Port Angeles Police Department

  • Agency: Port Angeles Police Department
  • Address: 321 E 5th Street, Port Angeles, 98362 WA
  • Chief: Terry Gallagher ( Chief of Police)

Port Angeles Police Department is located at 321 E 5th Street, Port Angeles, 98362 WA. The Chief of Police of the department is Terry Gallagher. The Port Angeles Police Department phone number is 360-452-4545.

Port Angeles Police Department News

Press Release Reference: Vehicle vs Pedestrian Accident On November 6, 2017 at approximately 3:40 PM Port Angeles Police Officers were dispatched to a vehicle vs pedestrian accident, at 1100 block of East Front Street. The Port Angeles Fire Dept. (PAFD) was also dispatched. PAFD Paramedics treated and transported to the hospital the injured pedestrian. She was later identified as Natasha N Taylor (23 years old). The on scene investigation showed the following: Taylor was walking across Front Street (northbound), at the intersection of Front Street and Jones Street. The driver of a Dodge truck (later identified as Travis M. Berglund, 34 years old and from Port Angeles), was stopped for a stop sign on Jones Street and facing southbound at Front Street. Berglund was checking for vehicular traffic to his left on the one way Street of Front Street. Berglund made a right turn onto Front Street, knocking Taylor to the ground and ran over her legs with both front and rear tires. Burglund stopped his vehicle and asked other persons present to telephone 911. Traffic was heavy at the time of the incident. Officers contacted witnesses that observed the area moments after the collision. The police department is looking to identify and speak with all individuals who may have viewed the collision. Burglund did not exhibit any signs of impairment. The incident remains under investigation. No charges or citations will be issued until the investigation is complete. The Clallam County Sheriff’s Department is assisting the Port Angeles Police Department in the investigation. Anyone who witnessed the accident (and has not already talked with the Police) are asked to contact Corporal Clay Rife at 360 452-4545 or at crife@cityofpa.us. Sergeant Kevin Miller (kmiller@cityofpa.us) 360 452 4545. Deputy Chief of Police Jason Viada (jviada@cityofpa.us) 360 417 4902.

Community Alert: Port Angeles Police recovered a pile of stolen mail that had been dumped near the intersection of E 3rd and S Wolcott Streets. We contacted the residents to which any of the packages or valuables had been addressed. The large majority of the mail recovered was junk mail/newspapers. The mail appears to have been stolen from a variety of addresses throughout the following area: - South of E First Street - East of Wolcott Street - North of Lindberg Road - West of Golf Course Road What can you do?: If you live in that area, please double check any items you are expecting in the mail and contact the Police Department at (360)452-4545 if you discover that you are the victim of a theft. Any suspicious activities can also be reported to the same phone number. In some cases, mail theft can allow thieves access to your sensitive data, social security numbers, etc. Did you know you are entitled to a free credit report every year from the three nationwide credit reporting companies? The end of the year is a good time to check your credit reports for any suspicious activities. For more info on how to do that, check out this official video from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC): http://bcove.me/mwbzp3ui

Mount Angeles and Campbell You might be wondering what was happening just a few moments ago in the neighborhood near Mount Angeles and Campbell. Port Angeles Police responded to a report of a suicidal man in a house who had a gun to his head. Officers quickly deployed in the area, and negotiated a peaceful surrender without incident. Traffic was briefly disrupted in the area in an attempt to keep motorists from driving near the house. The man is in police custody. The streets are open to normal traffic. The Port Angeles Police Department employs several officers who have training above and beyond standard training to include officers trained as negotiators. This tense situation was resolved with the assistance of one of those officers. Here is how you can help. Often times several officers respond to a single incident, and there are not enough officers on duty to simultaneously deal with the incident and direct traffic. When this happens Officers will sometimes stop their cars in the lane of traffic, leave them there with the emergency lights on, and go deal with the incident. If you see an emergency vehicle with emergency lights activated in your lane of travel, and you are not directed to drive around it, please select an alternate route rather than driving around the emergency vehicle and into the middle of a dangerous situation.

Update: Tumwater Street at West 5th and down to Marine Drive was closed as crews worked to roll a vehicle back onto its wheels. The road is now open. Four PAPD officers, Port Angeles Fire Dept. Engine 11, Port Angeles Fire Dept. Medic 11, Olympic Ambulance and Alpine Towing responded to the incident. While the accident remains under investigation two individuals associated with the vehicle were placed under arrest. Charges include driving under the influence, obstructing an officer and driving with a suspended license. Both individuals either have been or will be booked into the Clallam County Jail.

Alert: Tumwater Street at West 5th and down to Marine Drive closed due to a vehicle accident. We will advise when the road is open.

Person of interest sought in kidnap and assault in Olympic National Park www.nps.gov/orgs/1563/olym-kidnap-assault-papd.htm News Release Date: October 27, 2017 Contact: PAPD Detective Trevor Dropp, 360-417-4945 Contact: PAPD Detective Sergeant Tyler Peninger, 360-417-4957 Detectives with the Port Angeles Police Department (WA) and Special Agents with the NPS Investigative Services Branch (ISB) are investigating a possible kidnapping and sexual assault that occurred in early October. A woman reported being kidnapped at gunpoint from a street in Port Angeles by two men in a pickup truck. The men reportedly drove her to a wooded area within Olympic National Park and sexually assaulted her. One of the men is described as approximately 6’04” tall, thin build, scruffy, with red hair. The other man is described as approximately 5’10” tall with a pot-belly, brown hair, and a brown beard. They were driving an older-model single-cab pickup truck, sky blue in color with a silver stripe on the side. Investigators are seeking information about a person of interest in this incident. If you recognize the man pictured here, had a similar incident happen to you, or if you have information that could help investigators, please contact us. You don’t have to tell us who you are, but please tell us what you know: CALL or TEXT the ISB Tip Line: 888-653-0009 ONLINE: www.nps.gov/ISB and click "Submit a Tip" EMAIL: nps_isb@nps.gov MESSAGE: on Facebook @InvestigativeServicesNPS or Twitter @SpecialAgentNPS ISB: the Investigative Services Branch of the National Park Service www.nps.gov/ISB

Anyone missing their kid's medium sized Black/Pink Mongoose? Found yesterday at a vacant residence near W. 14th St. We have it here at the PD if it's yours!

Thank you everyone who stopped by to visit us at Bada NW on First Street in Port Angeles yesterday for our second "Coffee With a Cop" event. We enjoyed the conversations and the questions, and we made some new friends! Bada NW told us that we had over 50 people participate. It was a great opportunity for both our officers and the community. Thank you Bada NW for being great hosts. We look forward to doing it again soon.

"What You Need to Know About Felons and Firearms" Reprinted from the information provided to inmates who participate in the FACE (FireArmCrimeProgram) forums. FACE is a coalition of statewide law enforcement, prosecutors, federal agencies and the Department of Corrections. The Port Angeles Police Department has been an active participant in Behind the FACE forums at Clallam Bay since 2009. This is general information and not designed to answer every question. **Felons are prohibited by both Washington state and federal law from possessing firearms. **Federal law also prohibits felons from possessing ammunition. **Significant sentencing enhancements apply if the firearm is stolen, has an obliterated serial number, has a large capacity magazine, or is used in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime. **A felon with three or more drug trafficking and/or violent crime convictions may face a mandatory minimum 15 years in prison for possessing a firearm. **Individuals releasing from prison should talk with DOC release planners and community corrections officers, as well as their family and friends, to make plans to stay away from firearms and ammunition. Frequently Asked Questions about Felons and Firearms Q. What is the law about felons possessing firearms? A. Both Washington state and federal law prohibit felons from possessing firearms. Under federal law, the maximum sentence for a felon in possession of a firearm is 10 years, but may be increased to a 15-year mandatory minimum sentence if the felon has three or more convictions for certain drug trafficking crimes and/or violent offenses. Federal sentences are typically served in prisons outside the state of Washington. Felons Q. Who is a felon? A. A felon is a person who was convicted of a crime punishable by more than one year, even if the actual sentence imposed is less than one year. If the individual is being released from a Washington State Department of Corrections facility—a prison—then he or she was convicted of a felony. Q. Does the prohibition still apply if the conviction is being appealed? What about after release from prison, or after supervision/community custody has ended? A. Yes. A person who has been convicted of a felony cannot possess a firearm unless the conviction is vacated, overturned, or dismissed, or the felon is pardoned. The prohibition continues indefinitely, even after probation, supervision, or community custody has ended. Q. Who else is prohibited from possessing a firearm? A. There are many reasons a person may be prohibited from possessing a firearm. The most common are misdemeanor convictions for a domestic violence offense, being the subject of certain types of protection or no contact orders, or having pending charges for certain serious offenses. Q. How can the right to possess a firearm be restored? A. Only a court can restore a felon’s right to possess a firearm. The process is complex and may require the assistance of an attorney. IMPORTANT: Restoring the right to possess a firearm under state law does not necessarily mean the right to possess a firearm has been restored under federal law. More information can be found at RCW 9.41.040(4). Q. What if the felon moves to another state? A. This is a complicated area of the law that depends on the law in the state the felon moves to as well as Washington law. Anyone considering a move should consult an attorney for assistance in answering this question. Firearms Q. What is a firearm? A. In general, a firearm is any weapon that expels a projectile—fires a bullet—by the action of an explosive, or any weapon that is designed or may be readily converted to do so. Q. What if the firearm doesn’t work? A. If the firearm can readily be made operable, it is still a firearm. Under federal law, not only are firearms that are designed to be operable prohibited, but so are firearm frames or receivers, mufflers/silencers, and ammunition. Q. What about explosives and fireworks? A. Under federal law, a felon is prohibited from possessing explosives, incendiaries, bombs, grenades, rockets, missiles, mines, and other similar devices. Class C fireworks (like bottle rockets and lady fingers), are not explosives; Class A fireworks (like those used in professional shows) are. A good rule of thumb is that fireworks that are “safe and sane,” like those that can be bought at a grocery store for the Fourth of July, are not explosives and may be possessed. M-80 and other similar devices are prohibited. Q. What about air guns and CO2 pellet guns? A. These are not firearms. Q. What about starter pistols? A. Starter pistols are firearms and are prohibited under federal law. Q. What about bullets/ammunition? A. While bullets and ammunition are not firearms, federal law prohibits felons from possessing them too. Possession Q. What does “possession” mean? A. A person may be in “actual possession” of a firearm if it is in his or her actual physical control (like in his or her hand or pocket). Alternatively, the person may have “constructive possession” of the firearm, which means that the person knows about the firearm and has the ability to exercise control over it or the area where the firearm is located. Thus, a felon may have constructive possession over a firearm in a car in which he or she is riding or in a house where he or she is staying. Possession is not the same as ownership. Q. Can a felon use a firearm at a shooting range if it belongs to someone else? A. No. Q. Can a felon go hunting? A. Yes—but not with a firearm. Bow hunting or hunting with the use of another weapon that does not involve the use of a firearm is permitted. Hunting with firearms, though—including with rifles and shotguns—is strictly prohibited, even with a hunting license. Other Questions Q. What can be done to avoid a charge of Felon in Possession of a Firearm? A. Individuals still in custody should plan ahead about how to avoid firearms upon their release. They should discuss any questions and concerns with release planners and counselors inside their institution. Once released, felons should talk to their probation officers or community corrections officers about how to avoid being in possession of a firearm. They should also talk to family, friends, and other close associates about the prohibition, so that no one brings firearms to events or locations where the felon plans to be. Family or friends who have firearms may wish to transfer them to other people or keep them locked up in a place that the felon cannot access. Early and frequent communication with the felon’s probation or community corrections officer about any concerns can help avoid problems. Q. Are there any other related laws of interest? A. Yes. Federal law also prohibits individuals with certain violent convictions from possessing body armor. Individuals who transfer firearms to other individuals whom they know to be felons or juveniles may also face prosecution and significant time in custody. And, of course, the use of a firearm in furtherance of other state or federal crimes may result in much longer sentences for those new offenses. Q. Where is there more information about firearms laws? A. The state law governing firearm possession can be found here. [Link to RCW 9.41.040.] The state law defining firearms and related terms can be found here. [RCW 9.41.010.] Federal law on these topics can be found here and here. [18 U.S.C. § 922 and 924.] State law regarding restoration of gun rights can be found here. [RCW 9.41.040(4).] Some other websites may also be of interest, such as the local sheriff or police department (the Clallam County Sheriff’s Office has some good information here [http://www.clallam.net/sheriff/firearms.html]); the National Rifle Association (NRA) [https://www.nraila.org/gun-laws.aspx]; and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) [https://www.atf.gov/]. Disclaimer: The information contained herein is intended for general information only and is not intended to provide legal advice or opinion. The information may not reflect the most recent legal developments. This informational material in not intended, and should not be taken, as legal advice on any particular set of facts or circumstances. You should contact an attorney for advice on specific legal issues.

Update: 9/11 Memorial Park (Francis Street Park) and the Olympic DIscovery Trail are now open.

Incident Alert: Port Angeles Police Officers and Detectives are on scene of an apparent suicide on the Olympic Discovery Trail West of Francis Street Park. The Discovery Trail in this area and Francis Street Park are closed. We will provide updates as available. Trail users will find the trail closed West of Hollywood Beach and East of Francis Street.Park.

Drug Take Back Day- October 28, 2017 1000 AM to 200 PM, Clallam County Courthouse parking lot. The Port Angeles Police Department and the Clallam County Sheriff's Office will once again partner on staffing a drug take back station on October 28, 2017 from 1000 AM to 200 PM in the Clallam County Courthouse parking lot. In the meantime we want to share with the community the other drug take back options that exist. In Port Angeles the Clallam County Sheriff's Office has in their lobby a self-serve drug drop off box. They are located at 223 East 4th Street in Port Angeles. In Sequim the Sequim Police Dept. at 152 W. Cedar St has a self-serve drug drop off box as does the Elwha Police Dept. (West of Port Angeles) at 341 Spokwes Drive. These boxes can be accessed during normal business hours Monday through Friday. The Port Angeles Police Dept. Records division will also accept discarded medication at the Records counter between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday through Friday. It is important to note that any medications brought to the Port Angeles Police Dept must be sealed by the person discarding the medication. This means sealed with tape on the neck of the bottle or sealed in a box. Our staff can provide the materials to seal the container. The self-serve boxes at the Sheriffs Office, Lower Elwha Police and Sequim Police do not require sealing up by the depositing party. All the discarded medication are placed in our respective property storage and on a scheduled basis transported to an incinerator where they are destroyed. We appreciate the community support in this important effort!

Current Update Oct 16, 2017 0515 hours Officers were dispatched to an alarm at Mr. Buds Marijuana Shop, 536 Marine Drive, on an audible intrusion alarm. Officers Sanchez, Johnson and Corporal Fernie responded and discovered the front door had been smashed out and the business entered. A witness reported seeing a black colored Ford Mustang leaving the area. Video footage was reviewed and confirmed that the suspects were in a black Ford Mustang, more identifying was that the car did not have a rear window and had two different type wheels. Three occupants total. 0706 Hours A homeowner in 500 block of West 10th Street reported two vehicles at her residence being entered sometime during the night and property taken. At least one of the cars was locked and the window was smashed out. A number of credit cards, a driver’s license, and miscellaneous property was taken. 0944 hours Officer Thaxton observed a black Ford Mustang, no rear window, and two different type of wheels and initiated a traffic stop at 9th and “E” Street. The vehicle was occupied by two males, later identified as Isaiah A. Hylton and Johntay W. Toliver. During the officer’s contact probable cause was established to arrest them on the burglary of the Bud’s Marijuana Shop. Hylton was the suspect seen in the video inside the business. Credit cards in the name of the victim from the vehicle prowl were seen in the car. Also in the car was a police scanner, a bicycle, and tools. 1239 Hours Officer Thaxton was dispatched to a report of a burglary in the 1000 block of West 14th Street where a bicycle and tools were taken from a garage sometime during the night. The bicycle had the victim’s name scribed on the frame of the bicycle. 1:30 PM A further check of the property in the Mustang revealed that the bicycle in the back of the car matched the description of the one taken in the burglary, 1000 block West 14th Street, with the owner’s name on it. Further identification will need to be checked to see if the tools found also came from the burglary. Property from the Mr. Bud’s Marijuana Shop was also found in the car. This case is still evolving and we are attempting to locate the third suspect.

PAPD: 17-21732 On October 16, 2017 at approximately 0515 hours, Officers were dispatched to an alarm call at Mr. Buds Retail Marijuana Shop located at 536 W. Marine Dr. Officer Sanchez, Officer Johnson and Corporal Fernie soon arrived and discovered the front door window pane of the business had been shattered. An unknown person had entered the building with the intent to steal the merchandise located inside. A witness reported a 2000-ish model black Mustang leaving the area at a high rate of speed with possibly two persons associated with the vehicle-one described as a taller male wearing a ballcap. The owner of the shop has been contacted and will be attempting to pull surveillance footage for the purpose of idenifying the suspects associated with this incident. Any persons with information are asked to call the Port Angeles Police Department at 360 452 4545. Contact: Officer Swift Sanchez (ssanchez@cityofpa.us).

Join the Port Angeles Police Department and the Clallam County Sheriff's Office at Bada Bean NW for Coffee with a Cop! We will be at Bada NW (118 W 1st St, downtown Port Angeles) on October 19th from 5:00pm to 7:00pm! No agenda, just good ‘ol fashion fun, conversation, and an opportunity to meet your local law enforcement.

Come have Coffee With a Cop this Thursday from 5pm - 7pm at BADA NW https://youtu.be/kvLFsgjA58k