon Locker (Whole Foods in Kimball Junction). The way it works if you’ll select that delivery option when you order your items then you’ll receive an e-mail from Amazon with a pick-up code. You then enter the pick-up code at the Amazon Locker kiosk and one of the lockers will open with your package inside. 2 – Reroute or reschedule a delivery with an app: For $5 using the FedEx Delivery Manager or UPS’ My Choice app you can reroute a package to a new address or reschedule it and have it delivered to your home on another day. 3 – If you are not home during the day consider having your packages delivered to your work or ask a trusted neighbor or friend keep a watch out for deliveries to your home. Have them put the packages inside your house or garage or keep them until you get home. 4 – Try Package Guard: This Frisbee-shaped device with the words “Place Package Here” written on top is designed to be put near your front door. When a package is delivered and placed on the Package Guard, you’ll be notified with a text message or email. If a thief tries to take your package, a hundred-decibel alarm goes off and you’ll receive another alert on your phone. 5 – Put a vacation hold on your mail: If you are headed out of town for the holidays, the U.S. Post Office will hold your packages and mail for anywhere between three and 30 days. Then when you’re back in town, you can either pick-up your mail at your local post office or have it delivered to your home. This service is free of charge. 6 – Use a lockbox: There are several different types and sizes of lock boxes including some that can be bolted down to your front porch. With a five-digit code these boxes will electronically unlock. That code can be given to your delivery company and can be changed at any time. Prices start at $500 and go up for larger ones.

The annual Fraternal Order of Police Shop with a Cop event was held today. We had a great time hosting the event along with the Summit County Sheriff - Utah office! Thanks to all the different law enforcement agencies and officers that participated to make this event a great success! And thanks to our great community for all of their contributions to make this event what it is!!

Road closure information for this winter.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 2, 2017 Captain Phil Kirk (435) 615·5512 ~~~Investigation of a Suspicious Death~~~ At 1:27 a.m. this morning officers from PCPD responded to the Park Regency Hotel (1710 Prospector Avenue) on a suspicious circumstance. When officers arrived, they observed several suspicious factors and a deceased female was located in the room . Detectives are currently conducting the investigation. Police do not have reason to believe there's an imminent threat to public safety. The victim 's identity won't be released until she has been positively identified and the next of kin have been properly notified. Anyone with possible information related to this case is asked to call the Park City Police Department at ( 435) 615- 5500. XXX

A Huge thank you to all that supported our 3rd Annual "Paint the town Blue". The Market at Park City, Old Town Cellars, DoubleTree by Hilton Park City, Bill White Restaurant Group, Dolly's Bookstore, Southwest Indian Traders, Park City Clothing Company, Egyptian Theatre, Park City, Utah Coca-Cola, Keebler Painting, Twist Barbarian Barbering Co., MeriAnn Boxall - Innovative Real Estate, and Canyon Meadows Ranch Moab Brewery. Huge extra thank you to The Market at Park City for hosting the event every year and going above and beyond to make it spectacular! We certainly do appreciate our Park City Police Department and the Park City Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #3. MeriAnn and Art Boxall

If you're in town this Saturday, please join us at The Market at Park City (1500 Snowcreek Dr.) from 11am-130pm. Hope to see you there!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families in Las Vegas 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Last night at approximately 9:20 PM, Park City School District Administration was made aware of a social media post via SnapChat of a student putting a gun-like weapon into a backpack and making a statement “all will be better tomorrow”. As with any threat of violence, Park City School District takes each situation seriously. Park City Police was notified immediately and dispatched to the student’s home, where an interview for intent and search for the weapon was conducted. The student complied immediately showing gun-like weapon in the picture, which was an airsoft gun, and disclosing the information of the recipients of the SnapChat post. While there is no immediate threat, the student will remain home with parent(s)/ guardian(s) and the Park City Police Department and Park City School District will do a full investigation. We are grateful to law enforcement officials in both Summit County Sheriff’s Office and Park City Police for the rapid response to this incident. Additionally, we are appreciative of the students who took this serious, reported to parents, who then contacted school officials. Our students’ safety is our number one priority. Each school safety issue is taken on a case-by-case basis. With each concern, we immediately inform law enforcement and follow a process to assess the risk and/or threat. and follow all federal and state statute in regards to the Safe Schools Act. With this situation, we immediately assessed risk with our safety team, which included law enforcement, counselors, and administration, who worked hand in hand with the school district and had determined that there was no danger to students.