Wenatchee Police Department

  • Agency: Wenatchee Police Department
  • Address: 140 South Mission Street, Wenatchee, 98807 WA
  • Chief: Tom Robbins (Chief of Police)
Phone: (509) 663-9911

Wenatchee Police Department is located at 140 South Mission Street, Wenatchee, 98807 WA. The Chief of Police of the department is Tom Robbins. The Wenatchee Police Department phone number is (509) 663-9911.

Wenatchee Police Department News

WENATCHEE AREA CHIEF FOR A DAY - On Thursday April 26, 2018 Wenatchee Police, Washington State Patrol, Chelan County Sheriff, Douglas County Sheriff, Washington State Fish and Wildlife, and East Wenatchee Police will co-sponsor the annual Wenatchee Area Chief for a Day celebration. Chief for a Day is an opportunity to celebrate the lives of chronically and/or terminally ill children from our area. The children will receive and wear tailored police uniforms from each local law enforcement agency. During a ceremony at Memorial Park they will be sworn in by a local reigning Judge and receive a customized badge from their agency. After a brief presentation by sponsoring Chiefs and Sheriffs, these small “Chiefs’ will spend one or more hours interacting with the public and police, enjoying interactive police displays set up throughout the park. These displays will include police motorcycles, search and rescue tools, boats, a helicopter, the honor guard and rifle teams, and much more. Part of the presentation will be gifts donated by area merchants and departmental personnel. This has made such a tremendous impact on the children that two of them requested, and were buried in their uniforms given to them by their sponsoring law enforcement department. If you would like to donate to Chief for a Day following is the Federal Tax ID NO: 91-0539791, please make checks out to Apple Blossom Festival – Chief for a Day.

This week is National Public Safety Telecommunications Week. Our partners at Rivercom provide all communications to local law enforcement agencies throughout Chelan and Douglas Counties. When you call 911, an Emergency Services Dispatcher answers the phone with a specific job to do; get the right information to send the right help - RIGHT NOW. As we recognize our communications agencies nationwide this week, remember they are asking all of those questions to help you. It can seem like they are asking questions and nothing is happening. In reality, as the dispatcher gains information it is added to a call in the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. Another dispatcher or dispatchers, depending on the severity of the call, immediately start sending information out to get a response moving. There is a saying commonly tied to emergency communications, "Dispatchers save seconds; seconds save lives." We cannot do our work without them. Thank you Rivercom!

HOMETOWN HEROES - On March 29, 2018 our local chapter of the American Red Cross recognized Corporal Ryan Weatherman as a 2018 Hometown Hero. Corporal Weatherman received the award for his quick actions in rescuing a female from a house fire in November 2017. Congratulations Corporal Ryan Weatherman as the Wenatchee Police Department's 2018 American Red Cross Hometown Hero! You will always be our hero. Also recognized was one of our VIPS members Rick Isaacson for the "Spirit of the Red Cross" award. This is presented annually to an individual or organization that exemplifies the core values of the American Red Cross - selflessness, compassion, and commitment to improving our community by helping those in need. Rick volunteers at the Wentatchee Police Department, the Red Cross and the list goes on and on. Thank you and congratulations Rick for all that you do! In addition, Captain Edgar Reinfeld had the honor to fill in as Master of Ceremonies and present the awards to all of this years Hometown Heroes! PHOTOS COURTESY OF: DALISA JO PORTRAITURE #HOMETOWNHEROES #AMERICANREDCROSS #PROUDOFWPDBLUE

Some great information on keeping your kids safe when riding in a vehicle. Thank you Chelan-Douglas Safe Kids and Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office for sharing. #BUCKLEUP

Last night around 9:00 PM, this Ford Mustang was involved in a collision at Ninth and North Wenatchee Avenue. The Mustang ran a red light and t-boned another vehicle; airbags deployed in both cars. This Mustang is certainly a total loss and the other vehicle is possibly a total loss as well. There are some lessons to be learned from this collision. 1. Airbags and seat belts work! Despite the damage, no one in either vehicle was injured. Everyone was properly restrained in seat belts. 2. Inattention is very dangerous. The driver of the Mustang told Officers he did not see the red light until it was far too late. 3. A green light does not necessarily mean an intersection is clear to enter or cross. Do your best to look even on green lights to see if it is safe. The aftermath of the collision brought up one more good point - if emergency vehicles are blocking a street or lane, that piece of roadway is CLOSED. Do not drive around emergency vehicles unless directed to do so by emergency personnel. The roadway is being closed for the safety of people working in the scene and for all road users. #drivesafe #targetzero

*** YOUTH ACADEMY! *** Wenatchee Police Department is presenting a Youth Academy this summer from July 16 - August 2, 2018. the program is limited to 20 students entering their Sophomore - Senior years in high school. Please see the attached images for further information and application instructions.

On March 26, 2018 Officer Fuller and Officer BrinJones were administered their Oath of Office by Chief Steve Crown. The ceremony took place at Wenatchee City Hall in the presence of family, friends and co-workers. Congratulations Officer BrinJones and Officer Fuller! Officer Fuller comes to our department from the Scottsbluff Police Department in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. Officer BrinJones is a new hire just starting her law enforcement career.

PUT THAT PHONE DOWN! Washington Law Enforcement will be conduction Distracted Driving Emphasis Patrols April 2-14, 2018. #NOFATALITIES #SAFEDRIVING

*** PRESS RELEASE *** The attached images are a press release regarding a road rage incident from Easter Sunday where a firearm was used. Remember, nothing good can come from a confrontation over bad driving or other offensive behavior on the roadway. The victims here did a good job by not stopping, getting a vehicle description and license plate number, and getting a useable suspect description.

*** SCAM OF THE WEEK *** It is tax time and time for IRS scams in the area. We received a report of a scam call, supposedly from the IRS, with a Pullman phone number. Thankfully, the recipient of the call immediately recognized the call as a scam and hung up. The call in this case was threatening jail time unless immediate payment was made. Remember, there is due process with the IRS and while jail time is possible for tax issues, you cannot fix those sorts of issues over the phone or by sending Money Grams.

On March 28th members of the Wenatchee Police Department Volunteer in Police Services (VIPS) conducted graffiti clean up throughout the City of Wenatchee. The grafitti was located on houses and businesses. VIPS is a national police volunteer program in USA Freedom Corps. These volunteers provide public safety services to our citizens when a police officer is not required. The supplies for the grafitti clean up were donated.

Wenatchee Police Department has issued a new uniform badge. The idea for the design originated from a photograph taken of a sunrise above Saddlerock by David Erho who graciously gave us permission to use his picture. Thank you David.

New Wenatchee Police Department badge

This second video shows a close-up of the probes in Officer BrinJones back and the accompanying shock.

If the rigors of the Basic Law Enforcement Academy were not enough Officer BrinJones completed mandatory Taser Certification Training. She elected to take a full charge from the Taser including probes. Lead Taser Instructor, Detective Erik Bakke, deployed the Taser while Officer Joe Eaton and Officer Erik Magnussen insured Officer BrinJones safety.

CONGRATULATIONS OFFICER NATALIE BRINJONES On March 15, 2018 Officer Natalie BrinJones graduated from the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission Basic Law Enforcement Academy, Class # 763. Officer BrinJones received OUTSTANDING OFFICER of Class 763, a recognition based on the highest overall achievement in all phases of basic training in her class. Excellent job! Please welcome Officer Natalie BrinJones.

DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME 2018 – Sunday March 11 at 2:00 AM Whether you get up at 2:00 AM to set your clocks forward or go the route of changing them when you go to bed that Saturday night, prepare to lose an hour of sleep but gain an hour of sunlight at the end of the day. We may not be able to make that blanket any longer, but I guess we can flip it over from time-to-time. Excuse the pun please. Daylight saving time seems to have a vague history when it comes to its inception. The reasons vary from an 1895 entomologist’s desire for more evening daylight to go bug hunting in the summer to energy conservation during World War I. There has been some research suggesting the first couple of days following the time change can have a negative effect on your health. Account for the time change and plan to get plenty of rest and exercise extra due care and caution on the roads for others who may not have been as conscientious as you. #DRIVESAFE #DAYLIGHTSAVINGS #JUST5MOREMINUTES

*** SAFETY RECALL *** Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm Recall. Though an older recall, these alarms are still being found in homes currently for sale. Buyers and sellers typically don't think to check these things with so many other matters drawing their attention in other directions. Also, with Daylight Savings time approaching it is typically time to check your alarm batteries and also remind friends and family to check for recalls or replace alarms 10 years old or older. Don't assume someone else has already checked it for you! You can find recalls on smoke alarms and other small appliances on the Consumer Product Safety Commission website at: https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls?search_api_views_fulltext=smoke+alarms&field_rc_date%5Bdate%5D=&field_rc_date_1%5Bdate%5D

*** TRAFFIC SAFETY - ROUNDABOUTS *** As more roundabouts are installed around our valley we receive more and more questions like, "Why?", "What is their purpose?", and, "How do I correctly navigate them?". Safety is always the City's first priority, followed by the best way to get you to your destination quickly. Washington State Patrol Trooper Brian Moore, the District 6 Public Infromation Officer, made the attached video. It, along with the video link in the message below, provides direction on navigating a roundabout. The Washington State Department of Transportation lists how roundabouts improve safety while helping to reduce the likelihood and severity of collisions: Low travel speeds – Drivers must slow down and yield to traffic before entering a roundabout. Speeds in the roundabout are typically between 15 and 20 miles per hour. The few collisions that occur in roundabouts are typically minor and cause few injuries since they occur at such low speeds. No light to beat – Roundabouts are designed to promote a continuous, circular flow of traffic. Drivers need only yield to traffic before entering a roundabout; if there is no traffic in the roundabout, drivers are not required to stop. Because traffic is constantly flowing through the intersection, drivers don't have the incentive to speed up to try and "beat the light," like they might at a traditional intersection. One-way travel – Roads entering a roundabout are gently curved to direct drivers into the intersection and help them travel counterclockwise around the roundabout. The curved roads and one-way travel around the roundabout eliminate the possibility for T-bone and head-on collisions. Curious to know more? Watch a video about how roundabouts improve safety. https://www.wsdot.wa.gov/Safety/roundabouts/benefits.htm

Corporal Seth Buhler, along with one of the athletes, carried the torch into the opening ceremonies of the 2018 Special Olympics Winter Games at the Town Toyota Center on March 2 in front of a packed house.

SPECIAL OLYMPICS WASHINGTON – The annual Winter Games brought athletes together from across the state for competition over the weekend of March 2-4. The Opening Ceremonies began at 7:30 pm on Friday, March 2nd at the Town Toyota Center. Participating as one of the runners and carrying the torch was Corporal Seth Buhler of Wenatchee Police Department. The volunteers had a great time, but it paled in comparison to the absolute joy on the faces of the athletes. To see even more photos check out Wenatchee Parks and Recreation photos at https://www.facebook.com/Wenatchee-Parks-and-Recreation-114598818585348/

KEEP YOUR PETS CLOSE - On Wednesday, February 28 we received information of an attempted theft of a family pet. The reporting party stated a Hispanic male driving a black full-sized pickup truck stopped at their residence in the 1000 block of 7th Street in Wenatchee and entered their yard. The subject was carrying a leash as he approached their dog who was secured in the yard. The family was home and questioned what he was doing; fortunately preventing the theft. As the subject was leaving the homeowner noticed several leashes inside the vehicle. If you have information on this vehicle or individual please call RiverCom at 509 663-9911 or 911 in an emergency. #PETSAFETY.

New Officer Donny Graves went through Taser Certification Training today and elected to take a full charge from the Taser including probes. Tasers have been a tool for the Wenatchee Police Department for roughly 17 years. Here you can see Officer Graves taking probe hits in his back along with the accompanying shock. To reduce the chance of injury in training, he is supported here by Officers Eaton and Magnussen. Our lead Taser instructor, Detective Bakke, is on the more comfortable end of the Taser.

Please welcome the most recent additions to our Wenatchee PD family, Officers Donald Graves and Erik Magnussen. On Wednesday, February 14 they were administered their Oath of Office by Wenatchee Police Chief Steve Crown. The ceremony took place at Wenatchee City Hall Council Chambers in the company of family, friends and co-workers. Also in attendance was Mayor Frank Kuntz who added his congratulations and words of encouragement. Congratulations Officer Magnussen and Officer Graves!